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GIB GUILBEAU passed away the night April 12./13. 2016!

29. Sept. 2014: Gib celebrated his 77th birthday with a birthday jam.
17. Oct. 2013: Pinkard & Bowden single feat. Gib on fiddle from 1985.
16. Oct. 2013: Picture of Linda Ronstadt with "Swampwater".
28. April 2013: "Jack of Diamonds" club article from 2013.
26. July 2012: Picture of Darrell Cotton, Wayne Moore & Gib Guilbeau at the Eric White Memorial.
08. March 2012: Swedish group recorded Gib's classic song Big Bayou.
07. March 2012: Update of the Gib Guilbeau Songwriter page.
09.Jan. 2012: Gib's son Ronnie Guilbeau has a recording studio in Nashville Sound Villa Recorders.
31. March 2011: Ernie Williams wrote a book about the early years.
08. July 2010: One song from Cold Steel album now released on Sierra CD "Silver Meteor".
20. Jan. 2009: Unreleased studio recording by Nashville West aka The Reasons on new Clarence White CD "White Lightnin'" (Sierra Records).
15. Nov. 2008: Picture of Four Young Men single "That man Paul".
08. Oct. 2007: Gib Guilbeau feat. Bob Warford video on YouTube from Sneaky Pete Kleinow tribute concert Jan. 2007.
04. Sept. 2007: Gib Guilbeau, Darrel Cotton and Ray Tapia video on YouTube from "Brothers" CD session 2001.
26. April 2007: Jack Reeves: The Original Singles 1968-1976 - CDR with Nashville West on 2 songs (Riverbottom single).
26. April 2007: Jack Reeves remembers when he met Gib, Wayne, Clarence and Gene.
06. Jan. 2007: Sneaky Pete Kleinow passed away.
05. May 2006: Pics of Linda Ronstadt and Swampwater" from 1971
14. March 2006: New CD "The Best Of Linda Ronstadt - The Capitol Years" - live bonus track with Gib, Sneaky Pete etc ...
19. Nov. 2005: Matches picture from the Nashville West club.
13. Feb. 2005: Added 3 pictures of Gib Guilbeau from 1975 & 1976 in Denmark.
08. Nov. 2004: Added 3 pictures of the Burrito Brothers 1981 (Thanks to Mark Vidito).
02. Nov. 2004: Picture of the Burrito Brothers at the Palomino with Ronnie Guilbeau (Thanks to Raffale Galli).
25. Oct. 2004: Picture of the FBB on stage in Copenhagen 1976.
15. Oct. 2004: More info on new CD with Gib, Sneaky, Ethridge etc ... and song with Gene Clark!
03. Oct. 2004: Picture of Burrito Brothers single Like a shadow from 1987.
25. Sept. 2004: Al Perkins has recorded Gib's Sweet Susannah for his new CD "Triple Play".
18. Sept. 2004: Picture of The Reasons with Jack Reeves. (Thanks to Wayne Moore!)
18. Sept. 2004: Have added promo-flyers, pics etc ... to the Nashville West page. (Thanks to Alec Palao!)
17. Sept. 2004: Pictures and info on Jack Reeves, Bob Jackson & Dennis Payne singles with Gib & Clarence.
16. Sept. 2004: Cajun Gib & Gene promo-flyers.
15. Sept. 2004: Gib will perform at the annual Gram Fest 2004.
13. Sept. 2004: Picture of Duncan and Fife single.
24. July 2004: Gram Fest DVD with Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete ...
14. July 2004: Brubaker soundtrack from 1980 with Gib Guilbeau released on CD.
09. June 2004: Pics of the Flying Burrito Brothers 1994 in Switzerland.
04. June 2004: Gib overdubbed vocals on old song from 1968 with Clarence, Gene and Wayne for "Bakersfield Rebels" CD.
25. May 2004: Pictures of Sierra / FBB from 1977 with Bobby Cochran.
22. May 2004: Picture of Jimmy Bowen single with Gib and The Four Young Men.
09. May 2004: Another Big Beat release with recordings by Gib Guilbeau & Nashville West and others from the late 60s.
14. March 2004: Update of the Gib Guilbeau Songwriter page.
08. March 2004: New CDR's available with Gib Guilbeau involvement: Eldon Fault, Terry Lee Ballard and Ronnie Guilbeau & Troy Hope.
19. Feb. 2004: New Bruce Oakes CD with Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Clarence White, Gene Parsons etc.... .
08. Feb. 2004: Picture of the Gib Guilbeau single "Cajun" on the "Motion" label.
08. Feb. 2004: Pictures of the Larry Scott single (Bakersfield International 1005).
07. Feb. 2004: Picture of Japanese Sierra single.
06. Feb. 2004: Gib Guilbeau performed at the Eric White Benefit Show 2002.
31. Jan. 2004: Gib Guilbeau started California One Radio. (Internet Radio Show)
28.Dec. 2003: Gib, Clarence, Wayne and Gene played in a bar owend by Bruce Oakes "The King's Lounge".
07.Dec. 2003: Pics and infos on: Young Men Four, Eddy Akridge and another Eddy Akridge single.
07.Nov. 2003: Info on Rusty Dean albums and other Alshire releases.
21. Oct. 2003: CD re-release of the Gosdin Brothers' album Sounds of goodbye with bonus tracks.
08. Oct. 2003: Gib will host an Internet Radio Show California One Radio starting Jannuary 2004.
06. Oct. 2003: Picture of a Burrito line-up that never happend with Gib, Sneaky, Skip & Phil Lee.
05. Oct. 2003: Picture sleeve single of The Dudes.
09. Sept. 2003: Four Pics of the Burritos 1978 with Gib, Sneaky Pete, Skip, Strandlund, Warford & McGee.
12. Aug. 2003: Pics of the Burritos 1978 at the "Lone Star Cafe" NYC.
04. Aug. 2003: New Darrell Cotton CD musicians track by track.
23. July 2003: Gib on stage with Jack Reeves 19th July 2003.
22. July 2003: Information about unreleased Gib demos 1966/67 with Gene Parsons & at Gary Paxton studio.
21. July 2003: Picture of Sanland Bros. single with Nashville West.
13. July 2003: New pics of Gib when I visited Gib in June 2003.
09. July 2003: Darrell Cotton has released a brand new CD with Gib Guilbeau.
04. July 2003: European and Canadian release of Gib's Songs I like CD and the Burrito's Red Album.
24. May 2003: Brand new Wayne Moore CD with Gib Guilbeau & Eric White.
17. May 2003: Info on "Country Politan" and "Guitar Country" albums.
03. May 2003: Picture of the FBB with Robb Strandlund & Bob Warford.
07. April 2003: Musicians track-by-track from Alec Palao for Clarence White: Tuff & Stringy Sessions CD.
06. April 2003: Picture of FBB - Sierra 1977 at the Bottom Line.
05. April 2003: Updated Family Tree.
31. March 2003: Picture of the Burrito Brothers from the First Gram Parsons Tribute Concert in Nashville 1986.
23. March 2003: Article and picture from the FBB Memphis Sessions 1987.
9. March 2003: Re-release of the legendary Nashville West CD.
19. Feb. 2003: The Burrito Brothers at the Grand Ole Opry 1981.
13. Feb. 2003: New Clarence White CD Tuff & Stringy with Gib Guilbeau.
5. Feb. 2003: Pictures of the Flying Burrito Brothers in Germany 1994.
3. Feb. 2003: Pictures of the Burrito Brothers in Frankfurt 1983.
2. Feb. 2003: Picture of Gib & John 1989 in Ft. Lauderdale.
28. Jan. 2003: Musicians track-by-track from Alec Palao for Louisiana Rain CD.
16. Dec. 2002: BRAND NEW GIB GUILBEAU CD "SONGS I LIKE" now available.
17. Nov. 2002: Promo picture of the Flying Burrito Brothers 1994-1995.
17. Nov. 2002: Complete musican and track info for Gib's brand new CD "Songs I Like.
7. Nov. 2002: More info and picture about Gib's new CD Songs I Like.
1. Nov. 2002: A lot of pics from Gib's 65th birthday party with Greg Harris, Jack Reeves ...
14. Oct. 2002: Pictures from Gib's 65th birthday party.
11. Oct. 2002: List of songs recorded by Gib, Clarence, Gene and Wayne but not released as Nashville West.
7. Oct. 2002: Gib Guilbeau & Gene Parsons CD "Louisiana Rain" with unreleased tracks from the 60's.
4. Oct. 2002: Columbia Records biography when the FBB released the "Flying Again" album.
3. Oct. 2002: Burrito Deluxe CD with Gib on lead vocals on 2 songs.
3. Oct. 2002: Picture of Castaways single "Mack the knife".
2. Oct. 2002: Gib's 65th birthday party with about 45 musicians.
22. Sept. 2002: Pictures of Gib and Gene Parsons from 1975 and 1976.
21. Sept. 2002: Gib sings lead vocals on Georgia Peach "Burrito DeLuxe" CD.
20. Sept. 2002: Bob Warford remembers playing and recording with Gib.
19. Sept. 2002: Blackie Taylor remembers when he was with The Hinkley Valley Boys and picture with Eddie Dean.
19. Sept. 2002: Picture of group Sierra.
18. Aug. 2002: Pictures of the FBB live in Japan from the original Japanese album.
18. Aug. 2002: Early Gib single with The Hi-Flyers.
13. Aug. 2002: Picture of the FBB, a little bit different to the Flying Again cover.
12. Aug. 2002: Picture of the FBB with Gib, Sneaky Pete, Skip, Gene and Joel Scott.
12. Aug. 2002: Chuck Morgan album produced and with Gib Guilbeau.
11. Aug. 2002: Various artists album with three songs performed by the Burrito Brothers.
10. Aug. 2002: Two pics of the Burrito Brothers in Holland.
09. Aug. 2002: Album cover and track info for the Teddy Nelson album "Diggy Liggy" with Gib on fiddle.
29. July 2002: Musicians track by track for the FBB album Burrito Country.
29. July 2002: Musicians track by track for the FBB album Flyin' High.
26. July 2002: Updated Gib's Family Tree.
25. July 2002: Eldon Fault single with Gib, Darrell, Ernie and Wayne.
25. July 2002: FBB sessions 1989 at Muscle Shoals with Gib, Sneaky Pete, Wayne Moore etc... .
24. July 2002: New info about Gib's early career with band Sons Of The South.
27. June 2002: Gib is playing fiddle on the next Wayne Moore album.
16. June 2002: Castaways single "Wild Boy/Tarzan".
16. May 2002: Pictures of Gib and Gib, Sneaky & Skip 1976 in Copenhagen and Oslo.
15. May 2002: Picture of Gib's & Sneaky's flight case .
12. May 2002: Bruce Oakes single produced by Gib & Gene Parsons with Clarence White.
29. Apr. 2002: Poster of the Flying Burrito Brothers at the Liberty Hall 1975.
27. Apr. 2002: Jack Reeves remembers recording with Nashville West.
26. Apr. 2002: Added pictures of Gib from FBB show 1975 & 1976.
20. Apr. 2002: The "live" Flying Burrito Bros CD "The Red Album" now available - recorded 1976.
07. Apr. 2002: The "live" Flying Burrito Bros CD "'The Red Album" released soon by Beau Town Records.
08. March 2002: Gib Guilbeau single "Cajun" recorded around 1991 on Motion Records.
07. March 2002: Eldon Fault single produced by Gib late 60's early 70's.
06. March 2002: Song " Who's gonna love you" written by Gib and Greg Harris.
07. Feb. 2002: Poster and announcement of the the FBB Japan tour 1979.
06. Feb. 2002: Cover from FBB Close encounter of the West Coast album.
04. Feb. 2002: Pictures from The Brothers playing New Years Eve.
03. Feb. 2002: FYM song "You been torturing me" recorded by Jack Reeves.
26. Jan. 2002: Billboard magazine add for Double Barrell album Nov. 84.
25. Jan. 2002: Alshire album also relesed as Country Life in Denmark.
06. Jan. 2002: The other side album co-produced, recorded and with Gib Guilbeau.
05. Jan. 2002: Info about Country Cookin' radio album with FBB.
27. Nov. 2001: The Muscle Shoals demos sessions from the 80s with Gib Guilbeau and John Beland.
05. Nov. 2001: Brand new Gib Guilbeau album The BROTHERS with Gib, W. Moore, D. Cotton & E. Williams.
04. Nov. 2001: Added a lot of new info and pictures to the early years page.
05. Oct. 2001: Pictures of Gib playing with The Nite Rider Band 1994.
18. Sept. 2001: Pictures of Gib Guilbeau singles Dixie, her and I, Redmountain wine and Toe tappin' music.
16. Sept. 2001: The Four Young Men on Jimmy Bowen single.
25. Aug. 2001: Second Treasury of American Railroad songs with Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau, and Greg Harris.
24 Aug. 2001: Picture and info for The Dudes single.
21. Aug. 2001: Added pictures of Young Men Four, Gib & Wayne and Wayne Moore singles.
15. Aug. 2001: Added pictures of Four Young Men and Castaways and picture of The Reasons.
11. Aug. 2001: Added picture of Castaways single "Poor boy's dream".
20. July 2001: Picture and track list of Burrito Brothers' Silver Eagle radio album and Scruggs-Burrito single.
11. July 2001: Picture of the FBB with Greg, Skip, Sneaky, Gib & Ed.
21. June 2001: Added FBB and Burrito Brothers lineups to the Gib family tree.
20. June 2001: New Burrito Brothers Best of CD and FBB Members edition picture CD.
25. May 2001: Added a "Youn Men Four" single "The walk/Still walkin" to the Gib "Early Years" page.
21. May 2001: Picture of Bobby Edwards single with the Four Young Men.
09. May 2001: 3 Gib Guilbeau song on Gene Parsons' new CD I hope they let us in.
08. May 2001: Picture and info of Young Men Four single.
06. May 2001: Added tons of Gib's session work to the album page.
23. Apr. 2001: Info about Gib & Wayne single a Gary Paxton CD with Nashville West as musicians on two songs.
20. Apr. 2001: Added a list of songs Gib has written and who has recorded.
06. Apr. 2001: Gib Guilbeau Family Tree of the last six decades.
04. Apr. 2001: Burrito Brothers song from the movie The Dream Chasers NOT available on record.
05. March 2001: Info on Bobby Edwards & Four Young Men single.
04. March 2001: Pictures of Burrito UK single, different layout of "Happy Tiger" single and 8 track Rusty Dean album.
19. Feb. 2001: Pictrue of Swampwater single "Louisiana woman".
17. Feb. 2001: Album info about Country & Western songs Vol.2.
10. Feb. 2001: Picture of Gib & John.
27. Jan. 2001: New record label Beau Town Records for GIB GUILBEAU releases!
27. Jan. 2001: NEW Gib Guilbeau CD "Classic Guilbeau 1968-1986" with Clarence, Gene, Wayne etc.
26. Jan. 2001: Info about the second Railroad CD (without GIB).
25. Jan. 2001: New musician info: Clarence White, Gene Parsons, Wayne Moore, James Burton etc. are musicians on Burrito Country, Flying High, Happy Tiger single, Alshire single, this Alshire single, Strawberry single, Gib Guilbeau album.
13. Jan. 2001: Signed picture of the Burrito Brothers.
24. Nov. 2000: Four Young Men single on the Gib album page and FYM logo on the early years page.
10. Nov. 2000: Thad Maxwell remembers about the Ash Grove show with the Byrds.
04. Nov. 2000: Liner notes from Dale Davis from the KC album "1966" written 1978.
03. Nov. 2000: Big Sur, Woody Guthrie and Fallen Angels CD's on the Gib album page.
01. Nov. 2000: Gib Guilbeau with the Byrds at the Ash Grove and news about his solo album .
05. Oct. 2000: Picture of Gib Guilbeau on the Present & Future page.
29. Sept. 2000: Complete new Gib Guilbeau page.

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