1999 - 2007

Gib Gib has produced the new CD of a local Bluegrass and Folk group called "Travelin' Lite":

Album produced by Gib Guilbeau
- TRAVELIN' LITE: No looking back (TL001)
Produced by Gib Guilbeau.

In July 1999 Gib celebrated his 40th Wedding Anniversary with a few friends.

Early 2000 Gib produced and played on a CD of an old friend Lee Cox. He's a country singer whose been writing songs for 40 years and never recorded any of them until now. He's a "Hank Williams" fan and you can hear that in his songs.

Album produced and with Gib Guilbeau
- LEE COX: Let's rebuild the bridges (Leebird Music)
Produced and with Gib Guilbeau.

Note: The drummer on some of the titles, Boomer Morse, is Gib's old friend, Dennis Morse, who played in many local country bands, and was a road manager for the Flying Burrito Brothers during the mid-1970s. Morse was also a Golden State Boy in 1964. He played bass with the group when Eric White broke his arm.


On the new Beau Town Reocrds label (the record label for Gib Guilbeau releases),
Gib released a CD with old stuff recorded from 1968-1986.
This CD has 14 tracks, 5 previously unreleased!

Gib Guilbeau
- GIB GUILBEAU: Classic Guilbeau 1968-1986 (Beau Town Records BEA 225001)
with Clarence White, Gene Parsons, Wayne Moore, Mel Tillis, John Beland, Ronnie Guilbeau
Eric White, Randy Scruggs, Red Rhodes and more ....

Gib For more info about this album visit the Gib Guilbeau album page with track list, writers, musicians and recording dates.

3 Gib Guilbeau songs on Gene Parsons' new CD: "I hope they let us in":

  • Sweet Susannah
  • Take a city bride
  • I must be a tree (co-written with Gene Parsons)

    Fantastic CD with 17 songs! Buy this CD now from: StringBender Records.

    in his studio In Feb. 2001 Dawn Hopkins (a WPBA touring professional and the promoter of the Super Billiards Expo in Valley Forge, PA) has produced a compact disc of mostly original songs written and performed by WPBA touring pros and other billiard industry personalities "The other side". Most of the songs were recorded in Gib's studio and he also co-produced half of the 21 track CD and plays fiddle. Also playing on that album guitar, mandolin and piano is Albert Lee.
    The album also features an instrumental titled, "I'm Not Home" by Carmine Sardo, Sr. Sardo, better known for his association with the "Sardo Tight Rack", is an accomplished musician. His credits include stints as a guitar player with Mickey Rooney, Jr., Joe and Rose Lee Maphis, Barney Kessel and Jerry Cole. In 1974, Sardo was named "Country Guitar Player of the Year" by the Southern California Country Western Music Association. He also plays and instrumental version of Rodney Crowell's "Til I gain control again" on this CD.
    Carmine Sardo is Gib's brother-in-law!
    The album is not available at retail outlets but maybe purchased by calling Dawn Hopkins at 609/652-6116.

    Album co-produced and with Gib Guilbeau
    - The Other Side (Album info)
    Recorded at Gib's studio, co-produced by Gib and Gib on fiddle.
    with Dawn Hopkins, Albert Lee, Jerry McWorter, Line Kjorsvik, Mike Massey
    Carmine Sardo, Lou Sardo, Buddy Sardo ... .

    Shiloh Records has released the long awaited second "Treasury of railroad songs & ballads" album! All lead vocals done by Wayne Moore but Gib plays fiddle and guitar and sings background vocals. He also produced that album together with Wayne and Dale Davis! Also on this CD is Greg Harris!

    A Treasury Of American Railroad Songs & Ballads - Volume II
    - WAYNE MOORE: Treasury of railroad songs & ballads - Volume II (Shiloh SCD 4098)
    Musicians: Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau, Greg Harris, Darrell Cotton,
       Greg Leise, Frank Scaltrito, Pamela Berry
    Producers: Dale Davis, Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau
    Concept & executive producer: Dale Davis
    Music directors: Gib Guilbeau & Wayne Moore
    Research: Gene A. Humphrey & David Mitchell
    Recorded at Wayne Moore Studios, Rio Rancho/NM and The Rainbow Garage, Van Nuys/CA.

    The Brothres

    THE BROTHERS: Gib Guilbeau, Ernie Williams
    Darrell Cotton & Wayne Moore

    From July to September 2001 Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Darrell Cotton & Ernie Williams recorded again together. During the 50's and early 60's those four were in several bands like (first only Gib, Darrell and Ernie) " The Hinkley Valley Boys", "Darrell, Gib and Ernie", "The Hi-Flyers", and later with the addition of Wayne Moore " The Four Young Men", "The Young Men Four" and "The Castaways".
    They recorded some old classic songs like "That'll be the day", "It's only make believe", "Only the lonely", "Danny boy", "Peggy Sue" and many, many more. Highlight of this CD is a song Gib wrote together with John Beland many years ago "We shall rise above it all" with the addition of Albert Lee playing guitar and piano. It's a perfect song for this time in the US (11. Sept. 2001).
    Watch a video of this song on YouTube.
    They also re-recorded three songs which were released by the "Four Young Men" and "The Castaways" in the early 60's. Bonus track is a live radio broadcast from 1957, "The Hinkley Valley Boys" featuring Darrell, Gib and Ernie!

    The Brothers
    - THE BROTHERS: Children of the fifties (Beau Town Records BEA 225003)
    The Brothers are: Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Darrell Cotton & Ernie Williams.
    Guests: Albert Lee, Ray Tapia.
    Produced by Gib Guilbeau & Darrell Cotton.

    Brothers live

    More pictures HERE !!!

    New Year Eve 2001/2002 "The Brothers" played live in Rancho Cordova/California at the "Rancho Cordova Moose Lodge". They had a ball singing the old songs and some cajun stuff. The gig was about 5 hours and they only had two breaks. On drums was a local drummer - John Ciccarelli.
    More pictures from that night click HERE!

    Eric White

    Eric White

    2002 Beau Town Records released a live Flying Burrito Brothers CD "The Red Album" recorded live in Hollywood 1976. With Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gene Parsons, Chris Ethridge & Joel Scott Hill.

    On 6th April 2002 Gib Guilbeau performed at the "ERIC WHITE Benefit show". Other artists were Greg Harris, The Grateful Dudes (with Bill Byrson, Leroy Mack), Cliff Wagner & Old No. 7 (with Jesse Harris), Jim Olesh with Eric White on bass. Gib played some cajun songs with Eric White, Carmine Sardo, Al Bruno, Pat Sauber & Tom Sauber. Gib joined also the stage when Greg Harris performed with his son Jesse Harris, Bill Bryson & Ross Landry.

    Gib is involved in an album released by Burrito Deluxe with the title "Georgia Peach". Burrito DeLuxe is Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Tommy Spurlock, Carlton Moody & Willie Watson. It is a very good 14 track album with Sneaky Pete Kleinow on 13 tracks but ex-FBB member Rick Lanow also plays drums on a number of the cuts. Amongst the songs is "Call it love" that Rick Lanow & Ronnie Guilbeau wrote for Poco but there are two songs written by Gib Guilbeau. "Louisiana" & "Feels like a heartache" co-written with son Ronnie.
    However the biggest surprise is that Gib sings lead vocals on "Louisiana" and plays fiddle and shares lead vocals on "Christine's Tune (Devil in disguise)".

    Burrito Deluxe CD with Gib on lead vocals
    - Burrito Deluxe: Georgia Peach (LR - 10299-2)
    Gib is singing lead vocals on "Louisiana"
    and plays fiddle and sings lead vocals on "Christine's tune

    In October 2002 Gib celebrated his 65th birthday in Pahrump, Nevada. This two day party at "Our Bar", a neighborhood bar owned by Gib's friends, had about 45 musicians and a couple of hundred party goers...
    Darrell Cotton, Wayne Moore, Bruce Oakes, Greg Harris and his two boys, Jack Reeves and many, many others.
    Pictures from Gib's birthday party click here.

    Big Beat label released the "Cajun Gib & Gene" album from the 60's with a lot of bonus tracks, singles etc .... and also unrleased tracks. Title of the CD is Louisiana Rain.


    Gib has recorded a brand new solo CD with members of "The Flying Burrito Brothers", "Nashville West", "Swampwater", "Little Texas", "The Kentucky Colonels", son Ronnie Guilbeau (Palomino Road & Copperline) etc .... .
    He has recorded 11 brand new songs and 13 new versions of songs he has recorded with "The Flying Burrito Brothers", as "Cajun Gib and Gene" and songs recorded by other artists like "The Gosdin Bros" or "Bruce Oakes".

    - GIB GUILBEAU: Songs I Like (Beau Town Records BEA 225005 - US & Corazong 255 058 - EU & Canada)
    with Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Darrell Cotton, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Eric White
    Ronnie Guilbeau, Del Gray, Ray Tapia, Stan Pratt, Alec Palao, Troy Hope, Carmine Sardo
    Tim Moore, Hans Ram, Mark Winkle, Leo Davis, & Dennis "Moomer", Morse.

    Note: The "Songs I Like" CD was released in Europe and Canadia on the Dutch "Corazong" label in July 2003!

    Big Beat label released 2003 a Clarence White CD with the title Tuff & Stringy - Sessions 1966-68 with Gib Guilbeau playing on a lot of tracks and also singing lead vocals on an unreleased track.

    Wayne Moore (ex-The Reasons aka Nashville West with Clarence White, Gene Parsons & Gib Guilbeau) has released a brand new solo CD on "Grace Mountain Music" label "Walk and talk with Jesus". Gib Guilbeau is playing fiddle, Eric White (brother of Clarence & Roland White and ex-Kentucky Colonels) plays bass. Other musicans are Troy Hope, Duke Weddington & Chuck Moore. Order this CD here.

    WAYNE MOORE CD with Gib on fiddle
    - WAYNE MOORE: Walk And Talk With Jesus (Grace Mountain Music GMM-0001-2)
    Musicians: Wayne Moore
    with Gib Guilbeau, Troy Hope, Eric White, Chuck Moore & Duke Weddington

    Darrell Cotton

    Darrell Cotton

    Darrell Cotton longtime friend of Gib has released a brand new CD on his own Cotton Pickin Records with the title "U.S. Highway - Soldier Welcome Home". This CD is with Gib Guilbeau and contains four Gib Guilbeau songs "Winds of yesterday", "My Robin", "Going home time" & "21 year old bum".
    Darrell Cotton has been playing music in bands such as The Four Young Men and The Castaways with Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons etc.... . During the 60s Darrell released a few singles on his own record label "Ion Records" with with Clarence White, Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons and Wayne Moore as session musicians and he also produced other artists like Johnny McKnight. 2001 he teamed up again with old friends Gib, Wayne & Ernie Williams to record an album under the name The Brothers. Darrell Cotton is also an actor and played in various movies!

    DARRELL COTTON CD with Gib Guilbeau
    - DARRELL COTTON: U.S. Highway "Soldier welcome home" (Cotton-Pickin-Records)
    with Darrell Cotton, Gib Guilbeau, Ronnie Guilbeau, Ray Tapia, Carl Walden
    Carmine Sardo, Linda Nardini, Doug Atwell etc .....

    also released as:

    - DARRELL COTTON: Songs by Darrell (CDR only)
    but without the songs "Magic of music" and "U.S. highway"

    Note: Another Darrell Cotton album recorded at Gib's studio and engineered by Gib in 2001 is the album "Magic of Music".

    In June 2003 I visited Gib Guilbeau and also met Darrell Cotton. We had a great time and talked hours about Gib's very interesting music-career.

    Gib and me

    Gib Guilbeau and me

    Gib, Darrell and me

    Gib Guilbeau, me & Darrell Cotton

    July 19th 2003 Gib Guilbeau performed with Jack Reeves and his All Americans at the "Saddle West Casino" in Pahrump, Nevada. Gib, Red Simpson and Jack Reeves each played 45 minutes for two shows. Jack Reeves plays often at the "Saddle West Casion". On July 19th Jack's guests were Gib Guilbeau and Red Simpson. (Also on stage was Carmine Sardo playing electric-guitar). Here are three pics from that night:


    Gib Guilbeau

    Jack Reeves

    Jack Reeves


    Gib Guilbeau

    On September 27th 2003 Gib went to Yucca Valley for the Gram Parsons (memorial) annual bash "Gram Fest".
    Featured were Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Bob Warford, Carmine Sardo, Jesse Harris (Greg's son), Shannon O'Neill, Kenny Newberry and many, many more.
    Gram Fest DVD

    Gram Fest DVD

    2004 "HMI Films" (a subsidiary company of Hanson Media International) released a DVD from that festival. Title of this DVD is GRAM FEST "Sights & Sounds". The DVD takes a look back on some of the sights and sounds from the 8th annual Gram Fest & Cosmic American Musiv Festival held in Joshua Tree, California.
    Included in this documentary are interviews from former members of the "Flying Burrito Brothers" (Gib Guilbeau and Sneaky Pete Kleinow) and friends of Gram Parsons, along with music. See and hear Gib perform his song "Big Bayou" and the Burrito standard "Dim lights, thick smoke" with Sneaky Pete on steel guitar. Also see Greg Harris' son Jesse on stage and Bob Warford talking about the string bender.
    You can buy this DVD direct from the Gram Fest web-page!

    Gib's son Ronnie Guilbeau & Wayne Moore's son Troy Hope recorded an album with the title "Ronnie & Troy". Most songs were recorded at Gib's studio "Studio 47" and Shannon O'Neill's studio, but also at Ronnie's studio in Nashville and Troy's studio in Palmdale. All songs were written by Ronnie Guilbeau, Troy Hope and Gib Guilbeau.

    Ronnie Guilbeau & Troy Hope album with Gib Guilbeau
    - RONNIE GUILBEAU & TROY HOPE: Ronnie & Troy (CDR only)
    with Ronnie Guilbeau, Troy Hope, Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Mike Huffard, Bessel Dujion

    California One Radio


    Oktober 2003 Big Beat released the legendary "Gosdin Brothers" album "Sounds Of Goodbye" with "The Reasons" aka "Nashville West" (Gib Guilbeau, Clarence White, Gene Parsons and Wayne Moore). This compilation collects the complete album with unreleased material and also the legendary Edict single produced by Chris Hillman with Michael Clarke and Clarence White.

    Gib started "California One Radio".
    They play Country-Rock, R&B, Blues, Folk-Rock to Bluegrass. You can buy all the music they play direct from their web-page!
    California One Records webpage is closed.

    Note: California One Radio went out of business Jannuary 2005!

    Gib has produced the new Bruce Oakes' CD with special guests Jay Dee Maness, Wayne Moore etc ... . Most songs on this CD were penned by Gib and his son Ronnie. Gib is also singing a duet with Bruce. Bonus tracks are the great early Bruce Oakes singles from 1967 and 1968 with Gib Guilbeau, Clarence White, Gene Parsons, Wayne Moore and the Gosdin Brothers!

    BRUCE OAKES CD with Gib Guilbeau
    - BRUCE OAKES: Picking with friends (Boomer Records 102640-1-CD)
    with Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Ray Tapia, Carmine Sardo, Dillon Sardo, Doug Livingston, J.D. Maness
    and on the bonus tracks Clarence White, Gene Parsons and Vern & Rex Gosdin

    Big Beats successful reissue programme drawing from the vaults of Gary S Paxton's Bakersfield International Productions continues with an exciting various artists volume featuring more rare mid-late 1960s country and country rock gems, with many released for the first time.
    The new "Bakersfield CD" will be released end of June 2004 as "Bakersfield Rebels - Late 1960s gems featuring Clarence White, The Nashville West Band and others".
    This CD has an alternate version of "Your Gentle Ways Of Loving Me" by Gib Guilbeau & Gene Parsons and an unreleased version of "I'll live today" by Gib & The Reasons!
    Gib Guilbeau and the Nashville West band appears on others songs too!

    Note: The version of "I'll Live Today" (which is credited to Gib & The Reasons) comes from a backing track that Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Clarence White and Gene Parsons recorded for Paxton in March 1968 and never finished. However, Alec Palao liked it so much that he asked Gib to put a vocal on it - which he kindly did!

    Al Perkins (member of the Flying Burrito Brothers 1971) has recorded the Gib Guilbeau song "Sweet Susannah" for his new CD "Triple Play". You can order that CD from Al Perkins' music website.

    October 2004 Gib performed at the 9th annual Gram Fest. One of the biggest little concerts in Southern California took place as "The Cosmic American Music Festival" and "The 9th annual Gram Fest" at the "Hi-Desert Playhouse" in Joshua Tree, CA.
    What started as a Gram Parsons Tribute concert has become an annual Mecca for fans of Americana roots style music and the musicians who come from around the state and the country to perform.
    Gib Guilbeau played three nights with a new formed band "Musicians Anonymous".
    Band member Shannon O'Neill came up with the moniker as a tongue-in-cheek description of a potential intervention for the musically addicted. It is a group therapy approach that is sure to satisfy! The band includes legendary performers Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Chris Ethridge, Spooner Oldham, John Molo, Gib Guilbeau, Ron Guilbeau and Hyland Church with special guest artists Bob Warford (former member of the late Clarence White's legendary bluegrass band The Kentucky Colonels).
    For more info visit the offical Gram Fest web-page.

    "Musicians Anonymous" worked on an album 2005!
    Musicians are Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Chris Ethridge, Bobby Cochran, Bob Warford (all ex-Flying Burrito Brothers), Shannon O'Neill, Spooner Oldham, John Molo, Hyland Church, Ronnie Guilbeau and probably a few others.
    On the CD there will be a song sung by Gene Clark and all of the band playing on it!
    This album is still unreleased.

    Darrell, Wayne & Gib

    Darrell Cotton, Wayne Moore & Gib Guilbeau
    - at the Eric White Memorial!

    Sneaky Pete Kleinow passed away on January 6th 2007 from Alzheier's desease at the age of 72!
    The Kleinow family and Gramfest curator, Jon McKinney, organized a public memorial service/musical tribute for Sneaky on Saturday, January 27th in Joshua Tree, CA.
    Musicians who celebrated the life of this man who influenced so many were: Gib Guilbeau, Bob Warford, Bernie Leadon, Albert Lee, Spencer Davis, Chris Etheridge, John Mueller, Michael Vosse (producer), Rick Lonow, Tommy Spurlock, Carlton Moody, Hyland Church and John York.
    Watch Gib on YouTube perform Merle Haggard's "Today I started loving you again" and Gib's "Sweet Suzannah" with Bob Warford on guitar and Skip Edwards on keyboards from that Sneaky Pete tribute concert.

    August 2008: Watch a video of Gib Guilbeau with Darrell Cotton and Ray Tapia performing "We shall rise above it all" from the Brothers CD "Children of the fifties" on YouTube.

    On July 25th 2011 Eddy Akridge, who recorded with Gib Guilbeau and The Castaways in the early 60s, passed away in Las Vegas at the age of 82!

    2012: Want to record with Gib's son Ronnie Guilbeau? Sound Villa Recorders offers professional quality recording for songwriters, and artists who wish to record their own CD, without actually having to leave their home in many cases. The heart of our operation is the studio, "The SoundHole", in the Music Row area of Nashville, TN.
    They utilize the talents of some of the best musicians in the world, in fact, some of the same musicians that play on chart-topping albums are available to play on your music.
    The company is founded and run by Billy Graham and Ronnie Guilbeau. Billy is the producer/manager and Ronnie is producer/engineer. Both are musicians with a long history in the music business.

    Swedish group "Stevie Klasson's Black Weeds" recorded Gib's classic song "Big Bayou". Listen to the song here. Interesting version!

    On June 7, 2012 Eric White (brother of Clarence & Roland White) passed away. He was born July 9, 1942.

    September 21st 2014 Gib Guilbeau celebrated his 77th birthday (26th September). A bunch of his friends and family got together to do some pickin' and grinnin' at "Vincent Hill Station" in Acton/California.
    Gib shared the stage with son Ronnie Guilbeau, Troy Hope, Ray Tapia, Bill Stevens, Bryan Calande, Carmine Sardo, Darrell Cotton ..... .
    Here's a short clip from the jam:

    GIB GUILBEAU passed away April 12th 2016!

    Gib Guilbeau in heaven

    This picture drew Tom Beland (John Beland's brother)!

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