Wayne Moore

Wayne Moore

Wayne Moore passed away September 24th 2015!

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Wayne Moore, the former bassist of the legendary country-rock band "Nashville West" (with Clarence White, Gene Parsons & Gib Guilbeau), member of "The Castaways", "The Four Young Men", "The Reasons", "Calvary Singers" etc. He played with Vern Gosdin, Vince Gill, Gary Paxton, Johnny Western etc.)

Wayne Moore, to a large degree, was responsible for bringing much of theearly rock'n'roll sound to "Nashville West". Unfortunately, Wayne has remained the forgotten member of the band that rock historian Jim Bickhart wrote (arguably) "have never been surpassed by any group in the ensuing country rock boom".

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"I've always thought that Wayne is an incredibly
talented guy, a lot more than he even gives him-
self credit for. He could be a real songwriter.
I know what he can do.
He's too good to be sitting around."


"I tell you, that man could sit down with you for
three hours and sing you some of the most beautiful
country songs... and Wayne writes beautiful material."


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