Soundtrack: Brubaker


This is the Brubaker soundtrack CD.

Produced by Nick Redman and Douglass Fake

Gib Guilbeau
John Beland
James Burton
Sneaky Pete Kleinow
Byron Berline
Herb Pedersen
Jerry Scheff
Tommy Morgan
Dennis Budimir
Al R. Hendnrickson
Timothy J. May
Donald Peake
Dorothy S. Remesen
Anne Mason Stockton
Ralph E. Grierson
Michael A. Lang
Ian Robertson Underwood
Edward Greene
Andrew Olivera
Emil Radocchia
Kenneth E. Watson ...

Track list:
Theme from Brubaker
Main Titles
So Far From Love
Pinky's Place
The Man on the Bottles
Country Living
All For the Love of Sunshine - performed by GIB GUILBEAU
The Details
The New Warden
Chow Down
Work With Me
Rolling Down
A Free Worlder
Out of Town
Blazing Buildings
Fiddles & Broomsticks
Nowhere to Go
Wakefield Blues
A Closer Walk With Me
Dance to It
Lonely Brubaker
Shock Treatment
The Digging Begins
A Handful at a Time
Take Him Alive
Death at the Diner
Finale (Brubaker's Adagio & Coda)

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