Rusty Dean: Country hits of today

Country hits of today

Also available on 8 track stereo tape from Ampex together with " Country hits of today Vol. 2".
(Maybe Gib, Gene, Clarence & Wayne are also musicians on the "Vol. 2" album):

Country hits... Vol 1 & 2

This is the Rusty Dean: Country hits of today album.

Rusty dean: guitar, vocals
Gib Guilbeau: vocals, rhythm guitar & fiddle
Gene Parsons: drums, harmonica
Clarence White: dobro, lead guitar
Wayne Moore: bass

and on the Cajun Gib & Gene tracks:
Carl Waldow: steel guitar
Jerry Scheff: bass
Vern Gosdin: rhythm guitar
Rex Gosdin: rhythm guitar
and maybe others

Side one:
Another time another place - by Rusty Dean
Little arrows - by Rusty Dean
What made Milwaukee famous - by Rusty Dean
Your gentle ways of loving me - by (Gib) Guilbeau & (Gene) Parsons
Two people - by (Gib) Guilbeau & (Gene) Parsons

Side two:
Sounds of goodbye - by Rusty Dean
Jey Jude - by Rusty Dean
Harper Valley P.T.A. - (unknown vocalist)
Workin' on a tug boat - by Gib Guilbeau
Miles and cities - by Gib Guilbeau

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