Gib Guilbeau: Gib Guilbeau

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This is the Gib Guilbeau: Gib Guilbeau album

This album was also released on a tape in Denmark only (?) on Queen Records:

Gib Guilbeau: Country Life

Country Life

Produced by Buddy Killen
Songs "Baby lock the door" and "Red water" produced by Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons & Clarence White.

Dave Kirby: bass
Billy Sanford: lead guitar and dobro
Reggie Young: lead guitar
Pete Drake: steel guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins: piano
Henry Strzelcki: bass
Ralph Gallant: drums
Ray Edenton: rhythm guitar
Glen Kenner: rhythm guitar
Johnny Gimble: fiddle and mandolin
The Jordanaires: background vocals

Musicians on "Baby lock the door" & "Red water":
Clarence White: picking dobro
Gene Parsons: drums
Thad Maxwell: slide dobro
Wayne Moore: bass
Red Rhodes: steel guitar

Side one:
Bon soir blues (Guilbeau/Maxwell)
After dark (Gib Guilbeau)
Alberta, Alberta (Gib Guilbeau)
What kind of flower (Should I send) (Gib Guilbeau)
Baby lock the door (Gib Guilbeau)

Side two:
Dixie her and I (Gib Guilbeau)
Robin (Gib Guilbeau)
Fiddle playin' cajun man (Gib Guilbeau)
Caroline gives (Caroline takes) (Gib Guilbeau)
Red water (Jefe/Guilbeau)

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