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The Flying Burrito Brothers (1988 - 1998)

In May, again a new version of the FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS were headliners of the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis/Tennessee.
Members were: Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Ronnie Guilbeau (Gib's son), Ray Tapia and Chad Cromwell (both members of Ronnie Guilbeau's band).
The set was heavily influenced by Gib, who sang all of the songs and wrote them as well.

Six new songs were played for the first time live which were supposed to appear on the next Flying Burrito Brothers album:

  • Wild women
  • City girl
  • We shall rise above it
  • South of San Francisco
  • Wrong side of town
  • Moonlight rider

    Article But this album, recorded in Memphis in September 1987 was never finished. They recorded only a few songs (6 and a half). Musicians on the album were: Gib, Sneaky, Ronnie Guilbeau and Ray Tapia (Ray sang the high harmony parts). Local Memphis musicians who performed on the album include Don Singleton on guitar, Bobby Turner on bass, Daniel Jones on drums and vocals and Fairlight programmer Mark Blumberg. Producers were Daniel Jones of Star Stage, Inc. and Gib Guilbeau. Larry McKeehan was associate producer.
    Of the six songs only "Moonlight rider" has ever been released on the BURRITO BROTHERS "Back to the sweethearts of the rodeo" album which was recorded in Sheffield/Alabama in 1986/87 and the song "We shall rise above it" was recorded by "The Brothers" (Gib, Wayne, Darrell and Ernie) 2001 and released on their "Children of the fifties" CD.

    Here's an article from the Memphis Star magazine:

    "Not just a typical Nashville Act"
    "Burrito Brothers reform in Memphis"

    First things first - what happened last month at Memphis Sound Productions studio was the beginning of a re-formation, not a reunion. Two members of the old Flying Burrito Brothers got back together on Beale Street not for any one-shot nostalgia deal, but to get the seminal country/rock band off the ground again.
    That being said, why did they come to Memphis to do it, since one lives in Nashville and the other in southern California? Part of the reason, explains Gib Guilbeau, the Nashville Brother, is that the band has never quite fit any conventional molds.
    "Mainly, we didn't want to be a typical Nashville country act, because we're not typical, never have been," he says. "Nothing against the productions of producers out of Nashville, but we want a fresh sound."
    Coincidence also had a hand in the band's summons to Memphis. Local attorney Steve Weaver represents the Burrito Brothers' manager, Doc Field, so when Weaver found out the band was starting over, he placed a call to Memphis' Star Stage, Inc., another client. A deal was struck linking up Star Stage and the band.
    Next, Star Stage president Larry McKeehan got together with Memphis Sound Productions' Tim Goodwin and John Fleskes, and the two companies decided to embark on a joint venture to record and prmote the re-formed Flying Burrito Brothers. The end result is that Guilbeau, fellow Burrito Brother Sneaky Pete Kleinow and a handful of other musicians spent a week in Memphis Sound Productions early last month and cut six sides for Star Stage to shop to labels. The new songs, co-produced by Guilbeau and Star Stage's Danny Jones, with assictance from Kleinow, are "not a hell of a lot different than what we sounded like in 1969." according to Guilbeau.
    "We're still doing Flying Burrito Brothers-type material, but the recording technology is a lot better."
    Kleinow says the best way to describe the hand's sound is "fresh".
    "But it's still got that Flying Burrito Brothers sound", he says.

    Memphis Sessions

    FBB "Memphis Sessions"

    That "sound" has always been tough to peg. "Country-rock" really doesn't do it justice. "Urban country/folk" is another label that has been thrown their way, but although it captures the band's eclectic influences a little better, it doesn't quite get it either. How do you describe a band that covered everything from Bob Dyland to the Rolling Stones to Chips Moman/Dan Penn and did it all with a southern Californian country/western accent?

    The Flying Burrito Brothers began in the late 1960s as a drummerless quartet consisting of Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, Chris Ethridge and Kleinow on pedal steel. Later drummer Michael Clarke was added, the first in a long line of personnel changes. The game of musical chairs was only fitting for a group that sprang from the Byrds, another group famous for it's changing line-up.
    The 1987 version of the band hasn't been finalized, according to Guilbeau. "Right now it's just Pete and me," he says. "We have some people in mind (whom he declines to name), but it's tough to get five people into the studio at the same time for a week".
    Joining the two in the Beale Street studio for the sessions were Guilbeau's son Ronnie of Nashville and Ray Tapia of southern California. Memphis musicians in the studio included Don Singleton on guitar, bassist Robby Turner, Danny Jones on drums and vocals and Mark Blumberg handling the Fairlight. Jones also co-engineered, along with Fleskes and Dan Pfeifer of Memphis Sound Productions. The sessions went smoothly, according to McKeehan, who also was associate producer.
    "After weeks of pre-production work, we had allocated enough time for them to do four sides," he says. "These guys burned so well that (we did) six and part of a seventh."
    Guilbeau and Kleinow think the time is right for the band to re-form, citing the resurgence of popularity for other bands from their era.
    "Despite the great amount of sales for punk and new wave music, there's a great amount of siciety that never really caught onto that", says Kleinow. "Now melody is coming back."
    Guilbeau agrees that record-buyers' ears are ready for something new, even if that means a revival of something old.
    "Two or three years ago, it would not have been the right time," he says. "I think from time to time people get tired of hearing the same things over and over again."

    Also in 1988 Gib Guilbeau wrote together with John Beland the theme song of the Morton Downey, Jr. show. John also produced and played on all of the music for the show. The show went on to become the biggest thing in TV that year.

    Around that time Gib recorded at his studio in Nashville an album for singer/songwriter Eldon Fault with the title "Storyteller".
    This album is only available as a CDR:

    Eldon Fault album with Gib Guilbeau
    - ELDON FAULT: Storyteller (CDR only)
    with Eldon Fault, Gib Guilbeau, Ronnie Guilbeau, Darrell Cotton

    Another album Gib produced and recorded at his studio in Nashville was an album for country singer Terry Lee Ballard. Again with son Ronnie Guilbeau, Gib plays on all tracks and sings harmony vocals. Gib also co-wrote most of the songs on that CD. This album is again only available as a CDR with the title "King of the L.A. honky-tonkers":

    Terry Lee Balard album produced and with Gib Guilbeau
    - TERRY LEE BALLARD: King Of The L.A. Honky-Tonkers (CDR only)
    Produced by Gib Guilbeau
    with Terry Lee Ballard, Gib Guilbeau, Ronnie Guilbeau, Toto, The Pick Of The Litter Band

    Note: Gib recorded a demo of his song "Seven steps away (from the rose)" with his son Ronnie in his studio in Nashville.

    1989 - 1990

    Flying Burritos

    Gib, John & Sneaky Pete

    In 1989 the Flying Burrito Brothers did sessions at "Muscle Shoals". Musicians were Gib, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Wayne Moore, Wayne Bridge, Al Jones and maybe more.

    1989 a compilation album of a tribute concert in Nashville for Clarence White and Gram Parsons was released in Italy which contained 2 live FBB tracks with Gib.

    Two live tracks with the Flying Burrito Brothers
    - WHEELS: A tribute to Gram Parsons and Clarence White (Appaloosa AP049)

    Gib & John

    Gib & John

    In January 1989 Gib Guilbeau, John Beland, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Jim Goodall & Thad Maxwell rejoin for a short tour of selected shows in Southern California & Las Vegas as the Flying Burrito Brothers.
    Maxwell and Goodall were replaced by Larry Patton and Rick Lanow and the Flying Burrito Brothers played at the "Musicians Exchange Cafe" in Fort Lauderdale/Florida, October 13-14 1989. When Pete is unavailable, as was the case on this occasion, his shoes are ably filled by Grand Ole Opry veteran, Gene O'Neil.
    In 1990 the Burritos, this time with Sneaky Pete, undertook a short tour of France and Spain during which a live album, not released until 1991, was recorded.

    The Flying Burrito Brothers album
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Encore - live in Eurpe 1990 (Sundown SDCD069)

    Also released on Summit Records:
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Live in Europe (Summit SUMCD 4157)
    The front cover has wrongly a picture of the Parsons, Hillman, Kleinow, Ethridge line up.

    Also this year an album credited to the FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS was issued in France, which actually contained Gib Guilbeau and John Beland solo tracks with Sneaky Pete Kleinow and Gib's son Ronnie Guilbeau also involved. None of the tracks includes all three (Gib, John and Sneaky).

    The Flying Burrito Brothers album
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Southern tracks (Vodoo CD103-270)
    with: Gib Guilbeau, John Beland, Sneaky Pete Kleinow
    guests: Rick Lanow, James Hooker, Ronnie Guilbeau, Alan Jones, Ron Christie, David Humphries, Larry Patton

    1991 - 1992



    Around 1991 Gib recorded a single in Nashville (only one song, no flip-side!). Gib received a call to do the lead vocals on the song "Cajun" for the Motion label. When Gib came into the studio the music was all finished, they only needed a singer.

    Gib Guilbeau single
    - GIB GUILBEAU: Cajun/same (Motion Mot-1017)
    Produced by Don Goodman & Roger LaVoie
    Written by Don Goodman/Roger LaVoie/Danny Tantillo

    In 1991 yet another FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS incarnation with John Beland, Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Chris Ethridge, Australian country rocker Brian Cadd and Poco drummer George Grantham was formed. They have recorded six demos and four different labels wanted to sign them. But it took two more years until an album was released.

    Note: One of the songs they recorded with George Grantham on lead vocals was the Beland/Cadd composition "Blind Side".

    The Burritos also talked about a telemarketing package that includes both a video and a CD. Gib reported in an interview: "The video approx. 60 mins long will feature interviews with and studio picking by Gib, John & Sneaky Pete. The video is split into two segments, one which tells the Burritos story and secondly an instructional songwriting seminar.

    Gib with guitar


    The CD will feature 22 songs almost half being recent unreleased FBB recordings by Gib, John, Sneaky, Chris Ethridge & Brian Cadd. The remaining songs will feature recordings by new unsigned country-rock bands." Gib hoped this project will evolve into the creation of a new label for new artists, a kind of passing the torch. !!! But this package was never released !!!

    Gib also spoke about another album project in the works that includes himself, Sneaky Pete, Chris Ethridge & John Barbata. The album will be 70's style country-rock ranging in style from the FBB to CSN & Y. The band will not be calling itself the FBB. Negotiations with several labels are currently underway. But again, nothing was ever released!

    In 1992 Bruce Oakes (see singles entry in "late 1968 section" with Gib, Clarence White, Gene Parsons and Wayne Moore) released a CD with five songs written by Gib Guilbeau.


    Gib & Brian

    Gib & Brian Cadd

    The new Flying Burrito Brothers' album was released. Brian Cadd was heavily involved as singer and songwriter. Ronnie Tutt, Elvis Presley's former band member, was guesting on drums instead of George Grantham. The tracks on this album were recorded during the summer of 1993 in Franklin/Tennessee:

    The Flying Burrito Brothers album
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Eye of a hurricane (Sundown CDSSD075 and One Way OW30330)

    Note: Merle Haggard's "Mama's hungry eyes" with Gib on lead vocals was also recorded but didn't make it to the final album.

    The title track of this album appeared a couple of years later on two compilation CD's issued in the UK:

    Songs from this album also on ...
    - VARIOUS ARTISTS: American FM (Nectar NTRCD 090)
    - VARIOUS ARTISTS: Magnum Music Sampler ( MMG96)

    The song "Wheel of love" from this album is on the Australian release of the FBB album "Sons of the Golden West" released 1999 (this album is without Gib and Sneaky Pete) under the new title:

    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Honky Tonkin' (Stallion Records)

    1994 - 1996

    Burrito's 1995

    The Flying Burrito Brothers 1994 - 1995
    Guilbeau, Beland, Sneaky Pete, Larry Gadler, Kubal, Cadd

    1994 the Flying Burrito Brothers performed at the "International Trucker Festival" in Zurich / Switzerland.
    John Beland remembers: "The crowd were screaming for us, dancing on the tables, and wouldn't let us get off the stage. We got called back for three encores, one of them joining up with Allen Frizzell (brother of Country Music Hall Of Famer Lefty Frizzell)."
    The Festival drew thousands of country and rock fans, many of whom have been Burrito backers for years. The following pics were taken in Switzerland while sightseeing Zurich.

    FBB in Swiss

    Gib / John / Brian

    FBB in Swiss

    Guilbeau / Cadd / Beland

    FBB in Swiss

    Brian / John / Gib

    Ticket '94 In Spring/Summer 94 this line-up (Guilbeau, Beland, Kleinow, Brian Cadd, Gary Kubal & Larry Gadler) did an Austria, Germany and Switzerland tour and another short various artists tour of Europe took place in June/July 1995.
    Pictures from a show in Germany May 1994 click here!!!.

    FBB in Zurich

    Cadd / Guilbeau / Beland

    Larry Gadler was also a member of "The Burrito Brothers" 1981 for about 6 months when they toured the U.S. Larry didn't work with them again until the Europe tour in 1994 and 1995.
    The FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS were rumoured to have signed a recording deal with a small US label but nothing appeared.

    1995 Gib played fiddle on a Freddy Weller demo "Jukebox Saturday Night" which was written by John Beland and Brian Cadd and was recorded by the Flying Burrito Brothers for the "Eye of the hurricane" album. Other musicians were John Beland, Brian Cadd, Ron Tutt and Spady Brannon.

    There were plans of another new Burrito line-up: Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Skip Battin & Phil Lee, but that never happened. Sneaky Pete put a promotion picture together (composite photograph). Here's that picture (signed by Sneaky Pete and Skip Battin):

    Burrito's 1995

    This Burrito line-up never happend
    Skip Battin, Sneaky Pete, Phil Lee & Gib Guilbeau



    The Flying Burrito Brothers did demos 1995 at Criterion Music Corp.
    Sneaky Pete plays steel guitar, Gib Guilbeau on fiddle and Phil Lee, Bobby Cochran and Charlie Harwood.
    Recorded songs:

  • Blueprint for disaster
  • Nobody but you
  • Good for me
  • I'm gonna quit (while I'm behind)

    Note: Phil Lee recorded a solo album "The mighty king of love" in 1999 for "Shanachie Entertainment Corp." and recorded the songs "Nobody but you" and "Blueprint for disaster" again. CD produced by Richard Bennett. On his next CD "You should hve know me then" Phil Lee recorded the song "Good for me" also produced by Richard Bennett, released 2001.

    Around Christmas 1994, Gib was playing with Bill Kelley's Nite Rider Band.Bandmembers were Bill Kelley, Wayne Moore, Phil Howard, Richard Martin & Edna Martin. They played in an old log cabin in the pines called "The Ponderosa".

    Gib playing with the "Nite Rider Band"

    Bill Kelley & Gib

    Bill Kelley & Gib

    Gib, Edna & Bill

    Edna Martin, Bill Kelley & Gib

    Gib & Edna

    Edna Martin & Gib


    - Sneaky Pete Kleinow: The Legend and the Legacy (contains tracks from earlier Sneaky Pete LP)
    - Pat Dailey: Looking back (Gib on fiddle)



    Gib & Beland

    The FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Gib Guilbeau, John Beland, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Larry Patton and Gary Kubal recorded a new album.

    The Flying Burrito Brothers album
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: California jukebox (American Harvest 57708)
    with special guests: Al Perkins, Dennis Belfield, Jo-El Sonnier, Sonny Landreth, Billy Thomas, Buck Owens, Waylon Jennings and Charlie Louvin.

    Gib was sick during the recordings of this album therefore he was not much involved in it.

    Note: After the "American Harvest" label went out of business the album was later re-issued and is now available on "Icehouse Records" (IHR 9444).

    Note: 2001 John Beland released a CD with the title "John Beland/Burrito Works" which included a few tracks from that album.



    But Gib was much involved in the Shiloh Records released CD titled "A Treasury of American Railroad Songs, Ballads and Folklore". This CD contains various artists but Gib sings four songs, one with Wayne Moore. CD was recorded at "Wayne Moore Studios" in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, Rick Cunha's studio "The Rainsbow Garage" in Van Nuys, California and "Swallow Recording" in Lake Elsinore, California. Gib Guilbeau and Wayne Moore were music directors of this CD. Concept & executive producer Dale Davis, director of research Gene A. Humphrey. Music producers: Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Dale Davis, Greg Harris, Marty Cooper, Rick Cunha and Larry Robinson.

    A Treasury Of American Railroad Songs, Ballads And Folklore
    - Various Artists: Treasury of railroad songs (Shiloh SCD 4097)
    Musicians: Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau, Greg Harris, Maxine Anderson, Pamela Berry, Marty Cooper
    Rick Cunha, Shawn Davis, Bence Higman, John Jarvis, Bill Kernodle, Roy Langston, Greg Leisz
    Rick Littlefield, Mike Masters, Jamie Olsen, Wille Ornelis, Dennis Parker, Larry Robinson
    Art Rodriguez & Jerry Swallow.


    A compilation CD was released in Holland:

    The Flying Burrito Brothers album
    - Flying Burrito Brothers: Members edition (Picture Disc) (United Audio UAE 1282)
    A 20 track compilation with 8 songs from "Hollywood nights",
    7 from "Eye Of a Hurricane" & 5 from "Encore - Live In Europe 1990".


    Meridian Green: In the heart of this town(Gib on fiddle)

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