Country Gazette

Country Gazette

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Members of "Country Gazette" were Byron Berline, Roger Bush, Kenny Wertz, Alan Munde, Herb Pedersen, Roland White, Dave Ferguson, Billy Joe Foster, Joe Carr, Michael Anderson, Bill Bryson, Gene Wooten, Greg Kennedy, Bill Smith, Chris Vandertuin, Dawn Watson, Steve Garner.


"Thank you very much for putting all of this together.
You have really captured the chronological events
leading up to "Country Gazette".
I had a great time looking at and reading
about all of the guys you mentioned
who had experiences with us.

I have always said that Europeans were more
interested in our folk music than we here in the US.
I am glad you think of our music as an art form.
Most folks in the US just take it for granted I think.

Once again thank you very much for all your work.
I have enjoyed it very much."


"I am very impressed with your
"Country Gazette" web site.
It is very accurate and complete.
Just reading it brings back a lot of memories."


"I just discovered your "Country Gazette" pages!
Pretty darn impressive for someone not here when it happened.
I have never seen anyone do such a complete job.
I am not even going to ask where you got copies of my photos
that I took of the band and others in those days!!
That blew me away. Like I said, I am impressed!

As you know there is even more to the story
as I either travelled with band
or picked them up or took them to the airport.
I also was at all the sessions from the second album on.
And because I take care of the Jim Dickson archives,
I have all the recording tapes including the unreleased cuts.
I have various live programs along with some video performances.

I always someday wanted to put out
all the albums with all the extra stuff.
But the Clarence White Box set comes first!!!
I wish I could do it all, Dillards Box Set, etc.
This was my life back then.

I sure wish more people would buy our SIERRA releases
but I must be thankful for the ones I do get.
Thanks for your support."


"That is absolutely awesome.
I am so glad you took the time to put the history of the Country Gazette together.
I was very privileged to play professionally with some of
the best musicians in the world.
I absolutely had a blast in that band and made a lot of friends."



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