Burrito Brothers: Best of

Best of

This is the Burrito Brothers: Best of CD.

Produced by Michael Lloyd, Randy Scruggs, John Thompson, Brent Maher.

Gib Guilbeau
John Beland

Guest artists:
Sneaky Pete Kleinow
Skip Battin
Earl Scruggs
Charlie McCoy
Ron Krasinski
Dennis Belfield
John Hobbs
Larry McNeely
and more

Track list:

She belons to everyone but me (John Beland/Gib Guilbeau)
Does she wish she was single again (Milton C. Blackford/Richard Leigh)
If something should come between us (Let it be love) (Beland/Guilbeau)
I'm drinkin' Canada Dry (Johnny Cymbal/Austin Roberts)
Closer to you (John Beland/Gib Guilbeau)
Blue and broken hearted me (Buddy Cannon/Raleigh Squires)
Almost Saturday night (John Fogerty)
Our roots are country music (John Beland/Gib Guilbeau)
She's a freind of a friend (John Beland/Gib Guilbeau)
Oh lonesome me (Don Gibson)

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