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JIMMY BOWEN (legendary record producer, former president of Reprise Records, MGM Records, Warner Bros. Records and Capitol Records):
"Beland's a remarkable one-of-a-kind guitarist who has become a very good songwriter over the years. He is a talent who will one day be recognized as exceptional."

"Here's to the good old days when only YOU would play me tunes. Love ya, buddy."

"One of the most talented and likeable people I know. He has an unusual voice and an unusual personality. I have always hoped he would be a star. When he is I hope I'll be able to do a duet with him. In addition to his likeable personality and talented songwriting, he is one of the finest guitarists I have ever had the opportunity to work with.............Ps: I've always had a crush on him as he is also one of the best looking guys in the business."
(Dolly included John in her "special thanks" section of her recent autobiography).

"John's one of the BEST in the business."

"We've been associated with John for over 17 years. His talent never fails to amaze of the BEST in the business."

DEWAYNE BLACKWELL (writer of "Friends in Low Places", "Mr. Blue" and scores of other top hits and ACM Country Songwriter Of The Year 1986):
"John's my favorite guitarist. I call him FIRST. He did my first demo sessions back in Hollywood in the mid 60' Im lucky if I can get him at all...he's the BEST."

JOHN NUTTING (The "King Of Austrialian Country Music Radio" and host of ABC's Saturday Night Country!):
"John came to Australia, spent too little time here but left a legacy of fine music and quality produced albums. He should have stayed because Australia needs "NEW BLOOD" to produce and guide the many faceted talents that is the exciting Australian Country Music Industry.
Come back JB and make it soon .... Australia needs you!"

DALE HAWKINS (The rockabilly legend himself, who wrote & recorded the original legendary rock anthem "SUZY-Q", and who's own back-up guitarists were the likes of a 15 year old James Burton and the great Roy Buchanan):
"JB is one of the Masters of the real sound of the 50' & 60's!"
Dale Hawkins
Official Dale Hawkins Web Site

LARRY MURRAY (L.A country rock writer, producer, legend and pioneer. Head writer for Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Smothers Brothers. Songwriter for the Byrds, Kristofferson and many more ...):
"I've known, respected and admired John for so many years that it seems like forever and that's OK with me. About as honest as I could get on a set of liner notes, is to say that I've heard more good music ... told more good stories and laughed harder and longer with John than an other one person in the world. I love this guy and if you ever get to know him, you will too!
Larry Murray - 2002

THE NELSONS (sons of legendary rocker Ricky Nelson):
"Working with John is a true pleasure. The good taste he injects into his playing can only be the result of a true music lover's instinct and decades of experience. He makes the songs come to life."
Gunnar Nelson - July 2003

ALAN ROCKMAN (LA country rock journalist, reviewer and author):
"John Beland is one of those few musicians still around, along with Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen, who continue to burn alive that once bright light of California Country Rock. Excellent singer, Superb Stringbender Guitar Player, Songwriter, Producer and Arranger of many hit songs for folks like Rick Nelson, Dolly Parton, Kim Carnes, Garth Brooks, The Whites, The Bellamy Brothers, and of course, the Flying Burrito Brothers, John Beland has done it all and continues to do it all".

BRIAN CADD (Australian rock & roll legend. International hit artist & songwriter who's tunes have been covered by everyone from The Pointer Sisters to John Farnham):
"John and I have known each other and worked together for 25 years. In my travels around the world I have never worked with a more accomplished musician, arranger and producer. His ability to pump life and 'hooks' into a production is incredible. He lives and breathes "HIT" and it shows every moment in his work".

"The only guy with enough balls to play country music with me at The Troubadour back before I got discovered."

RUSS & JULIE PARIS (who hold the famous LA "House Concert Series"):
"Our house concert on Saturday, May 19th with John Beland was another standing room only house concert. John put on a wonderful show! His fabulous songwriting and guitar playing were matched only by the great stories he told of his years working with musicians like Linda Ronstadt, Kris Kristofferson, The Bellemy Brothers, Kim Carnes, Mac Davis, Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Rick Nelson and of course his years with The Flying Burrito Brothers.."

AUSTIN ROBERTS (Award winning hit songwriter/artist who's written such hits as: "YOU LIE" by Reba, "I.O.U" by Lee Greenwood, "IM DRINKING CANADA DRY" by The Burrito Brothers, as well as his own top 10 hit "ROCKY":
"John Beland is a gifted guitarist, songwriter and producer, who I have had the pleasure of working with for close to 20 years. He's also one of my favorite storytellers."

SIMON MILLS (managing director of the London Music Group, the largest independent jingle company in Northern Australia.) London Music Group - great jingles!! Brilliant branding!!:
"I hired JB to play guitar on some jingles. I got the guitars but he also added new dimension to the pieces, wrote parts for other instruments and basically produced them from behind the guitar. I said to myself what am I even doing here, handed him the big chair and told him I was going to lunch, let me know when you've finished all the jingles. Trouble was, if there is a lunch on, it ain't on without JB. From this chance meeting we formed an amazing writing partnership but more importantly a Lunching partnership that has dwarfed some of the great advertising lunches of the world. John Beland has become a lifelong friend, an inspiration to write with and as lunches go, JB is an undeniable and unparalleled force."

MARG MANFIELD: (Australian contemporary Christian recording artist)
"John Beland is a gifted & brilliant man & even though I was an unknown Christian singer, John treated me like one of the many stars he has graced the studio & stage with. Everyday in the studio with John was not only mind blowing to observe his immeasurable talent, but great fun to work with a really nice bloke."
Marg Manfield - July 2003

BECKY WILLIS (one of Australia's hottest new singer / songwriters):
"Working with John Beland opened up my musical mind. He took raw, bare tunes that I brought to the production table and created them into excellently produced spot-on signatures of my personal style. His creative vision really amazed me and as a personality he is one of the warmest, kindest and funniest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

JOSH SABER (lead singer & writer for Baltimore's "September Playground":
"John is amazing to work with. As a producer he added the depth to our sound that brought our songs to life. However, more than a producer, he acted as a mentor, giving advice and direction invaluable to a young band like ours. I'd definitely work with John again."

VH1 Artists / 2004:
"The arrival of country veteran John Beland , who had played with Guilbeau in Swampwater (Linda Ronstadts first solo band "Pre-Eagles"), provided the Flying Burrito Brothers with a proven songwriter worthy of the earlier pioneering line-up."

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