featuring Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore and Darrell Cotton


Book written by Ernie G. Williams - "Learn early - have faith - dream big / Real life experiences"

Learn early - have faith - dream big This book (200 pages) tells about the history he spent as a member of "The Four Young Men"
later changed to "The Young Men Four" and a few years later "The Castaways".
But before he tells about those years, let's back up to when Ernie was just a boy.
He tells about his early life and learning how to play the guitar at age 11.
Then at the age of 18, he joined the U.S. air Force. There he met Gib Guilbeau and Darrell Cotton.
It did not take long until they formed a group and called it Darrell, Gib and Ernie".
Then as they got better and had a friend Dave Papps on drums, they changed their name to "The Hi-Flyers".
That was appropriate, as they were still in the Air Force doing their duty during the day, and their music at night!

The book tells many stories of those early years and how it was, playing music at a club called "The Buckhorn"
and at a club called "The Branding Iron" in Apple Valley, California.
As their popularity grew they would be booked at the Officers Club and N.C.O. Club on the base, as well as many night clubs around the base.
The book tells aobut after they left Air Force and how they met Wayne Moore after moving to Hollywood California (85 miles away).
They worked very hard and it wasn't long before they had a manger and a recording contract at "Crest Records"
and "American Music Publishing Co.".

Their talents continued to grow and grow until they were performing all over the state of California and a lot of places in Nevada,
including "The Castaways" club in Las Vegas. By then their records were playing on most of the radio stations
and they were doing many interviews with the DJs.

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Watch this YouTube video clip and listen to some songs from Gib, Wayne, Ernie & Darrell!

Here's a short Ernie Williams bio- and discography!


Ernie Williams met Gib Guilbeau the first day he checked onto the base at George A.F.B. in Victorville, California.
Ernie was an aircraft mechanic down on the flight line and had to work pretty hard every day fixing airplanes. Gib in contrast was a clerk in his first Sergeant office.
His hardest job was to pick up the mail at the post office and bring it back to his office.
Gib and Ernie met Darrell Cotton on the base! He was the son of Master Sergeant Cotton who was the chief steard of the N.C.O. club on the base.
Quite often they would get together and practice in one barracks or another, or even a friend's house. They soon met a guy who played lead guitar, Scotty Thompson,
and shortly after that a guy who played drums, Dave Papps. Gib, Darrell, Ernie, Scotty and Dave had a pretty good country group going.
As a group they played often around the base at various clubs, but at some point they started to get serious about singing and playing professionally.
Some of the group had been discharded from the Air Force and had left.


Darrell, Gib and Ernie recorded a single as The Hi-Flyers for the Shasta Label - "I heard an angel cry" - written by Gib, Darrell and Ernie.
Jerry Wallace played the lead guitar on that song. Later Jimmy Wakely recorded the song and it became a hit!

The Hi-Flyers

The Hi-Flyers
- THE HI-FLYERS: I heard an angel cry / They call you the lover (Shasta 118)

"I heard an angel cry" written by Guilbeau/Cotton/Williams
"They call you the lover" written by Guilbeau/Cotton/Williams/Tucker


Next they recorded two singles under the name "Darrell, Gib and Ernie".

Darrell, Gib and Ernie

Darrell, Gib and Ernie
- DARRELL, GIB and ERNIE: I goofed / Mirror mirror on the wall (Shasta 133)
- DARRELL, GIB and ERNIE: Just or unjust / Don't bet on a promise (Shasta 147)


They were sounding pretty good as time progressed and they eventually met a man from Hinkley Valley, near Barstow, California, his name was Tex Denton and he was several years older.
Before long they all formed a group and called theirselves The Hinkley Valley Boys and they soon had their own radio shows.
Band members were: Gib Guilbeau, Darrell Cotton, Ernie Williams, Doug Mack on piano, Sammy Watson on lead guitar, Blackie Taylor on steel guitar, Doug McGarrett, Marylin Blair and Tex Denton.

The Hinkley Valley Boys

You can here a live radio broadcast from 1957 on The Brothers CD which was released 2001 by Beau Town Records as a bonus track.

  • (When you feel like you're in love) Don't just stand there - performed by Gib
  • Anytime - performed by Ernie Williams
  • Rip it up - performed by Darrell Cotton


    Gib, Darrell and Ernie were looking for a lead guitarist. Wayne Moore joined the group as lead guitarist.
    Wayne's addition meant a name change for the band. THE FOUR YOUNG MEN was decided upon and the group played "variety music, folk, sort of pop".
    Later they changed their name to THE YOUNG MEN FOUR, that sounded better.

    Four Young Men / Young Men Four

    Some singles were released:

    The Four Young Men / The Young Men Four
    - BOBBY EDWARDS & FOUR YOUNG MEN: You're the reason/I'm a fool for loving you (Crest 1075)
    - FOUR YOUNG MEN: You been torturing me / See them laugh (Crest 1076)
    - FOUR YOUNG MEN: Sweetheart of senior high / Just for tonight (Crest 1083)
    - FOUR YOUNG MEN: That man Paul / Garden in the rain (Dore 621)
    - YOUNG MEN FOUR: Don't be bashful, little girl / Goodbye, bye, bye, bye (Crest 1109)
    - YOUNG MEN FOUR: Davey Jones / Once there was love (Star Delta SDR-1002)
    - YOUNG MEN FOUR: The walk / Still walkin (Star Delta SDR-1003)

    "You been torturing me" written by Darrell Cotton/Gib Guilbeau/Wayne Moore/Ernie Williams
    "See them laugh" written by Darrell Cotton/Gib Guilbeau/Wayne Moore/Ernie Williams
    "Just for tonight" written by Darrell Cotton/Gib Guilbeau/Wayne Moore/Ernie Williams
    "That man Paul" written by Darrell Cotton/Gib Guilbeau/Wayne Moore/Ernie Williams
    "Don't be bashful, little girl" written by Guilbeau/Cotton/Williams/Moore
    "Goodbye, bye, bye, bye" written by Guilbeau/Cotton/Williams/Moore

    Note: Glen Campbell plays lead guitar on a few songs!

    The group's last singles as The Young Men Four introduced them to Gary Paxton, formerly half of the Skip & Flip (Skip Battin and Gary Paxton) recording duo. Paxton was just starting his producing career and recorded the band for the Star Delta label - this label was owned by Dale Davis. This time the results had a strong folk flavor,"Once There Was Love" and "Davey Jones".

    Note: "The walk" was written by Darrell Cotton in response to the call from president JFK for everyone to walk for health. (Single says "The walk" was written by Mary A. Guilbeau, because the Four Young Men were signed to another publishing company at that time).

    Five of those songs (You been torturing me/See them laugh/Just for tonight/Don't be bashful little girl/Goodbye, bye bye) were written by Darrell Cotton, Floyd (Gib) Guilbeau, Wayne Moore & Ernie Williams. There are two more songs written by the same foursome which are all published by the same company (Presley Special Account / Unichappel Music Inc.):

  • Losing time
  • Who will it be

    Note: Jack Reeves played a song in his live shows named "Hold on to your dreams" written by Darrell Cotton, Floyd (Gib) Guilbeau, Wayne Moore & Ernie Williams.
    Jack Reeves also recorded the Four Young Men song "You been torturing me" written by Gib, Wayne, Darrell & Ernie.
    "The walk" is also available on the German rockabilly compilation CD "Party Date" released on the "Buffalo Bop" label.
    "See them laugh" and "You been torturing me" is available on a 3 CD-set with the title "Midnight Cryin' Time" (PBXCD356).
    "You're The Reason" with Bobby Edwards has hit the country chart. It gave Bobby Edwards his only top ten country hit when he took it to No. 4 in 1961 (and also to No. 11 on the pop chart). The Bobby Edwards version, originally on the "Crest" label just became available again on the Time/Life 2-CD set "Classic Country- The 60's Treasures" (R808-17). The Bobby Edwards song and "Don't be bashful, little girl" by the Four Young Men was released on a various artists CD with the title "Talk About A Party! - The Crest Records Story" (RockStar RSRCD 017). "You're the reason" is also on the album "The best of Crest Records Vol. 2 - Rockin' & Rollin'" (Rockstar LP 1003) released 1981 and also on the CD "The golden age of american rock'n'roll - Special country edition (CDCHD 845) released by Ace Records . "I'm a fool for loving you" is on the album "The best of Crest Records Vol. 1 - Can you bob" (Rockstar LP 1002) released 1980.
    The song " Goodbye bye bye" was later re-recorded by Gib with "THE DUDES" under the title "Let's not pretend anymore" with different arrangement and tempo!

    Jimmy Bowen (yes, the famous Nashville producer!!!) recorded a single with The Four Young Men which was released 1961 and recorded at "Gold Star":

    - JIMMY BOWEN & THE FOUR YOUNG MEN: Don't drop it/Somebody to love (Crest 1085)

    Note: "Don't drop it" is also on the album "The best of Crest Records Vol. 2 - Rockin' & Rollin'" (Rockstar LP 1003) released 1981. "Somebody to love" is on the album "The best of Crest Records Vol. 1 - Can you bob" (Rockstar LP 1002) released 1980.


    Soon after the last single release the FOUR YOUNG MEN were looking for a more contemporary name and became THE CASTAWAYS a country type band who played the Nevada Casino circuit and the Pacific North - West.
    They had to play some show music like "Around the world" and "Pennies from heaven" and "That old black magic", but when the owners weren't looking,
    they used to play a lot of cajun music. They played bluegrass, some country stuff and even a little jazz.
    The Castaways recorded another folk single with Paxton for Star Delta the lable, "Poor Boy's Dream", "Run Charlie Run".
    This record attracted the attention of Gene Norman's GNP Crescendo label and the Castaways were subsequently signed by the company.
    Jackie DeShannon produced the first single for GNP by the Castaways,"Wild Boy" a Phil Everly composition backed with a Guilbeau - Moore novelty tune, "Tarzan".
    This release was followed by a second single, the oft-recorded, "Mack The Knife" with Phil Knuckles' "Pass It Around" on the B side.

    The Castaways

    The Castaways
    - CASTAWAYS: Poor boy's dream / Run Charlie run (Star Delta 1004)
    - CASTAWAYS: Wild boy / Tarzan (GNP 302)
    - CASTAWAYS: Mack the knife / Pass it around (GNP 320)

    Note: "Poor boy's dream/Run Charlie run" was also released in Canada on "London Records".
    "Mack the knife/Pass it around" was produced by Lee Hazelwood.

    At this point in time, Ernie had gotten married and his wife and he wanted to move back to Utah and start a family.
    But before Ernie left Ernie wanted to help train a new man that would replace him, his name was Gene Parsons. Gene could play Ernie's bass and his uniform fit him pretty good.
    With a few adjustments, he sounded good with the other guys.

    40 years later - THE BROTHERS

    From July to September 2001 Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Darrell Cotton & Ernie Williams recorded again together.

    The Brothers

    They recorded some old classic songs like "That'll be the day", "It's only make believe", "Only the lonely", "Danny boy", "Peggy Sue" and many, many more.
    They also re-recorded three songs which were released by the "Four Young Men" and "The Castaways" in the early 60's.
    Bonus track is a live radio broadcast from 1957, The Hinkley Valley Boys featuring Darrell, Gib and Ernie!

    The Brothers album The Brothers
    - THE BROTHERS: Children of the fifties (Beau Town Records BEA 225003)
    The Brothers are: Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau, Darrell Cotton & Ernie Williams.
    Guests: Albert Lee, Ray Tapia.
    Produced by Gib Guilbeau & Darrell Cotton.
    Arranged by Wayne, Gib, Darrell & Ernie

    Track list:

  • We shall rise above it all (Guilbeau/Beland)
  • Poor boy's dream (Guilbeau/Moore/Cotton/Williams)
  • That'll be the day (Holly/Allison/Petty)
  • It's only make believe (Twitty/Nance)
  • Blue blue day (Gibson)
  • Teen angel (Surrey)
  • You've been torturing me (Guilbeau/Moore/Cotton/Williams)
  • You're the reason (Edwards/Henley/Imes/Fell)
  • Only the lonely (Orbison/Melson)
  • Singing the blues (Ensley)
  • Ashes of love (Anglin/Anglin/Wright)
  • Donna (Valens)
  • Just before dawn (Miller/Aldridge)
  • Young love (Joyner/Cartney)
  • Danny boy (public domain)
  • Peggy Sue (Holly/Allison/Petty)
  • Indian love call (Friml/Hammerstein II/Harbach)
       Bonus Track:
  • Hinkley Valley Boys - Live radio broadcast 1957
       featuring Darrell, Gib and Ernie

  • The Brothres

    2004 - Recording & Producing

    2004 Ernie recorded and produced a CD with the title "The Flavor Of Cache Valley".
    This CD includes four tracks by Ernie Williams, but it's not just Ernie on this CD, it's also Darrell Cotton (two songs), Wayne Moore (tow songs) and songs from Ernie's friends.
    One song performed by Ernie is about the history of "The Four Young Men / Young Men Four".

    The Flavor Of Cache Valley ERNIE WILLIAMS
    - ERNIE WILLIAMS Presents: The Flavor Of Cache Valley
    feat. Ernie Williams
    Wayne Moore
    Darrell Cotton
    Colleen Shaffer
    Roger Berger
    Jamie Prince
    Kevin Falslev

    Track list:

  • Darrell Cotton: U.S. Highway
  • Ernie Williams: My Donna
  • Wayne Moore: I want to live my ife with Jesus
  • Colleen Shaffer: Gone crazy, be back soon
  • Roger Berger and Jamie Prince: I
  • Kevin Falslev: Girls call me Hank
  • Ernie Williams: Hanna
  • Colleen Shaffer: Heart check
  • Ernie Williams: Old country living
  • Kevin Falslev: What am I doing in L.A.
  • Roger Berger and Jamie Prince: Needle in a haystack
  • Wayne Moore: Walk and talk with Jesus
  • Darrell Cotton: My Robin (written by Gib Guilbeau)
  • Ernie Williams: Young Men Four

  • Ernie Williams


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