Grace Mountain Music


Wayne Moore

Walk And Talk With Jesus

1. I Want To Live My Life For Jesus
2. The Little Church
3. Yesterdays Dream
4. If You Think He Don't Love You
5. I'll Meet You In Heaven
6. His Love
7. Written On The Stone
8. Jesus Is My Lord
9. Out Of The Blue
10. Walk And Talk With Jesus
11. Train Of Life
12. Grace Mountain (Instrumental)

    Troy Hope
    Chuck Moore
    Gib Guilbeau
    Eric White
    Duke Weddington
Walk and talk with Jesus

"Wayne Moore, formerly of The Reasons aka Nashville West,
whose members included Clarence White, Gene Parsons and Gib Guilbeau
goes back to his Bluegrass roots with this exciting new release
of all original Christian Bluegrass songs."

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