31. March 2011: Ernie Williams wrote a book about the early years.
16. Feb. 2010: Wayne honored a "Kentucky Colonel".
20. Jan. 2009: Unreleased studio recording by Nashville West aka The Reasons on new Clarence White CD "White Lightnin'" (Sierra Records).
19. Aug. 2008: Brand new Wayne Moore CD "Railroad Vol. 3" available soon.
26. April 2007: Jack Reeves: The Original Singles 1968-1976 - CDR with Nashville West on 2 songs (Riverbottom single).
26. April 2007: Jack Reeves remembers when he met Gib, Wayne, Clarence and Gene.
26. Jan. 2007: 2007 music news.
06. Nov. 2005: Wayne's CD #1 online at mp3tunes.com.
26. June 2005: Wayne's CD "Walk and talk with Jesus" on the IBMA reference list of eligible recorded product.
25. June 2005: Picture of The Reasons aka Nashville West and old napkins from the Nashville West Club.
27. Sept. 2004: Picture of Nite Rider 2004. (Thanks to Bill Kelley)
17. Sept. 2004: Picture of The Reasons with Jack Reeves. (Thanks to Wayne Moore)
16. Sept. 2004: Pics of Wanye, Ernie, Gib & Darrell. (Thanks to Ernie Williams & Wayne Moore)
09. May 2004: Another Big Beat release of recordings with Wanye Moore & The Nashville West band.
20. March 2004: CD with Wanye's son Troy Hope & Ronnie Guilbeau (with Wayne).
19. Feb. 2004: New Bruce Oakes CD with Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau, Clarence White, Gene Parsons etc ...
03. Feb. 2004: Picture of Wayne & Jack Reeves from the early 70s.
05. Dec. 2003: Picture of Nite Rider band with Wayne Moore, Bill Kelley etc ...
27. Oct. 2003: Picture of Wayne and The Peasall Sisters.
21. Oct. 2003: CD re-release of the Gosdin Brothers Sounds of goodbye album with bonus tracks.
13. July 2003: New pics of Wayne Moore.
24. May 2003: BRAND NEW WAYNE MOORE SOLO CD with Gib Guilbeau, Eric White etc ...
13. Feb. 2003: Clarence White CD with Wayne Moore singing lead vocals on three songs.
1. Dec. 2002: Picture of Wayne.
20. Nov. 2002: New Gib Guilbeau solo CD with Wayne Moore.
1. Nov. 2002: A lot of pics with Wayne from Gib Guilbeau's 65th birthday party.
14. Oct. 2002: Pictures from Gib Guilbeau's 65th birthday party with Wayne Moore.
21. Sept. 2002: Wayne visited Gary Paxton.
20. Sept. 2002: Picture and infos about Wayne with Herb Steiner, Garland Frady etc ....

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