The Castaways (1963-1966)

Soon after the last single release the FOUR YOUNG MEN were looking for a more contemporary name and became the CASTAWAYS a country type band who played the Nevada Casino circuit and the Pacific North - West.

The Castaways

"The Castaways"
Gib, Darrell, Ernie & Wayne

They had to play some show music like "Around the world" and "Pennies from heaven" and "That old black magic", but when the owners weren't looking, they used to play a lot of cajun music. They played bluegrass, some country stuff and even a little jazz.

Bassist Ernie Williams decided to leave the music business and returned to Salt Lake City. Gib Guilbeau immediately called an aquaintance of his, Gene Parsons, a part-time banjo player from Yucca Valley, CA. who was working in a machine shop. Gib met Gene one year before Gene became the bass player of the Castaways. Gib explained to his friend that the Castaways required another musician, but Gene didn't realize he was to become the group's bassist until he showed up at Gib's house. With Gib's encouragement, Gene managed to pick up the bass in time to do a series of gigs in Nevada.

The Castaways recorded a folk single with Paxton for Star Delta the lable, "Poor Boy's Dream", "Run Charlie Run". This record attracted the attention of Gene Norman's GNP Crescendo label and the Castaways were subsequently signed by the company. Jackie DeShannon produced the first single for GNP by the Castaways,"Wild Boy" a Phil Everly composition backed with a Guilbeau - Moore novelty tune, "Tarzan". This release was followed by a second single, the oft-recorded, "Mack The Knife" with Phil Knuckles' "Pass It Around" on the B side.

The band members were: Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Darrell Cotton (and in the beginning Ernie Williams, he left soon).
Boyd Bilbo and Michael Cannon - both drummers from California - worked off and on with the Castaways on the road, mostly in the Nevada area but did not record with the band. Sometimes Gene Parsons played on the road with the Castaways.

The band cut several singles. On some songs GIB played drums, Wayne lead guitar and Darrell rhythm guitar (but Gene Parsons did NOT play on any Castaways singles!):

Castaways single Castaways singles Castaways single
- CASTAWAYS: Poor boy's dream / Run Charlie run (Star Delta 1004)
- CASTAWAYS: Wild boy / Tarzan (GNP 302)

- CASTAWAYS: Mack the knife / Pass it around (GNP 320)

Note: James Burton played on "Tarzan" and Glen D. Hardin played on a couple of things too.

Note: "Poor boy's dream/Run Charlie run" was also released in Canada on "London Records".


"The Castaways"
Gib, Wayne, Darrell & Ernie

The CASTAWAYS produced together with Gary Paxton the single:

Produced by Gary Paxton and the Castaways
- EDDY AKRIDGE: You're still the shadow / I can't stop (Star Delta 1005)

The Castaways also played on the Eddy Akridge single:

Eddy Akridge and the Castaways
- EDDY AKRIDGE: One-a-day multiple heartache / Thinking of you again (Star Delta 1007)

This single reached the top 50 list in the "National Charts" 1963.

Note: Eddy Akridge began a rodeo career at the age of 16 and was inducted into the "National Cowboy Hall of Fame" in Oklahoma City 1999. 1955 Eddy Akridge won the bareback championchip infront of 106.000 people!

During this period the Castaways also recorded as THE DUDES for the Gaiety label because some members just wanted to record under a different name. The single was produced by Gary Paxton, the masters were leased from Gary Paxton by Don Grashey for his Gaiety label. Gaiety was a North American operation that had releases in both the US and in Canada. It was based in Southern Califorina where Don Grashey lived at the time.
The results were little more country sounding despite the electric twelve-string present.

Dudes single One single was released 1966:

The Dudes single
- THE DUDES: Let's not pretend anymore / What a relief it's all over (Gaiety 112)
"Let's not pretend anymore" was written by Guilbeau/Cotton/Moore.
"What a relief, it's all over" written by Guilbeau/Cotton.

Note: The Gaiety label belonged to Don Grashey. Don is a Canadian from Thunder Bay, Ontario. He also owned the Zero label among others. One of his claims to fame is discovering Loretta Lynn singing in Vancouver, British Columbia. He worked a lot in Hollywood, at Gold Star Studios in particular.

This single was also released on the Belgian "Franky" label (FR 111) with a picture sleeve. It was also released on "South Africa Continental" (PD.9154) and on the Australian "W&G" label (WG-S-2612).

Note: On the Dudes single is written "The Dudes - Music by The Hudson Hornets". Gary Paxton lived on Hudson Street in Hollywood, that's where he came up with the name "Hudson Hornets" as a name for the band.

While playing in Alaska, the Castaways parted company. Folk and pop music had run its course by the mid-1960's and groups like the Castaways were finding fewer gigs for their style of music.

Gib and Wayne Moore returned to their rock and country roots when they recored as a duo for Starfire in 1965.

Starfire single Gib & Wayne single Sabra
- GIB & WAYNE: World of dreams / Stagger Lee (Starfire 100)
Produced by Dale Davis

also released as:
- DAVID & JONATHAN: World of dreams / Stagger Lee (Sabra SF 3743)

Note: Wayne wrote "World of dreams" while touring with the Castaways.

Note: "World of dreams" was also released on a "Gib Guilbeau & Gene Parsons" CD with the title "Louisiana Rain". This CD has also a few tracks with Wayne on bass and harmony vocals.

Note: "World of dreams" was also recorded by Lyn McEachern (actually The Plague - Lyn McEachern was their vocalist) released on C.M.I. Records (CMI 1002).
The Plague had been down for a recording session at Gold Star studios with Don Grashey once before. This one was recorded at their second session there. A major label offered them a recording contract, but they only wanted Lyn McEachern, and just at the same time Lyn had decided to give up the touring and leave the group, so the contract was never signed. Grashey did put out the record on his own C.M.I. record after returning tho his home town of Port Arthur / Fort William (which became Thunder Bay when the two cities amalgamated).

Like the other members of the Castaways, however, Wayne and Gib soon put music aside for a time during 1965-66. Wayne went in a shipyard, Gib returned to Louisiana, Gene Parsons returned to working as a machinist and Darrell Cotton drifted away from the music scene.

Wayne had gone to Indiana in 1966 but he soon decided to give music another try in the Golden State and his arrival back in the L.A. area prompted an offer from Gib to join a new band.

Note: A song with the title "Private Invastigator" written by Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau and Darrell Cottonwas sung by Donnie (Dean) Hinson and was recorded by Gary Paxton in his studio in Hollywood. Writer credits on the single are Gib and Darrell Cotton, Wayne Moore's credits are not mentioned! This record was released on "Gaiety 119". Flip side is "Clap Happy" an instrumental written by Paxton and credited to The Sounds Spectorious.

Note: "The Four Young Men" recorded that song "Private Investigator" under the title "The FBI" but was never released.

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