Pat Dailey: Looking back

Looking back

This is the Pat Dailey: Looking back album.

Pat Dailey: vocals, 12string and acoustic guitar
Gib Guilbeau: fiddle
Al Perkins: dobro, pedal steel guitar
Alex Bevan: acoustic guitar
Martin Block: bass
Patrick Bolen: acoustic and electric guitar
Fontaine Brown: harmonica
Ron Jarvis: bass
Dennis Jones: fiddle
Roy King: percussion
David Krauss: harmonica
Jim Mandell: piano
Tim Pierce: guitar
Mike Reid: guitar
Rod Reisman: drums
Danny Sheridan: bass
Joe Smith: guitar (Electric)
Sarah Smith: background vocals
Steve Sykes: electric guitar

Track list:

Travlin' Guitar Man
Wiskey Morning
Put In Bay - Original
I'm Hungry
North Of California '59
Get Your Ass To Cleveland
Flight 121
Legend Of The Lake
Curt's Song
Davis Besse
Queen Of The Roundhouse
Walleye - Live
What You Got Against Fish
After The Fire
Old Conch Town
Great Dog Convention
Eye Doctor
What Goes Around
Song Writer's Lament
Great Lakes Song
Put In Bay

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