Meridian Green: In the heart of this town

Meridian Green

This is the Meridian Green: In the heart of this town album.

Produced by Meridian Green, Gene Parsons and Bill Bottrell


Meridian Green: high-strung guitar, vocals
Gene Parsons: acoustic & electric guitar, banjo, pedal steel, bass, drums, harmony vocals
Gib Guilbeau: fiddle on "The Lorax (in Laytonville)"
Michael Hubbert: uilleann bagpipe
Bill Bottrell: mandocello, B3 organ, harmony vocals
Dan Schwartz: bass
Lily Parsons: harmony vocals
Ales deGrassi: guitar
Paul McCandless: english horn
Marcie Brown: cello
Spencer Brewer: synthesizer
Michael Hubbert: clarinet, saxophone

Track list:

Listen to the thunder (Jane Gillman)
Birds fly south (Meridian Green)
Just away (Meridian Green/Gene Parsons/Lenny Laks)
The Lorax (in Laytonville) (Meridian Green)
Sarah Lou (Meridian Green/Gene Parsons)

Son for Sienna (Meridian Green)
Come on wind (Meridian Green/Gene Parsons)
Where does time go? (Meridian Green)
Abilene (Bob Gibson/Loudermilk/Brown)
Hometown (Meridian Green)

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