A treasury of American railroad songs, ballads and folklore

Treasury of railroad songs

This is the A treasury of American railroad songs, ballads and folklore album.

Gib Guilbeau and Wayne Moore are music directors of this album!

Produced by Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Marty Cooper, Rick Cunha, Dale Davis, Greg Harris and Larry Robinson

Gib Guilbeau
Wayne Moore
Greg Harris
Maxine Anderson
Pamela Berry
Marty Cooper
Rick Cunha
Shawn Davis
Bence Higman
John Jarvis
Bill Kernodle
Roy Langston
Greg Leisz
Rick Littlefield
Mike Masters
Jamie Olsen
Wille Ornelis
Dennis Parker
Larry Robinson
Art Rodriguez
Jerry Swallow

Track list and lead vocals:
Frisco's Tommy Tucker - Wayne Moore (Bill Bain)
Burlington Zypher - Rick Cunha and Marty Cooper (Cooper)
The Canonball - GIB GUILBEAU and Wayne Moore (unknown)
Nivisky - Larry Robinson (Foster)
Old horny toad - Wayne Moore (Foster)
City of New Orleans - Larry Robinson (Goodman)
Greenlight on the southern - Wayne Moore (Rice)
Cajun train - GIB GUILBEAU (Cunha)
John Santa Fe - Greg Harris (Foster)
Pan American boogie - Rick Cunha and Marty Cooper (Delmore/Delmore)
Old train - Wayne Moore (Pedersen/Pedersen)
Wabash Canonball - GIB GUILBEAU (Kindt)
North coast daylight - Larry Robinson and Bill Kernodle (Kernodle/Robinson)
The night they drove old Dixie down - Jamie Olsen (Robertson)
Lordburg ladies - GIB GUILBEAU (Bohanon)
Greenville trestle - Wayne Moore (Jett)
Orange Blossom special - Greg Harris (Rouse)
Ballad of the Frisco - Wayne Moore (Monroe)
Verde valley line - Mike Masters (Bohanon)
Hobos lullaby - Jamie Olsen (Reeves)

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