Sneaky Pete Kleinow: Sneaky Pete

Sneay Pete

This is the Sneaky Pete Kleinow: Sneaky Pete album.

Produced by Dale Davis and Gene Humphrey.

Songs from the "Sneaky Pete" album with Gib Guilbeau are also on
the Sneaky Pete Kleinow CD "The Legend & the Legacy"

Sneay Pete legend

This is the Sneaky Pete Kleinow: The Legend & the Legacy CD.


Sneaky Pete Kleinow: pedal steel guitar, vocals
Gib Guilbeau: fiddle, vocals
Greg Harris: guitar
Skip Battin: bass
Gene Parsons: drums
Jamie Faunt: bass
Mickey McGee: drums
Charlie Harwood: keyboards
Connie Williams: vocals
Ed Ponder: drums
Bobby Cochran: guitar

Side one:

Canonball Rag (traditional)
Love Of The Common People (Hurley/Wilkins)
Leaning On Your Love (Peter Kleinow/Connie Williams)
Sleepy Lagoon (Coates/Lawrence)
California And You (Peter Kleinow)

Side two:

Beat The Heat (Peter Kleinow)
Oklahoma Stomp (traditional)
Trains In The Station (Peter Kleinow /Gib Guilbeau/Connie Williams)
Bad Seed (Peter Kleinow)
Hanalei (Peter Kleinow)

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