Flying Burrito Brothers: Southern tracks

Southern tracks front

This is the Flying Burrito Brothers: Southern tracks album
Album contains only Gib Guilbeau and John Beland solo recordings

Gib Guilbeau: fiddle, vocals
John Beland: electric and acoustic guitar, vocals
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: steel guitar

Guest artists:
Rick Lanow: drums
James Hooker: piano
Ronnie Guilbeau: guitar
Alan Jones: bass
Ron Christie: keyboards
David Humphries: drums
Larry Patton: bass

Track list:
Crazy horses (R. Guilbeau/J. Beland/G. Guilbeau)
Born for honky tonkin' (A. Jones/G. Guilbeau)
Armed and dangerous (A. Jones/G. Guilbeau)
Shelly's little girl (D. Blackwell/J. Beland)
Thunder road (J. Beland)
Matchbox (C. Perkins)
She's your lover now (J. Beland)
Love minus zero (no limit) (Bob Dylan)
They want to hang a bad boy (A. Jones/G. Guilbeau)
My believing heart (D. Blackwell/J. Beland)
Christine's tune - recorded live (C. Hilllman/G. Parsons)
My bucket's got a hole in it - recorded live (H. Williams)

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