Doug Dillard '81          

Doug & Rodney Dillard (Part 5)

The 80's, 90's and New Millenium

1980 - 1981


Doug, Rodney and John Hartford joined up for a second Dillard - Hartford - Dillard album:

- DILLARD-HARTFORD-DILLARD: Permanent Wave (Flying Fish FF 233)
With Doug Dillard, Rodney Dillard and John Hartford.
Guests Amos Garrett, Phil Aaberg, Mac Cridlin, Scott Matthews, Michael Melford
Samm Bennett, Greg Selker, Linda Dillard, Ginger Blake and Laura Creamer.
Produced by Michael Melford.



Rodney with Scruggs

Earl Scruggs & Rodney

Rodney Dillard with Earl Scruggs

Rodney Dillard, Dean Webb and Earl Scruggs teamed up together for an extended tour.

Doug Dillard

Doug Dillard went to Malta to appear in Robert Altman's movie "Popeye", which starred Robin Williams and had songs by Harry Nilsson. Doug had a speaking part this time, as the character "Farmer Clem". Released on Boardwalk records (SWAL 36880). The basic tracks were recorded on location in Malta by "The Falcons" (Ray Cooper, Doug Dillard, Harry Nilsson, Van Dyke Parks, Klaus Voormann, and The Mysterious Karsten). Harry wrote all of the songs except for "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man".



Also this year Doug and Jack Hoffmann collaborated together to produce a textbook, "The Bluegrass Banjo Style Of Douglas Flint Dillard". The book includes the fundamental instructions for bluegrass banjo pickers, left hand techniques and the sheet music for many of the Dillards' most popular tunes.

1982 - 1983

The Dillards



Rodney settled down in Branson. For the next six years Rodney, his new wife Beverly and Dean Webb performed together at the "Silver Dollar City" amphitheater. Rodney kept the Dillards with various members alive.

Doug Dillard Band

Doug Dillard reformed the Doug Dillard Band in 1983 with various members over the years. Only Ginger Boatwright was a permanent member of the band. Other members were Kathy Chiavola, Billy Constable, Roger Rasnake and David Grier.

Rodney Dillard with Earl Scruggs

Rodney Dillard appeared on two songs of the Earl Scruggs album:

- EARL SCRUGGS: Top Of The World (Columbia PC38295)

  • Sittin' On Top Of The World - Rodney lead vocals
  • Carolina Star - Rodney lead vocals

    Other songs done by "The Burrito Brothers" (with Gib Guilbeau and John Beland), Ricky Skaggs and Lacy J. Dalton and two instrumentals.

    Dillard, Hoppers & Friends

    Also 1983 Rodney was in a group named "Dillard, Hoppers & Friends". Lonnie Hoppers is a fine banjo player from Missouri who once played with Bill Monroe!

  • Rodney and Earl

    Rodney & Earl Scruggs


    The Dillards

    The Dillards recorded an album with new members Steve Cooley, Rick McEwen and Ric Williams in Nashville to be sold only at "Silver Dollar City":

    - THE DILLARDS: Silver Dollar Jubilee (Silver Dollar City 100)
    With Rodney Dillard, Dean Webb, Steve Cooley, Rick McEwen and Ric Williams.
    Guests: Beverly Cotten Dillard, Annette Carlton, Greg Allen, D.A. Callaway and Charles Cochran.



    The Dillards at Silver Dollar City

    Rodney Dillard

    Rodney Dillard recorded a solo album for Flying Fish:

    - RODNEY DILLARD: At Silver Dollar City (Flying Fish FF 369)
    With Rodney Dillard, Dean Webb, Steve Cooley, Rick McEwen and Ric Williams.
    Guests: D.A. Callaway, Annette Calton, Fred Carpenter and Beverly Cotten Dillard.
    Produced by Rodney Dillard and Bob Millsap.


    Doug Dillard Band

    Doug Dillard Band

    Doug Dillard Band

    In 1986 Doug released his next album for Flying Fish, "What's That?". The group still included Ginger, but also included Roger Rasnake and David Grier.

    - DOUG DILLARD BAND: What's That? (Flying Fish FF 377)
    With Doug Dillard, Roger Rasnake, Ginger Boatwright and David Grier.
    Guests: Bobby Clark, Vassar Clemments, Rodney Dillard, Pat Flynn, David Grisman, Mark Howard, Joe Osborne, John Probst, Buddy Spicher and Gordon Stinson.
    Produced by Doug Dillard and Rodney Dillard.

    Doug  at Gram Fest 1986

    Gram Parsons Tribute in Nashville 1986
    R. White/D. Dillard/David Grier/Bob James

    Rodney Dillard

    Rodney Dillard records for "Silver Dollard Records" in Branson one single:

    - RODNEY DILLARD: Beam me up, Scotty (Silver Dollar Records SDR 7005 A)
    Produced by Bob Millsap and Rodney Dillard.


    Doug Dillard Band

    The line-up was still in place in 1988 when the album "Heartbreak Hotel" was released:

    - DOUG DILLARD BAND: Heartbreak Hotel (Flying Fish FF 477)
    With Doug Dillard, Roger Rasnake, Ginger Boatwright, David Gried and Jonathan Yudkin.
    Produced by Rodney Dillard.

    The album garnered a Grammy nonination in the bluegrass category!

    Note: Both albums ("What's That?" and "Heartbreak Hotel") were released on one CD in 1993 by Flying Fish Records (FF70477).

    The Original Dillards

    In May 1988 the original line-up with actor Denver Pyle, who played "Briscoe Darling" in "The Andy Griffith Show" got back together on TNN's "Nashville Now".


    Dillards 1989

    Steve Cooley, Rodney, Mitch, Dean & Doug

    The Original DILLARDSText

    Dean, Mitch, Doug & Rodney


    Doug (in Leeds)
    (by Stan Laundon)

    The Original Dillards



    The Original Dillards reunited for the "Andy Griffith Show" special, a made-for-television movie: "Return To Mayberry"! This was an amazing undertaking. Twenty years had passed since the Dilllards made their final appearance on the show as The Darling Boys, The film received the season's highest rating for a made-for-TV movie and at the time became the seventh highest-rated made-for-TV movie of all time.

    John McEuen (ex-member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) asked Rodney if he could have four days of the Dillards' time to make an attempt at capturing the spirit and raw energy of the Dillards on film. The project became a labor of love for McEuen and fellow friends and fans of the Dillards. The eighty-minute video "A Night At The Ozark" - also available on DVD on Varese Sarabende - features nineteen songs:

    - THE DILLARDS: A Night At The Ozarks (Hendrin HEN 2334)
    With Doug Dillard, Rodney Dillard, Dean Webb, Mitch Jayne and Steve Cooley.
    Guests: Beverly Cotton Dillard, Homer Dilllard, Ginger Boatwright and the people of Salem.
    Produced and directed by John McEuen.
    Written by John McEuen, Rodney Dillard and Mitch Jayne.


    The Original Dillards



    The thirtieth anniversary of "The Andy Griffith Show" provided another infusion of interest in the Dillards plus Steve Cooley. Originally the group had agreed to play four concerts. The number of concert dates grew to eight, then twelve and upward, until finally the Dillards played one hundred and thirty-two dates, including performances in Great Britain and Japan.


    Rodney, Steve
    Dean & Mitch

    The Dillards

    For the next Dillards album Herb Pedersen (at this time member of the "Desert Rose Band") came back for the recordings:

    - THE DILLARDS: Let It Fly (Vanguard VHD 79 460)
    With Rodney Dillard, Dean Webb, Mitch Jayne and Steve Cooley.
    Guests: Herb Pedersen, Byron Berline, Bill Bryson, Ric Williams, Scott MacPherson, Tom Brumley and Bob Warford.
    Produced by Herb Pedersen.

    The song "Darlin Boys" garnered the band a Grammy nomination!
    After the recordings for that album Herb Pedersen went back to the "Desert Rose Band".




    Rodney Dillard

    Rodney released his second solo album:

    - RODNEY DILLARD: Let The Rough Side Drag (Flying Fish FF 70 537)
    With Rodney Dillard, Steve Cooley, Rick McEwen and Ric Williams.
    Guests: Gary Smith, Fred Carpenter, Dave Milligan, Mitch Kiersey and Beverly Cotton Dillard.
    Produced by Rodney Dillard.

    The same year Rodney became Vice President of Creative Productions and serves as Production Executive for a subsidary Patch Entertainment.




    The Dillards

    The (until now) last Dillards album was released:

    - THE DILLARDS: Take Me Along For The Ride (Vanguard VCD 79 464)
    With Rodney Dillard, Dean Webb, Steve Cooley and Mitch Jayne.
    Guests: Gary Smith, Mark Pearman, Jeff Jarvis, Jeff Donachy, Darren Novotny, Benny Wood and Suzan Tilbury.
    Produced by Rodney Dillard and Steve Cooley.


    Dean, Mitch, Rodney & Steve


    Rodney Dillard

    Rodney and wife Beverly Dillard (as "The Ozarks") perform the song "Rolling Stone" on the soundtrack for the mini-series "The Wild West" produced by John McEuen. Beverly Dillard performs another song "Cluck Old Hen".


    Rodney Dillard

    Patch Entertainment acquired Caravell Studio in Branson, where Rodney's duties include production coordinator, studio manager and studio overseer for Patch, along with working in artist development.

    The Dillards

    1995 Vanguard Records released a compilation CD with songs of the last two Dillards albums:

    - THE DILLARDS: The Best Of The Darlin' Boys (Vanguard 506-2)


    Here are pictures from the Original Dillards when they played in Guthrie, Oklahoma in Oct. 1998. Picture right is with John Hartford and Barry Patton (Byron Berline's nephew) playing bones.

    Original Dillards

    The Original Dillards
    Dean, Rodney, Mitch & Doug

            Dillards & Hartford

            The Original Dillards with
            Barry Patton & John Hartford

    The Original Dillards performed also together with Byron Berline at the 2nd Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival in October 1998.

    Picture left again the Original Dillards in August 1999 with Carsten Panduro of "Tonder Festival" in Denmark.

    Original Dillards

    Doug, Mitch, Panduro, Rodney & Dean


            Doug Dillard

    The New Millenium



    The Dillard/Haynes Band

    Rod's family

    Rodney, Rachel & Beverly Dillard

    2000 Rodney Dillard teamed up with Bruce Haynes, a Grammy and Dove award nominated singer-songwriter with eight No. 1 Christian hits under his belt. They recorded an album and released it as:

    - THE DILLARD/HAYNES BAND: There goes the neighborhood (Varese Sarabande 302 066 206 2)
    With Rodney Dillard, Bruce Haynes, Jimmy Ponders, David Creech
    Tim Crouch, Danny Yancy, Jarrett Dougherty.
    Produced by Rodney Dillard and Bruce Haynes.

    Beverly Cotten-Dillard feat. The Dillards

    Rodney's wife Beverly Cotten-Dillard released a CD with The Dillards as special guests:

    - Beverly Cotten-Dillard: Banjo pickin' girl (Selfreleased)
    With Beverly Cotten-Dillard, Rodney Dillard, Doug Dillard, Dean Webb and others.

    2000 Rodney Dillard recorded a new solo CD with the title "Roots of Gospel":

    - RODNEY DILLARD: Roots Of Gospel (Rodney Dillard Music CD-2002))
    With Rodney Dillard ...

    Doug Dillard songbook

    Doug songbook

    Doug's songbook

    Long-awaited songbook by Doug Dillard contains exact transcriptions in banjo tablature that capture the unique playing style of Douglas Dillard.

    This fantastic collection includes all of his best-loved tunes, from the Andy Griffith Show, from his many great years of recording as the original Dillards, and from his solo banjo albums and his releases with The Doug Dillard Band.

    The Dillards and Arlo Guthrie

    The Dillards & Arlo Guthrie

    Features more than 20 tunes in G tuning, C tuning amd G modal tuning, including classics such as: Cripple Creek · Hickory Hollow · Jamboree · John Henry · Old Joe Clark · Buckin' Mule · and more.

    The Dillards

    The Dillards performed with Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger at the Carnegie Hall on Nov. 30th 2002.
    Guthrie plans to release an album of timeless songs by Woody Guthrie with special guests The Dillards.
    This album was released 2008 on Rising Son Records with the title "32 Cents" (more info later - 2008 section).
    Millstream Records released a double CD-sampler with one track from that album "Do-Re-Mi".

    Rodney Dillard

    Doug and Rodney

    Doug and Rodney

    Rodney Dillard sings the Dillards song "There is a time" (written by Rodney Dillard and Mitch Jayne) on the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band album "Will the circle be unbroken - Part 3". The Dillards recorded that song 1964 for their album "Live!!! Almost!!!.

    The Dillards 2002

    The original Dillards - 2002

    July 2003 Beatball Records released the Dillards "Decade Waltz" album from 1979 on CD with great booklet and complete album discography (band and solo)!

    Rodney Dillard produced an album 2003 for Albert E. Brumley, Jr. with the title "I'll fly away". Musicians on that album are: Tim Crouch, Boone Carlon, Steve Bush, Randall George, Dean Holman, Bruce Haynes & Jimmy Ponder. This CD was released by "Copper Creek" records.

    2004 Rodney Dillard released a self-produced solo CD with the title "I Wish Life Was Like Mayberry". This recent release is taylor-made for Mayberry fans. That's 8 outstanding tracks of Mayberry and Mayberry-esque music, plus a final track with Rodney's personal reflections about what it means to have a Mayberry life. Also a must for Dillard fans. The album was recorded in Branson, MO and has Rodney's son Brian Dillard on harmony vocals.

    - RODNEY DILLARD: I wish life was like Mayberry (Mayberry)
    With Rodney Dillard, Steve Bush, Tim Crouch, Boone Carlin
    Rondal George, Rick McEwen and Rodney's son Brian Dillard.
    Produced by Rodney Dillard.

    Summer 2004 Doug & Rodney Dillard performed together at several events from California to Kentucky to North Carolina and beyond.

    Dillards songbook

    Dillards songbook

    Note: Dillards founding member Dean Webb has recorded a new CD with his group "MISSOURI BOAT RIDE". Songs recorded on that album are: Man of constant sorrow, Old home place, Old train, Old and in the way, How mountain girls can love, Back to the old home etc ... .

    Note: 2004 "Elektra Records" has released a double CD including three Dillards albums and two singles: "Pickin' and fiddlin'" with Byron Berline, "Wheatstraw suite" and "Copperfields" and 2 singles as bonus tracks which were recorded for "Capitol Records" in 1965.

    Note: May 2005 a Dillards compilation CD with 29 tracks from 1963-1979 was released: "The Dillards: Let the music flow - The best of 1963-79" (RVCD197).

    Rodney & Beverly

    Rodney & Beverly Dillard

    Spring 2005 "Centerstream Publishing" released a Dillards songbook "THIS IS THE TIME - The Dillards Songbook Collection". Featuring the classic songs, celebrating 40 years of great Bluegrass. Book includes a foreword by Mitch Jayne and Rodney Dillard, a discography of The Dillards and 26 songs like "Dooley", "Old home place", "There is a time", "Ebo Walker" and many others!

    Rodney & Beverly Dillard recorded a new CD "Heaven":

    - RODNEY and BEVERLY DILLARD: Heaven (Selfreleased)
    With Rodney & Beverly Dillard
    Steve Bush, Lee Hendrix, George Giddens and Greg Roller.

    2005 Rodney released a CD with old material (from the early 60s) under the title "The Dillards - Doug and Rodney: The lost years".

    Another new released CD with Rodney Dillard (no music!!!!) is the Mayberry Moments - Volume 1. Rodney takes a look back at episodes of the "Andy Griffith Show" and the great moral and life lessons they taught. From the archives of the popular radio show, hosted by Rodney Dillard, "Mayberry Minute" which ran nationally for 3 years.

    2006 - 2007

    Here are some pics (from Connie Cook) of Doug and Rodney Dillard at the "Lewis Family Homecoming and Bluegrass Festival" in Lincolnton, Georgia on May 8, 2006:

    Mitch Jayne's books

    Doug and Rodney Dillard - May 2006

    2007 Mitch Jayne wrote a new book. His latest novel, "Fiddler's Ghost" is available from and

    Here's a list of Mitch Jayne's books:

    Mitch Jayne's books

    Mitch Jayne's books

    1) "The Forest in the Wind" published 1966 by The Bobbs-Merrill Company. This book is out of print.

    2) "Old Fish Hawk" published 1970 by J. B. Lippincott Co. The cover painting is by Mitch himself. This book is out of print.

    3) "An Up To Date Biography of the Original Dillards" self-published by Mitch Jayne in 1989. Rare book contains some of Mitch's humor columns from two Missouri newspapers: the Salem Sun and The Shannon County Current Wave. Mitch still writes a humor column for The Current Wave, which is published in Eminence, Missouri, where Mitch lives with his artist wife, Diana. This book also contains illustrations by Mitch.

    4) "Some More Home Grown Stories & Home Fried Lies" self-published by Mitch Jayne in 1994. Rare book collects Mitch's humor columns from The Current Wave, with illustrations by Diana Engstrom, who later became Mitch's wife.

    5) "Home Grown Stories & Home Fried Lies" published 2000 by Wildstone Media. Cover illustration and inside illustrations are by Mitch's wife, Diana. This book is available at and

    6) "Fiddler's Ghost" published 2007 by Wildstone Media. Cover painting is by Mitch's wife, Diana. This book is available at and

    32 cents

    "32 Cents" CD


    Doug and Rodney Dillard are continuing their American tour in 2008. Schedule and booking information can be found at

    Early 2000 Arlo Guthrie sat down with his old friends, The Original Dillards in Branson, MO and spent a few days recording some of his father's (Woody Guthrie) songs together.
    This record was originally planned for when the US Post Office released a Woody Guthrie stamp worth 32 Cents. Now it's released.

    - ARLO GUTHRIE & THE DILLARDS: 32 Cents / Postage Due (Rising Son Records RSR-1127)
    Produced by Arlo Guthrie & Rodney Dillard
    With Arlo Guthrie, Doug Dillard, Rodney Dillard, Dean Webb & Mitch Jayne

    Mitch, Doug, Rodney & Dean

    Mitch, Doug, Rodney & Dean

    February 2009 Dewey Martin who played drums for the Dillards 1965 and recorded two singles with the group for Capitol Records died at the age of 68 in his Van Nuys apartment.
    Dewey Martin was hired after a Dillards tour from Stephen Stills to form Buffalo Springfield. Martin was one of the founding members, along with Neil Young, Stephen Stills, singer-songwriter-guitarist Richie Furay and bassist Bruce Palmer.

    !!! Original Dillards inducted into the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame !!!

    Rodney Dillard and The Dillard Band

    Rodney Dillard & The Dillard Band

    2009 "The original Dillards" - Doug & Rodney Dillard, Dean Webb & Mitch Jayne - were inducted into the "International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame".
    Visit the IBMA page and read about the awards show on Oct. 1st 2009.


    Rodney Dillard & The Dillard Band will incorporate a greater anthology of music at festivals and other special events (such as songs from when Herb Pedersen or Billy Ray Lathum were Dillards; songs from the "Wheatstraw Suite" album as an example). They will still be playing the bluegrass classics of course but are also excited about showcasing a wider range of Dillards history.

    Their hope is to feature Doug Dillard as a special guest at some dates throughout the year and they'll keep their fanbase updated on any developments. Overall the four original Dillards will continue pursuing separate careers, as can happen over the course of 50 years!

    Doug is an in-demand session player and has some other great musical opportunities, Rodney will be expanding his ministry (Mayberry Values) and continue the Dillardgrass tradition of hot picking and tight rhythm, Dean Webb plays with the group Missouri Boatride, and of course Mitch Jayne continues to write books and columns ....

    Here's the first picture (right) of "Rodney Dillard & The Dillard Band". It's from left to right: Rodney Dillard: lead vocals/guitar- Shane Lail: bass/harmony - George Giddens: fiddle/mandolin/harmony - Patrick McDougal: banjo/harmony.

    Mitch Jayne

    Mitch Jayne

    Rodney Dillard & The Dillard Band" will release a new CD in September 2010. The CD "I WISH LIFE WAS LIKE MAYBERRY" contains all the Darlings / Dillards classics performed here by RODNEY DILLARD & The Dillard Band including the first radio single release, "There Is A Time".

    I wish life was like Mayberry

    "I wish life was ..."

    In addition to all the classics, there are four new original songs written by RODNEY DILLARD and friends of Rodney including:  "There Goes The Neighborhood", "Wicker Rocking Chair", "The Mayberry Hat" and "The Andy Griffith Show".

    As a BONUS, the album will also contain five episodes from the popular radio show "Mayberry Minute" ­ a show that ran nationally for 3 years and was narrated by RODNEY DILLARD.

    Mitch Jayne (July 4th 1928 - August 2nd 2010) died on monday, August 2nd 2010 of cancer - he was 82!

    28th September 2010 - new Rodney Dillard CD released:

    - RODNEY DILLARD & THE DILLARD BAND: I wish life was like mayberry (Rural Rhythm RHY-1068-CD)
    With Rodney Dillard, Steve Bush, George Giddens, Tim Crouch, David Creech
    Boone Carlin, Beverly Cotten Dillard & Brian Dillard.


    Mitch Jayne & Doug Dillard

    Mitch Jayne & Doug Dillard

    Don't wait for the hearse ...

    "New Gospel CD"

    Steve Cooley (a member of the Dillards from the 80s and 90s) is working on a recording project to offer a tribute to some of the excellent Dillards material from all eras to help keep the torch lit and the tunes alive.
    Hopefully it will be complete mid 2011 and Steve hopes to get Herb Pedersen, Billy Ray Lathum and the other guys involved.

    Rodney Dillard & The Dillard Band feat. Beverly Dillard: Rural Rhythm Christian announces the August 16, 2011 album release, "Don't wait for the hearse to take you to church".
    The album features stand out tracks like the title cut, and also the "The Devil Just Can't Knock Me Off My Knees", written by the Dillard's friend and 5-time Dove Award winning songwriter Bruce Haynes.
    Musicians on the new CD include: Rodney Dillard (lead & harmony vocals, guitar, dobro), Beverly Dillard (lead & harmony vocals, banjo), Steve Bush (banjo, mandolin, bass), George Giddens (fiddle, mandolin, harmony vocals), Tim Crouch (fiddle, mandolin), Bruce Hoffman (fiddle), Marty Wilhite (bass), Pete Generous (percussion) and Jim Glaspy (harmony vocals).

    - RODNEY DILLARD & THE DILLARD BAND featuring Beverly Dillard: Don't wait for the hearse to take you to church (Rural Rhythm)
    With Rodney Dillard, Beverly Dillard, Steve Bush, George Giddens
    Tim Crouch, Bruce Hoffman, Marty Wilhite, Pete Generous & Jim Glaspy.


    DOUG DILLARD died on May 16, 2012 following a lengthy illness at the age of 75!!

    This is Dean Webb with his plates of the "International Bluegrass Music Association's HALL OF FAME" inductee October 1, 2009!

    Dean Webb


    Dean Webb is playing in a band called The Missouri Boatride Bluegrass Band.
    Note: Rodney Dillard offered Dean to join his "Dillard Band" when Rodney started it a few years ago. Dean didn't wanted it, because he's very happy playing in The Missouri Boatride Band!

    Here are the 5 Missoiuri Boatride Band CDs with Dean Webb:

    Missouri Boatride Bluegrass Band


    Note: Doug Bounsall - member of the Dillards in the late 70s - died in a car accident in 2012.


    2013 Byron Berline & Jane Frost wrote a fantastic book about Byron Berline's career! A MUST HAVE for every Country Gazette, Flying Burrito Brothers, Dillards, Clarence White, Gram Parsons .... fan!


    Forty years of journal entries document the L.A. recording industry from the Rolling Stones to the Byrds, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. They include hilarious stories of being one of the most sought after session players on the west coast, by three time National Fiddle Champion, Byron Berline, a Flying Burrito Brother who founded Country Gazette, The L.A. Fiddle Band and Sundance. His avoidance and survival of the drug-filled music industry, is amazing and heart lifting. His stories of the road are hilarious and the detailed journal entries are a researchers dream. From earthquakes to scoring motion pictures and having some of Charles Manson's Family in his home, this autobiography is the account of an Oklahoma farm boy's life and career -- from entering the University of Oklahoma on a football scholarship and graduating with a javelin in one hand and a fiddle in the other. It continues through acting in movies and his time playing/recording with Bill Monroe, Mickey Mouse, Linda Ronstadt, Emmy Lou Harris, Vince Gill, Mark O'Connor, Doug Dillard, Rod Stewart, Ann Murray, Earl Scruggs, and the Eagles, to his spiraling success as a musician, husband and father. Byron Berline, A Fiddler's Diary, is a peek inside the music industry as only an "A" list insider could explicitly describe. For baby-boomers, it is a dance down memory lane, with all the music and recording artists we love. His story is abundantly entertaining with enough documentation to be considered a reference work. Byron continues to tour, run his Doublestop Fiddle Shop and produces about twenty shows a year at his Music Hall in Guthrie, Oklahoma, as well as being the founder of the annual Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival and Guthrie's annual Western Swing Festival. Byron continues to perform, record and write, with the same intensity and enthusiasm he has always maintained. He remains... "one of the most inventive fiddle players." In February, 2013, Grammy nominated, Byron Berline, received his highest recognition to date, being inducted into the National Fiddler's Hall of Fame. In genuine humble response, he invites everyone to, "Stop by the fiddle shop and say, HI"

    Byron Berline book

    A Fiddler's Diary

    Rodney Dillard today:

    Official web-page

    Rodney Dillard online

    Country superstar Alan Jackson recorded the Dillards song "There is a time" written by Rodney Dillard & Mitch Jayne on his CD "The Bluegrass Album" released 2013.

    Click here for the official Rodney Dillard web-page.
    It has the only store where he autographs things that he sells. It also has info on all the current show packages he offers.
    For bookings send mail to:


    The Dillards recorded a new album. The new single is released and available on music downloading services everywhere!

    Rodney Dillard about the new single:
    "We are all on this Earth facing the same challenge and this song reminds us that what really matters is mankind's search for love, truth and peace. We're all Earthmen, we're all passing through, trying to get by, trying to make our way, to keep our family safe, to look out for our neighbors, and ultimately to understand that all of us are in this life and on this planet together."

    - THE DILLARDS: Earthman (Single)
    With Rodney Dillard, Beverly Cotten-Dillard, George Giddens, Tony Wray, Gary Smith, Herb Pedersen ...

    Dean Webb

    The Dillards in the studio

    The Dillards 2020

    Cory Walker, Gary Smith, George Giddens, Tony Wray
    Beverly Cotten-Dillard & Rodney Dillard

    The new Dillards album "Old Road New Again" with Rodney Dillard, George Giddens, Beverly Cotten-Dillard, Tony Wray and Gary Smith is out now.
    Special guests are Don Henley, Herb Pedersen, Bernie Leadon, Sam Bush, Ricky Skaggs and Sharon and Cheryl White.
    Rodney Dillard calls "Old Road New Again" the "bookend" to the band's 1968 masterpiece "Wheatstraw Suite".

    While proudly displaying The Dillards' bluegrass and string band ancestry, "Old Road New Again" is, like its predecessor, enhanced and enlivened by the sounds of drums, cello and electric bass.
    The album's title track, which features Don Henley and Bernie Leadon, is a mini-history of The Dillards' fabled musical journeys.
    It jauntily name-checks or alludes to many of the acts the band influenced, jammed or worked with, including the the Byrds, the Eagles (it was Rodney who suggested Henley leave Texas and seek his fortunes in California), Buffalo Springfield, the Kentucky Colonels, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. "When someone tells the story" the chorus rings out, "this old road is new again".

    - THE DILLARDS: Old Road New Again (Pinecastle Records)
    With Rodney Dillard, George Giddens, Beverly Cotton-Dillard, Tony Wray & Gary Smith
    guests: Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, Herb Pedersen, Sam Bush, Ricky Skaggs, Sharon & Cheryl White.

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