Rodney Dillard: Let the rough side drag

<rough side

This is Rodney Dillard: Let the rough side drag album

Produced by Rodney Dillard

Rodney Dillard: guitar, dobro, vocals

Guest artists:
Steve Cooley: guitar, banjo
Rick McEwen: vocals
Ric Williams: drums
Gary Smith: guitar
Fred Carpenter: fiddle
Dave Milligan: bass
Mitch Kiersey: keyboards
Beverly Cotton Dillard: banjo, vocals

Track list:
Radio boogie (L.C. Smith/R. Mayo)
It's raining (Larry Lynch)
Dixieland (Wes Golding)
Last thing on my mind (Tom Paxton)
Let the rough side drag (Jesse Winchester)
Sawin' on the strings (Reno/Smiley)
Daddy was a mover (Rodney Dillard/Mitch Jayne)
Blue yodel (Jimmy Rodgers)
Roustabout (Josh Graves/Jake Tullock)
Heartbreak mountain (Buck Owens)

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