The Doug Dillard Band: Heartbreak hotel

Heartbreak hotel

This is The Doug Dillard Band: Heartbreak hotel album

Produced by Rodney Dillard

Doug Dillard: vocals, banjo
Roger Rasnake: vocals, bass
Ginger Boatwright: vocals, guitar
Davie Grier: guitar
Jonathan Yudkin: fiddle, mandolin

Side one:
Heartbreak hotel (Mye Axton/Tommy Durden/Elvis Presley)
Banjo on the mountain (B. Brewster/W. Brewster)
The angels sing in heaven (Roger Rasnake/Larry McNeeley)
Close the door lightly when you go (Eric Anderson)
With pain in my heart (Willie Dixon)

Side two:
G-string boogie (Doug Dillard)
Don't let the stars get in your eyes (Slim Willet)
Hard hearted (Jim Mc Reynolds/Jesse McReynolds)
Fixin' to die (Ginger Boatwright)
Too much in love with you (Jonathan Yudkin/Ed Hill)

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