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Jerry Moss

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Looking for more fun in their music, Barry Tashian and Billy Briggs from "The Remains", joined with Ian Dunlop and Mickey Gauvin from "The International Submarine Band", to form a loose aggregation of musicians named by Ian Dunlop



The first incarnation of the Burritos 1967
Briggs - Tashian - Dunlop


The Burritos on the East Coast
December 1968


Billy Briggs & Barry Tashian
May 1968

Many other musicians sat in with the band including Bobby Keyes, Jimmy Markham, Jesse Ed Davis, Jimmy Karstein, Leon Russell and even Gram Parsons.
Demos were recorded with Leon Russell at his studio just for fun.
Mid 1968 the first incarnation of the Burritos decided to return to the east coast and based themselves in the New York area.

Gram Parsons remained with "The Byrds" until July 1968.
After the South Africa tour with "The Byrds", Chris Hillman stayed with "The Byrds" until October, playing three more months with Clarence White (hired to replace Gram Parsons), and also decided that the time was right to leave the band and immediately hooked up again with Gram and started a productive songwriting period in a rented house which they called "Burrito Manor".
Sneaky Pete Kleinow started as a stop motion animator 1963. Same year he started in a band. He played with Dewey Martin in the "Sir Raleigh & The Coupons".
Chris Ethridge began playing in the south before moving to California 1964.

Jerry Moss

The Burritos sign a record deal with A&M records.
Ethridge, Kleinow, Hillman, Jerry Moss, Parsons
Jerry Moss - co-owner of A&M, he's the 'M' in A&M

The band set about recording their first record with Eddie Hoh on drums, who only played on a few songs before quitting with his record company advance, session drummers Sam Goldstein & Popeye Phillips played on few tracks before Jon Corneal took over the drum stool to complete the recordings.

Jon Corneal recorded with Gram Parsons the "International Submarine Band" album "Safe At Home" in December 1967. Jon also recorded with Gram 1963. Jon Corneal was a member of "The Legends" with Gram.


Jon Corneal, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Chris Hillman
(Juanita), Gram Parsons & Chris Ethridge
Unpublished photo from Andee Eye! "Copyright protected".
Order her great book with pics from Gram, Burritos, Leon ...

September/October 1968 the album "GILDED PALACE OF SIN" was recorded - (Released March 1969).

Gilded Palace Of Sin THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - The Gilded Palace Of Sin

Produced by The Burritos, Larry Marks & Henry Lewy
Band: Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Chris Ethridge, Sneaky Pete Kleinow
Guests: Jon Corneal, Eddie Hoh, Sam Goldstein & Popeye Phillips

Christine's Tune (Devil In Disguise) / Sin City / Do Right Woman / Dark End Of The Street / My Uncle
Wheels / Juanita / Hot Burrito # 1 / Hot Burrito # 2 / Do You Know How it Feels To Be Lonesome / Hippie Boy

Jon Corneal left December 1968. In March 1969 he joined "Dillard & Clark" with Gene Clark, Doug Dillard, Bernie Leadon (future Burrito), David Jackson and Don Beck (future Burrito).

Michael Clarke left "The Byrds" in December 1967 and became the new drummer.

FBB Michael Clarke

Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Chris Ethridge, Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons & Michael Clarke

Recording "THE TRAIN SONG with Clarence White & Leon Russell. Released as a single!


"The Train Song" produced by Johnny "Guitar" Watson & Larry Williams
Musicians: Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Chris Ethridge, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke
Guests: Clarence White & Leon Russell

Spring/Summer 1969 the Burritos were desperately trying to get Clarence White to join the band. But they only got Clarence to sit in with the band, like at "The Palomino" or at the "Thee Experience"!

Chris Ethridge wanted to stay more with his family and do more session work. He quit the Burritos in August and recorded the "L.A. Getaway" album in April 1970 with Joel Scott Hill (a future Burrito) and Johnny Barbata. Chris was again a Burrito in the 70's and 90's.

Bernie Leadon joined the Burritos September 1969. He played with Hillman 1963 in the "Scottsville Squirrel Barkers", 1967-68 with Larry Murray & David Jackson in "Hearts & Flowers", 1968-69 with "Dillard & Clark", and was in Linda Ronstadt's "Corvettes" when he joined the Burritos!

FBB Bernie Leadon

Sneaky Pete, Michael Clarke, Gram Parsons
Bernie Leadon & Chris Hillman

Jim Dickson was signed to produce the next Burrito album. First the band recorded some demos (country standards), released later on the album "HONKY TONK HEAVEN". Herb Pedersen did later some overdubbs (acoustic guitar and background vocals)!


Produced by Jim Dickson
Musicians: Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, Bernie Leadon, Rick Roberts, Gene Clark
Guests: Herb Pedersen (additional acoustic guitar and vocals added later!)

Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, Bernie Leadon & Herb Pedersen musicians on tracks:
Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down / Angel / Close Up The Honky Tonks / Green, Gree Grass Of Home / Break My Mind / Just Because
Dim Lights / Crazy Arms / Boney Maroney / Sing Me Back Home / Six Days On The Road / To Love Somebody
Honky Tonk Women / Lodi / Together Again

Rick Roberts, Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke & Bernie Leadon musicians on tracks:
Did You See / Beat The Heat
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down / Payday / I'm My Own Small Way / Feel Good Music

Rick Roberts, Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, Bernie Leadon & Gene Clark musicians on track:
Here Tonight

FBB color

Gram Parsons, Bernie Leadon, Michael Clarke
& Chris Hillman (Sneaky Pete not in the picture)

Jan./Feb. 1970 the album "BURRITO DELUXE" was recorded with guests Byron Berline (a future Burrito) and Leon Russell - (Released April 1970).

Burrito DeLuxe THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Burrito Deluxe

Produced by Jim Dickson & Henry Lewy
Band: Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, Bernie Leadon
Guests: Leon Russell, Byron Berline, Leopoldo C. Carbajal, Frank Blanco, Tommy Johnson, Buddy Childers

Lazy Days / The Image Of Me / High Fashion Queen / If You Gotta Go / Man In The Fog / Farther Along
Older Guys Cody, Cody / God's Own Singer / Down In The Churchyard / Wild Horses

Gram Parsons got more heavily involved into drugs and after recovering from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident he returned to the band with a very unprofessional and undisciplined attitude, started missing rehearsals and shows.
Gram was fired end of June 1970. Gram started a solo career!

FBB Bernie

Bernie Leadon, Chris Hillman
Michael Clarke & Sneaky Pete

Rick Burritos

Bernie Leadon, Sneaky Pete
Chris Hillman & Michael Clarke

The band continued promotion of "Burrito DeLuxe" as a four piece band!
At some stage it looked a possibility that another ex-Byrd Gene Clark might replace Gram Parsons. During the summer of 1970 Gene Clark sat in with the Burritos.The Burritos recorded a version of Gene's song "TRIED SO HARD" with Gene on background vocals and released it as a single. Earlier (late 60's) Gene recorded "She Darked The Sun" with the Burritos as musicians. And later, when the Burritos recorded their "Blue Album", Gene recorded the song "Here Tonight" with the Burritos!


Produced by Jim Dickson
Musicians: Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, Bernie Leadon
Guest: Gene Clark bass vocals on "Tried So Hard".

September 1970, the young singer-songwriter Rick Roberts became the new member. He was recommended by Paul Rothschild, producer of "The Doors".


Michael Clarke, Sneaky Pete, Bernie Leadon
Rick Roberts & Chris Hillman

Rick Burritos

Leadon, Clarke & Hillman
Kleinow & Roberts

Over the winter 1970/71 Jim Dickson produced the next Burrito album "THE FLYING BURRITO BROS." - (Released June 1971). Several outtakes from these sessions saw the light of day later on various compilations.

selftitled album THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - The Flying Burrito Brothers
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: The Flying Burrito Brothers

Produced by Jim Dickson & Bob Hughes
Band: Chris Hillman, Rick Roberts, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke, Bernie Leadon
Guests: Earl Ball, Mike Deazy & Bob Gibson

White Line Fever / Colorado / Hand To Mouth / Tried So Hard / Just Can't Be / To Ramona / Four Days Of Rain
Can't You Hear Me Calling / All Alone / Why Are You Crying

But before the new album was released the band started going through a period of changes, Sneaky Pete Kleinow decided that returning to being a session musician in L.A. was far more lucrative so he left the Burritos for a short time.

Al Perkins came in on steel guitar. He played with Richard Bowden, (playing with the "Burrito Brothers" 1981 and in Roger McGuinn's band), Michael Bowden (Richard & Michael Bowden played 1973/74 with Sneaky Pete & Gib Guilbeau in a band named "Cold Steel"), Don Henley (later he formed "The Eagles") and Jim Ed Norman (later a famous producer) in group "Shiloh". "Shiloh" recorded an album produced by Kenny Rogers.

FBB Al Perkins

Michael Clarke, Rick Roberts, Bernie Leadon
Chris Hillman & Al Perkins

Al Perins

Michael Clarke, Chris Hillman
& Al Perkins

Bernie Leadon was not satifsfied with the band situation. In June 1971 he informed the band that he wanted to quit. So in August 1971 Bernie left to become part of Linda Ronstadt's band, joining Glenn Frey, Don Henley & Randy Meisner, who all left Linda to form "The Eagles".

But before Bernie Leadon left, he played at least one show (Record Plant in Hollywood) with new Burrito member Kenny Wertz.

Kenny Wertz played with Chris Hillman in the "Scottsville Squirrel Barkers" in the early 60's and was in the new group "Country Gazette" with Byron Berline, Roger Bush & Herb Pedersen.
Herb Pedersen did the guitar and background vocal overdubbs on the Jim Dickson produced Burrito demos from late 1969 released on the "Honky Tonk Heaven" album.

FBB Kenny Wertz

Rick Roberts, Chris Hillman
& Kenny Wertz


Kenny Wertz, Rick Roberts, Chris Hillman
Michael Clarke & Al Perkins

At a show in August 1971 future Burrito Robb Strandlund performed one song with the Burritos.

After a few shows Bernie Leadon formed with Glenn Frey (he was in a band with J.D. Souther called "Longbranch Pennywhistle" - future Burrito John Beland sat in with the band on guitar a few times), Don Henley & Randy Meisner - "The Eagles"!

Chris Hillman recognized that he got a Bluegrass band within the Burritos, he asked Byron Berline (from "Country Gazette") to join on fiddle.

FBB Michael Clarke

Kenny Wertz, Byron Berline, Rick Roberts
Chris Hillman, Michael Clarke & Al Perkins

During the Bluegrass part of the show Chris Hillman played the mandolin and Roger Bush from "Country Gazette" was added to play the bass.

FBB Michael Clarke

Rick Roberts, Roger Bush, Byron Berline
Kenny Wertz & Chris Hillman


Chris Hillman, Al Perkins
Byron Berline

Jim Dickson recorded a few shows from a tour in September/October 1971. A live album was released with the title "LAST OF THE RED HOT BURRITOS" - (Released May 1972).

Last Of The Red Hot Burritos THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Last Of The Red Hot Burritos

Produced by Jim Dickson
Band: Chris Hillman, Rick Roberts, Michael Clarke, Al Perkins, Kenny Wertz, Byron Berline & Roger Bush

Devil In Disguise / Six Days On The Road / My Uncle / Dixie Breakdown / Don't Let Your Deal Go Down / Orange Blossom Special
Ain't That A Lot Of Love / High Fashion Queen / Don't Fight It / Hot Burrito # 2 / Losing Game

Mid October 1971, between a Burrito tour where they recorded the "live" album, Stephen Stills invited Hillman, Roberts, Perkins, Berline & Bush to Miami to cut some tracks with him. Further sessions a week later and Stephen Stills offered Hillman, Perkins & Berline to join "Manassas". Hillman & Perkins accepted!

The Burritos still had commitments to fulfill. At this time Rick Roberts and Kenny Wertz saw Emmylou Harris at club "Clyde's". They told Hillman, Hillman told Gram and the rest is history.

At a show in North Carolina the Burritos were joined by their former lead singer Gram Parsons. Parsons joined the band once again for a gig in Maryland at "University of Maryland, College Park" on 24th October.This was Chris Hillman's final gig as a Burrito.

Chris Hillman and Al Perkins left in late 1971 to start recording with Manassas in Florida in early 1972. Rick Roberts although not a member of Manassas also participated in the recording sessions but was not credited on the band's initial album release.
Michael Clarke also left at this time and moved to Hawaii to paint.

The Burritos still had commitments to fulfill, especially a tour of Holland and Scandinavia. The new members were Don Beck on steel and mandolin, (he was in the original "Dillard & Clark"), Alan Munde, (he had just quit with Jimmy Martin and soon bacame a member of "Country Gazette") and Erik Dalton on drums.

FBB Amsterdam 72

Rick Roberts, Erik Dalton, Alan Munde, Don Beck
Byron Berline, Roger Bush & Kenny Wertz

Amsterdam 72

Alan Munde, Byron Berline, Erik Dalton (drums)
Kenny Wertz, Rick Roberts, Roger Bush & Don Beck

A live album was released from that tour with the title "LIVE IN AMSTERDAM".

Live In Amsterdam THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Live In Amsterdam

Band: Rick Roberts, Byron Berline, Kenny Wertz, Alan Munde, Roger Bush, Don Beck & Eric Dalton

Six Days On The Road / The Image Of Me / Four Days Of Rain / My Uncle / Bugle Call Rag / Shenandoah Valley Breakdown
Sing Me Back Home / I Already Know / White Line Fever / Why Are You Crying / Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms / Salty Dog Blues
Wild Horses / She Thinks I Still Care / The Wild Side Of Life / Rueben's Train / Foggy Mountain Breakdown / Dixie Breakdown
Colorado / She Makes Me Lose My Blues / Sin City / Devil In Disguise / Roll Over Beethoven / Six Days On The Road

Back in the U.S.A. the band played a few shows as "The Hot Burrito Revue".

Again, following an offer for one "final" Holland tour, Rick Roberts resurrected the band using the same musicians as 1972, except that Sneaky Pete Kleinow returned on steel guitar, replacing Don Beck.

FBB Amsterdam 73

Kenny Wertz, Byron Berline, Rick Roberts
Alan Munde & Erik Dalton
Sneaky Pete Kleinow & Roger Bush

Amsterdam 73

Byron Berline, Rick Roberts
Erik Dalton, Roger Bush, Kenny Wertz
Alan Munde & Pete Kleinow

The tour over, individual projects and careers were resumed.

Byron Berline, Kenny Wertz, Roger Bush & Alan Munde recorded their first "Country Gazette" album "A Traitor In Our Midst" 1972 and their second album 1973 "Don't Give Up Your Day Job" with guests Clarence White, Al Perkins and Herb Pedersen.

Rick Roberts and Michael Clarke formed with Jock Bartley, (playing in Gram Parsons' "Fallen Angels" band), Mark Andes & Larry Burnett - "Firefall" in August 1974 in Boulder, Colorado.

With the popularity of the Burritos in Holland, the release of several album of old recordings, they did prompt a resurgence of interest in the Burritos, that the band's former manager, Eddie Tickner, set about reforming the band following offers of work for the "Flying Burrito Brothers".

Sneaky Pete Kleinow (from the last line-up, and "Cold Steel" later "Lone Star" with Gib Guilbeau, future Burrito Richard Bowden, Michael Bowden, David Lovelace & Greg Attaway),
Gib Guilbeau (from "The Reasons aka Nashville West" with Clarence White, Gene Parsons & Wayne Moore, and later with "Swampwater" with future Burritos John Beland, Thad Maxwell & Stan Pratt, and later in Linda Ronstadt's band),
Gene Parsons (from "The Byrds" with Clarence White, Roger McGuinn & future Burrito Skip Battin, and "The Docker Hill Boys" with Chris Ethridge, Joel Scott Hill),
Chris Ethridge (from "Jerome" with Joel Scott Hill & Johnny Barbata recording the album "L.A. Getaway" with guests Clarence White & Leon Russell),
Joel Scott Hill (from "The Docker Hill Boys" with Gene Parsons & Chris Ethridge and later in "Canned Heat"),

FBB Michael Clarke

Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gene Parsons, Chris Ethridge & Joel Scott Hill

In September 1974 the "new" Burritos started to tour and they started to record demos which lead to a recording contract with "Columbia Records". The band was placed in the hands of Nashville producer Norbert Putnam and in the early summer of 1975 the album "FLYING AGAIN" was recorded - (Released October 1975).


Produced by Norbert Putnam and Glen Spreen
Band: Gib Guilbeau, Chris Ethridge, Joel Scott-Hill, Sneaky Pete Kleinow & Gene Parsons
Guest: Spooner Oldham

Easy To Get On / Wind And Rain / Why Baby Why / Dim Lights, Thick Smoke / You Left The Water Running
Building Fires / Sweet Desert Childhood / Bon Soir Blues / River Road / Hot Burrito # 3

In February 1976 Chris Ethridge left the band for the second time (again a Burrito in the 90s) to return to session work.

Skip Battin joined the Burritos after a couple of years playing with "The New Riders Of The Purple Sage" with John Dawson, David Nelson, Buddy Cage & Spencer Dryden. (In April 1978 the Burritos were part of the "New Riders"). Skip renewed his rhythm section partnership from the Byrds with Gene Parsons.

FBB Skip

Joel Scott Hill, Sneaky Pete Kleinow
Gene Parsons, Skip Battin & Gib Guilbeau

Burritos Bottom Line

Sneaky Pete, Gib Guilbeau, Skip Battin
Gene Parsons & Joel Scott Hill

The album "AIRBORNE" was recorded at "Crystal Studios" for "Columbia Records" - (Released June 1976). Stevie Wonder wrote a song for the group and played piano on that song.


Produced by John Fischenbach & The Flying Burrito Brothers
Band: Gib Guilbeau, Joel Scott Hill, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gene Parsons & Skip Battin
Guests: Stevie Wonder, Vambo, Jimmi Seiter, Luis Cabaza, Jamie Faunt & Warren "Bugs" Pemberton

Out Of Control / Waiting For Love To Begin / Toe Tappin' Music / Quiet Man / Northbound Bus / Big Bayou
Walk On The Water / Linda Lu / Border Town / She's A Sailor / Jesus Broke The Wild Horse In My Heart

Unfortunately whilst touring in the summer of 1976 Gene Parsons broke his wrist. Gary Wattman substituted for Gene on drums. (Gary appears on a couple of Hoyt Axton albums around the same time.)

FBB Flight Case

"On tour"
Gary Wattman substituted for Gene Parsons

Burritos no drummer

Gib Guilbeau & Sneaky Pete
Skip Battin & Joel Scott Hill

Next Burrito drummer was Ed Ponder. He played drums for Don Everly 1975.

FBB Ed Ponder

Sneaky Pete Kleinow & Gib Guilbeau
Ed Ponder, Joel Scott & Skip Battin

FBB Ed Ponder

Ed Ponder & Skip Battin
Joel Scott, Gib & Sneaky Pete

It was this line-up that toured Europe in Autumn 1976.

In November 1976 Gene Parsons rejoined the group, but Ed Ponder remained on drums!
They toured as a six piece unit for a few weeks.

FBB Poster

November 1976

FBB Poster

November 1976

In December 1976 wholesale changes started! First Gene Parsons left and shortly after him Ed Ponder.

L.A. session musician Mickey McGee was the new drummer. He played with "Goose Creek Symphony", Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne and Juice Newton before he joined the Burritos.

FBB Mickey McGee

Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gib Guilbeau, Skip Battin & Mickey McGee

Joel Scott Hill left the Burritos.

Bobby Cochran, (Eddie Cochran's nephew) became the new guitarist and singer. He played from 1972 - 1976 with "Steppenwolf".

FBB Bobby Cochran

Mickey McGee, Gib Guilbeau, Skip Battin & Bobby Cochran
(Sneaky Pete not in the picture)

Skip Battin left the Burritos but came back later.

A replacement for Skip was quickly found with Gib's old collegue from "Swampwater", Thad Maxwell.

FBB Bobby Cochran

Thad Maxwell, Mickey McGee, Sneaky Pete
Bobby Cochran & Gib Guilbeau

A record deal with "Mercury Records" was signed and with Felix Pappalardi the band produced an album. The album was not credited to the Burritos it was released under a new name "SIERRA".

Sierra SIERRA - Sierra
- SIERRA: Sierra

Produced by Felix Pappalardi
Band: Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Bobby Cochran, Thad Maxwell & Mickey McGee
Guests: Tower Of Power Brass Section, Felix Pappalardi

Gina / Farmer's Daughter / Honey Dew / I Found Love / Strange Here In The Night / I'd Rather Be With You
If I Could Only Get To You / She's The Tall One / You Give Me Loving / Let Me Live

Although from March to December most live shows were billed as "The Flying Burrito Brothers".

After re-establishing the "Flying Burrito Brothers" name, Gib & Sneaky invited Skip to rejoin the group. Along with new member Robb Strandlund on guitar and vocals they went back on the road. Robb has made a nice solo album 1976, but he's best known for his song "Already Gone" recorded with great success by "The Eagles". Before Robb joined the Burritos he was a member of the "Rank Strangers" with Chris Darrow, Max Buda, Cindy Edwards & Pope Ferman.

FBB Robb

Gib Guilbeau, Skip Battin & Mickey McGee

Robb Strandlund

Skip Battin & Robb Strandlund

Bob Warford occasionally sat in with the Burritos! He played with Clarence White in "The Kentucky Colonels" on banjo 1966/67, and string bender guitar for Linda Ronstadt, the Everly Brothers ... !

FBB Bob Warford

Gib Guilbeau, Bob Warford, Skip Battin & Robb Strandlund
(Sneaky Pete & McGee not in the picture)

What happened next is probably the most bizarre episode in the history of the Burritos. Mickey McGee and Robb Strandlund left. The "New Riders Of The Purple Sage" were also having personal problems and so they united and played together as "The New Riders Of The Purple Sage" ... for one month!

New Riders FBB

Skip Battin, John Dawson, David Nelson
Gib Guilbeau & Sneaky Pete

After the adventure with the "New Riders" Gib & Sneaky were back as the Burritos.
Greg Harris was the new member. (Mickey McGee arranged an audition for Greg!) Greg placed and recorded with Chick Rains. The album "Rains & Harris" was recorded with ex-Burrito Al Perkins and Michael Bowden.
Ed Ponder came back on drums.


Greg Harris, Skip Battin, Sneaky Pete Kleinow
Gib Guilbeau & Ed Ponder

This line-up released a live album "LIVE IN TOKYO", and also with the title "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS TO THE WEST COAST" from a tour in Japan. The single "White Line Fever" gave the band its first chart entry!

Close encounters ... THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Close Encounters ... / Live In Tokyo Live in Japan
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Close Encounters To The West Coast / Live In Japan

Produced by The Flying Burrito Brothers
Band: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gib Guilbeau, Skip Battin, Greg Harris & Ed Ponder

Big Bayou / White Line Fever / Dim Lights, Thick Smoke / There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms / Hot Burrito # 2 / Colorado / Rocky Top
Six Days On The Road / Truck Drivin' Man

In May 1978 Sneaky Pete recorded two songs for the album "PACIFIC STEEL" with his Burrito colleagues Skip Battin, Ed Ponder & Greg Harris, produced by ex-Burrito Al Perkins.

On return from Japan Gene Parsons enters again, replacing Ed Ponder.

FBB Greg Gene

Skip Battin, Gene Parsons & Greg Harris

FBB ticket Armadillo

"Armadillo - August 1978

Several demos were recorded at "Conway Studios".


Band: Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Greg Harris, Gene Parsons, Skip Battin

Tracks: Makin' It Right / Rider In The Rain / Ooh-Wee California / Please Notify Someone

Gene Parsons leaves the band.

Mickey McGee returned for a few weeks on drums.


Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gib Guilbeau, Skip Battin
Greg Harris (Mickey McGee not in the picture)

Ed Ponder returned on drums.

FBB Harris Ponder

Ed Ponder & Sneaky Pete Kleinow
Gib Guilbeau, Skip Battin & Greg Harris (cut)

Burrito Harris Ponder

Sneaky Pete Kleinow & Gib Guilbeau (hidden)
Skip Battin & Greg Harris

The Burritos did again some demos for "Elektra Records".


Band: Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Greg Harris, Skip Battin, Ed Ponder

Tracks: Ease On By You / Ooh-Wee California / Cajun Fiddle Man / Here Comes Love

Late 1978 Sneaky Pete recorded a solo album with past and present members of the Burritos: Greg Harris, Gib Guilbeau, Skip Battin, Ed Ponder, Gene Parsons, Mickey McGee, Bobby Cochran & Charlie Harwood. Title of the album is "SNEAKY PETE".

Mickey McGee came back on drums and the endless touring continued.

FBB Harris Cards

Sneaky, Skip, Gib & Greg

Burrito McGee

Mickey McGee

Again Gene Parsons on drums.


March 1979
Signed by the band

Gene Parsons leaves the band for the final time.

In addition to his musical career Sneaky Pete was becoming more involved in the film industry working as an animator and the band actually played a number of shows during July/August 1979 as a four piece band.

Neil Good took over temporarily on steel until Sneaky returned and Mickey McGee was back on drums.


Skip Battin, Gib Guilbeau & Greg Harris
(Sneaky Pete & Mickey McGee not in the picture)

Sneaky Pete was back on steel guitar.

FBB Lone Star

Gib Guilbeau & Sneaky Pete Kleinow
Mickey McGee & Skip Battin

Lone Star

Gib Guilbeau &
Sneaky Pete Kleinow

In December 1979 Greg Harris left the Burritos.

The seeds for the next era of the band started during 1979 whilst Gib Guilbeau was still touring with the Burritos .... .

Gib Guilbeau had signed a songwriting deal with "Criterion Music" and around the same time his old friend from "Swampwater" days, John Beland signed a similar contract. The two immediately hooked up in a very prolific songwriting partnership. They had acces to the company studios, so they could demo the songs they had written. With Thad Maxwell including Mickey McGee and Sneaky Pete these demo sessions ended in a "Swampwater" reunion album.

John Beland, who was currently leading Rick Nelson's "Stone Canyon Band" was the new guitarist.

BB Skip

Sneaky Pete (hidden) Gib Guilbeau, Skip Battin & John Beland

Even after the aborted "Swampwater" sessions Gib & John continued recording along with Gib's colleagues in the Burritos, Sneaky Pete, Skip Battin & Mickey McGee. These songs were released on the album "HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS 1979-82" with guests Charlie Harwood, Steve Duncan ... .

Hollywood nights THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Hollywood Nights 1979-82
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Hollywood Nights 1979-82
Many of these songwriting demos from 1979 - 82 were later re-recorded by the Burrito Brothers (Gib Guilbeau & John Beland) and included on the duo's Curb albums.

Produced by John Beland
Band: Gib Guilbeau, John Beland, Sneaky Pete Kleinow
additional: Skip Battin, Steve Duncan, Mickey McGee, Billy Thomas, Elmo Peeler, Charlie Harwood, John Davis, Jeanie Clark, Mary Green

She Belongs To Everyone But Me / Somewhere Tonight / Baby, How'd We Ever Get This Way / Too Much Honky Tonkin' / Midnight Magic Woman / My Abandoned Heart
She's A Friend Of A Friend / Louisiana / Cheatin' Kind Of Love / Why Must The Ending Always Be So Sad / That's When You Know It's Over / You
I Swear I Don't Miss Her Anymore / She's A Hell Of A Deal / Another Shade Of Grey / Damned If I'll Be Lonely Tonight / If Something Should Come Between Us
When You're Giving Yourself To A Stranger / Run To The Night / Coast To Coast / Closer To You / True Love Never Runs Dry / Tell Me It Ain't So

For a tour in Italy John Mauceri played the drums.


Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gib Guilbeau
& Skip Battin

BB Mauceri

Sneaky Pete Kleinow, John Mauceri, Skip Battin
Gib Guilbeau & John Beland

Mickey McGee was back on drums.

Droping the "Flying" from their name they were now THE BURRITO BROTHERS!

Burrito Brothers

Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete & John Beland

Martyn Smith taking over as the band's manager, heralds the start of a completely new direction. Marty Smith secures a major record deal with "Curb Records" who were affiliated with "Columbia".

Late 1980, with producer Michael Lloyd (Dirty Dancing), the Burritos started to record the album "HEARTS ON THE LINE - (Released January 1981).

Hearts on the line BURRITO BROTHERS - Hearts On The Line
- BURRITO BROTHERS: Hearts On The Line

Produced by Michael Lloyd
Band: Gib Guilbeau, John Beland, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Skip Battin
Guests: Mickey McGee, Charlie Harwood, Elmo Peeler, Ron Krasinski, John Hobbs, David Wheatley
Tom Hensely, Alan Estes, Mark Hudson, Dolly Parton & Kim Carnes

That's When You Know It's Over / She's A Friend Of A Friend / Isn't That Just Like Love / She Belongs To Everyone But Me
Why Must The Ending Always Be So Sad / Family Tree / Damned If I'll Be Lonesome Tonight
Does She Wish She Was Single Again / Too Much Honky Tonkin' / Oh Lonesome Me

As the sessions progressed Skip Battin left the band.

Preparing to tour in support of the new album Gib, John & Sneaky were searching for a touring band.
Charlie Harwood became the new bass player and Mark Vidito came in on keyboards.

BB McGee

Mickey McGee, Gib Guilbeau & John Beland
Mark Vidito & Charlie Harwood

BB Vidito Harwood

Mark Vidito, Charlie Harwood & Gib Guilbeau
John Beland, Mickey McGee & Sneaky Pete Kleinow

The most commercially successful period in the Burrito history began!

Mickey McGee moved back to Phoenix, Arizona!

The new drummer was Ted Zambetti.

BB Zambetti

Charlie Harwood, Gib Guilbeau, Mark Vidito
Sneaky Pete, John Beland & Ted Zambetti

Sneaky Pete leaves for a film project also Charlie Harwood.

Skip Edwards replaced Sneaky Pete on steel. He also played piano and can be heard on albums from Chris Hillman, "Firefall", Gene Clark ... .
Richard Bowden came in on bass. He played in a band "Cold Steel" with Sneaky Pete & Gib Guilbeau but also in "Shiloh" with Al Perkins and Don Henley.

BB Bowden

Mark Vidito (hidden), John Beland, Gib Guilbeau
Richard Bowden, Ted Zambetti & Skip Edwards

BB Edwards

Skip Edwards, Richard Bowden, Gib Guilbeau, Ted Zambetti, John Beland & Mark Vidito

A second album was recorded at the end of 1981. Sneaky Pete was just a guest musician and all the other musicians were studio musicians. Title of the album was "SUNSET SUNDOWN", - (Released January 1982).

Sunset Sundown BURRITO BROTHERS - Sunset Sundown
- BURRITO BROTHERS: Sunset Sundown

Produced by Michael Lloyd
Band: Gib Guilbeau, John Beland
Guests: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Ron Krasinski, Dennis Belfield, John Hobbs, Larry McNeely, Tom Scott
Alan Estes, Billy Thomas, Lynn Nilles & Chad Stuart

If Something Should Come Between Us / Louisiana / I'm Drinking Canada Dry / When You're Giving Yourself To A Stranger
What's One More Time / Run To The Night / How'd We Ever Get This Way / Coast To Coast / Closer to You / Save the Wild Life

At the end of 1981 Gib Guilbeau & John Beland notified the rest of the band that they had made the decision to relocate to Nashville and move forward as a duo with Nashville based support band.

February 1982, after their move to Nashville, Gib & John were rehearsing a new band and coordinating their extending concert and showcase tour.

BB Nashville

Chad Watson, Avery Burdette, John Beland
Larry Marvel & Gib Guilbeau

"The Burrito Brothers", at least since moving to Nashville a duo (Gib Guilbeau & John Beland), recorded an album produced by Randy Scruggs & John Thompson with the title "OUR ROOTS ARE COUNTRY MUSIC" - still unreleased!

Our Roots BURRITO BROTHERS - Our Roots Are Country Music
- BURRITO BROTHERS: Our Roots Are Country Music

Produced by Randy Scruggs & John Thompson
Band: Gib Guilbeau, John Beland
Guests: Earl Scruggs, Charlie McCoy, Hoot Hester, Jerry Douglas ...

Our Roots Are Country Music / Louisiana Lonely / You Made A Grown Man Cry Tonight / Blue & Broken Hearted Me
Mountain Rose / Cheatin' Kind Of Love / You're All There Is / My Abandoned Heart / There Is A Comfort / A Taste Of The Country

One single "BLUE & BROKEN HEARTED ME / OUR ROOTS ARE COUNTRY MUSIC" from the unreleased album was released.

Blue and broken BURRITO BROTHERS - Blue And Broken Hearted Me

Produced by Randy Scruggs & John Thompson
Musicians: Gib Guilbeau & John Beland
Guests: Charlie McCoy, Earl Scruggs, Hoot Hester, Jerry Douglas ... .

Tom Weaver came in on piano and Larry Gadler on bass. He appeared with Gib & John at the "Grand Ol' Opry" and was again a member of the "Flying Burrito Brothers" in the 90's.

BB Opry

Larry Gadler, Gib Guilbeau & John Beland

BB Opry

John Beland, Gib Guilbeau & Larry Gadler

Burrito Brothers

THE BURRITO BROTHERS - Gib Guilbeau & John Beland

From early 1983 until 1984 Gib & John used a Sherman/Texas based band called "Wild Red Horse" (later "Red Horse") as their backing musicians.

Touring Australia, New Zealand, Germany ... performing various shows like "Hee Haw", recording two singles for "MCA-Records", "ALMOST SATURDAY NIGHT / JUKEBOX KIND OF NIGHT" and "MY KIND OF LADY / DREAM CHASER", recording two songs with Earl Scruggs for his album "TOP OF THE WORLD", recording an album for Leon Russell's "Paradise Records" with the title "DOUBLE BARREL" (released many years later).

Top of the world EARL SCRUGGS & THE BURRITO BROTHERS Earl Scruggs
- EARL SCRUGGS: Top Of The World

Produced by Randy Scruggs & John Thompson

Musicians: Earl Scruggs, Gib Guilbeau, John Beland
Guests: Randy Scruggs, Hoot Hester, Jerry Douglas, Paul Uhrig, Clyde Brooks & John Thompson

Songs with the Burrito Brothers: Could You Love Me (One More Time) / Lay Me Down In Dixie

Almost Saturday night BURRITO BROTHERS - Almost Saturday Night

Produced by Brend Maher
Musicians: Gib Guilbeau & John Beland

Double Barrel BURRITO BROTHERS - Double Barrel

Produced by John Beland & Gib Guilbeau
Band: Gib Guilbeau, John Beland
Guests: David Hungate, James Hooker, Roger Hawkins, Ferrill Morris, Larry Sasser & The Jordanaires

She's Single Again / A New Shade Of Blue / Price Of Love / Ain't Love Just Like The Rain / One More Time / Sailor / No Easy Way Out
Tonight / Hearts In My Eyes / Ain't Worth The Powder / Late In The Night / I'm Confessing / Let Your Heart Do the Talking

My kind of lady BURRITO BROTHERS - My Kind Of Lady

Produced by Michael Lloyd
Musicians: Gib Guilbeau & John Beland
Guests: Jerry Scheff, Jim Keltner ...

February 1984 Gib's son Ronnie Guilbeau became a member of "The Burrito Brothers". A touring band was put together to promote the newly recorded "Double Barrel" album.
Rick Lonow on drums. He became a member of the "Flying Burrito Brotehrs" later, too.

BB Nashville

John Beland, Gib Guilbeau & Ronnie Guilbeau

"The Burrito Brotehrs" gave their farewell performance at "Music City Tonight" show with Ralph Emery 1984.

While Gib Guilbeau & John Beland toured and recorded as "The Burrito Brothers" the members from the late 70's recorded solo, toured in various bands and formations.
Sneaky was in a band called "The Cheatin' Hearts" with future "Desert Rose Band" members John Jorgenson & Bill Bryson.
Gene Parsons, Skip Battin, Sneaky Pete & Ed Ponder started playing together. The line-up was quite flexible with Greg Harris or Jim Goodall joining on occasions. In 1984 they toured Europe using the name "The Peace Seekers". After that tour Gene Parsons left.

Sneaky Pete heard that Gib & John call it a day with "The Burrito Brothers". The remaining members of "The Peace Seekers" now started appearing as "The Flying Burrito Brothers"!

Burrito Harris

Jim Goodall, Greg Harris
Skip Battin & Sneaky Pete

Burrito Greg Harris

Greg Harris, Sneaky Pete
Jim Goodall & Skip Battin

The band toured Europe and USA and a few live albums were released. "CABIN FEVER", "LIVE FROM EUROPE", "LIVE FROM AMSTERDAM", "FLYING BURRITO BROS. LIVE".

Recorded live in 1985

Produced by Skip Battin

Band: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Skip Battin, Greg Harris & Jim Goodall

Wheels / Hot Burrito # 2 / Hickory Wind / Do Right Woman / Uncle Pen / Louisiana Man / She Belongs To Me
Six Days On The Road / Mr Spaceman / Bugler

Recorded at "The Altstadt" in Eindhoven - 1985

Band: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Skip Battin, Greg Harris & Jim Goodall

Street Of Baltimore / Cash On The Barrelhead / Help Is On Its Way / Roll On Brother / Come A Little Closer
Star Of The Show / Spittin' Image / Sin City / Devil In Disguise / Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Sitting In A 747 / Mystery Train

Live from Europe THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Live From Europe / ... Amsterdam Live from Amsterdam
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Live From Europe / ... Amsterdam
"Live from Europe": Recorded in Amsterdam - 1985

Band: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Skip Battin, Greg Harris & Jim Goodall

Streets Of Baltimore / Cash On The Barrelhead / Help Is On Its Way / Star Of The Show / Devil In Disguise
Take A City Bride / Burrito Jam / Come A Little Closer / Wheels / Blue Eyes / Citizen Kane
Don't Go Down The Drain / Mystery Train / You Ain't Going Nowhere / Uncle Pen

Early 1985 Gene Clark toured as "20th Anniversary Tribute To The Byrds" with Rick Roberts, Michael Clarke and John York. The Burritos opened most shows and they joined the show on stage.
A short lived Burrito line-up, during the Greg Harris Burritos, played at least one show (Oklahoma City June 15th 1985).
It was Rick Roberts, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Skip Battin, Michael Clarke, John York augmented by special guest Blondie Chaplin on lead guitar!

FBB Rick York Clarke

John York, Michael Clarke
(Gene Clark not part of the Burrito line-up)
Blondie Chaplin, Rick Roberts, Sneaky Pete & Skip Battin

After that concert in Oklahoma City, it was again the Greg Harris, Sneaky Pete, Skip Battin & Jim Goodall line-up!

Skip Battin left the Burritos.

David Vaught replaced Skip on bass.

Burrito Vaught

Greg Harris, Sneaky Pete
Jim Goodall & David Vaught

But after a short time the band called it a day and the band just go into limbo without actually breaking up.

With little activity on the West Coast Gib & John decided the time is right recording a"Burrito Brothers farewell album" with top local sesson musicians.
Wayne Bridge on steel became a member of the Burritos 1996!
Back to the Sweetheart

Gib Guilbeau & John Beland
with Alan Jones & Butch Johnson

28 songs were recorded and released as "BACK TO THE SWEETHEARTS OF THE RODEO".

Back to the sweethearts ... THE BURRITO BROTHERS - Back To The Sweethearts Of The Rodeo Back to the sweethearts ...
- THE BURRITO BROTHERS: Back To The Sweethearts Of The Rodeo

Produced by John Beland
Band: John Beland, Gib Guilbeau, James Hooker, Alan Jones, Roger Clark
Wayne Bridge, Steve Nathan, Butch Johnson.

Back To The Sweethearts Of The Rodeo / Burning Embers / Red Shoes / Shoot For The Moon / Moonlight Rider
Carry Me / Baby Won't You Let Me Be The One / Gold Guitar / True,True Love / I'm Impressed
Let's Do Something Crazy / You're A Fool To Love / Mean Streets / Like A Shadow
I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby / My Heart Skips A Beat / Take A Message To Mary / Last Call
Burn The Midnight Oil / Should We Tell Him / You're Running Wild / This Could Be The Night
My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You / You Should Know Me By Now / I've Got A Heartache / Roadmaster
One Man Woman / Do You Know Mary Lou

September 1986 "The Burrito Brothers" (Gib & John) performed at the first "Gram Parsons Tribute" in Nashville. In the band Argyl Bell and Chris P James & Fred James - 25 yeras later the new "Burrito Brothers"!

Gram Tribute

John Beland, Roland White, Barry Tashian
Scott Baggett, Doug Dillard, Gib Guilbeau
Fred James & Chris P James

"The Flying Burrito Brothers" album "SOUTHERN TRACKS" released 1990, contained solo tracks. None of the tracks includes all three , Gib, John or Sneaky! Gib recorded with his son Ronnie, Ray Tapia & Sneaky and John Beland with Larry Patton ... all later Burrito members. This was no group project of the Burritos! The songs were recorded from late 1986 and 1987.

FBB Gib Sneaky

Gib Guilbeau &
Sneaky Pete

FBB Beland Patton

John Beland &
Larry Patton

Southern tracks THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Southern Tracks
A collection of mainly solo tracks by Gib Guilbeau & John Beland with Sneaky Pete Kleinow on some tracks
but released under the Flying Burrito Brothers name.

Band: John Beland, Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow
Guests: Rick Lonow, James Hooker, Ronnie Guilbeau, Ray Tapia, Alan Jones, Ron Christie, David Humphries & Larry Patton

Crazy Horses / Born For Honky Tonkin' / Armed And Dangerous / Shelley's Little Girl / Thunder Road / Matchbox / She's Your Love Now
Love Minus Zero / They Want To Hang A Bad Boy / My Believing Heart / Devil In Disguise (Live) / My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (Live)

Sneaky Pete is back on steel.

FBB Beal Street

The Flying Burrito Brothers recording in Memphis!

"The Flying Burrito Brothers" recorded song in Memphis wiht local musicians. The "MEMPHIS SESSIONS" are still unreleased.

Memphis Sessions THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Memphis Sessions

Band: Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Ronnie Guilbeau & Ray Tapia
Guests: on Singleton, Bobby Turner, Daniel Jones, Mark Blumberg & Larry McKeehan

Moonlight Rider / Wrong Side Of Town / Magic Of The Bayou / A Moment Gone / City Girl

FBB Beal Street

Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Ronnie Guilbeau
Gib Guilbeau & Ray Tapia

"The Flying Burrito Brothers" performed at the "Beale Stree Music Festival" with Chad Cromwell on drums. (Neil Young's drummer at the time).

Ronnie Guilbeau's group "Guilbeaux" with Ray Tapia, Rick Lonow (playing with "The Burrito Brothers" 1984 and drummer for the "Bellamy Brothers") and Billy Crain became a production deal.
Ronnie, Rick & Billy wrote the "Poco" hit "Call It Love".


Ray Tapia, Rick Lonow
Ronnie Guilbeau & Billy Crain

In January 1989, Gib, John & Sneaky with Jim Goodall (from the Greg Harris Burritos 85/86) and Thad Maxwell (from the "Sierra" Burritos 1977) rejoined for a short tour in California and Las Vegas.

FBB 90 not 89

Gib Guilbeau & John Beland

FBB Lonow

Rick Lonow

A few shows were played in Florida in October 1989 but with Gene O'Neill on steel and Larry Patton on bass and Rick Lonow on drums. Larry Patton played with Bobby Bare, as John Beland did.

Sneaky Pete was back on steel.

FBB 1990

Larry Patton, Sneaky Pete & Gib Guilbeau

FBB 1990

John Beland, Sneaky Pete & Gib Guilbeau

The Burritos did a tour in France and Spain. Some shows were recorded for a live album with the title "ENCORE - LIVE IN EUROPE".

Encore THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Encore - Live In Europe

Produced by John Beland & Gib Guilbeau
Band: John Beland, Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Larry Patton & Rick Lonow

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke /You Ain't Going Nowhere / Hickory Wind / White Line Fever / Sweet Little Collette / Big Bayou
Sweet Susanna / Wild Horses / Silver Wings / Help Wanted / Cannonball Rag / When It All Comes Down To Love / Wheels

More changes to the band took place later in 1990.
Chris Ethridge rejoined on bass and ex-Poco drummer George Grantham came in. Brian Cadd from Australia, who had an extensive recording career, joined on keyboards, singer and Songwriter. (Sneaky Pete played on some of his records in the 70's.) A number of demos were recorded, even with George Grantham on lead vocals, but George left soon for another "Poco" reunion.


Band: John Beland, Brian Cadd, Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete, Chris Ethridge & George Grantham

Track: Blind Side (George Grantham lead vocals)

Ronnie Tutt from Elvis Presely's band "TCB" ( Ronnie Tutt, James Burton, John Wilkinson, Jerry Scheff & Larry Muhoberac, later Glen D. Hardin on piano.), joined for a new album on drums.


Gib Guilbeau, Chris Ethridge, Ronnie Tutt
John Beland & Brian Cadd

During the summer of 1993 a new album was recorded, "EYE OF A HURRICANE" - (Released May 1994).

Eye of a hurricane THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Eye Of A Hurricane

Produced by John Beland and Brian Cadd
Band: John Beland, Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Brian Cadd, Chris Ethridge
Guest: Ronnie Tutt

Wheels Of Love / Like A Thief In The Night / Bayou Blues / Angry Words / Rosetta Knows / Heart Highway / I Sent Your Saddle Home
Jukebox Saturday Night / Arizona Moon / Wild Wild West / Eye Of The Hurricane / Sunset Boulevard / Smile

In early summer 1994 a hurriedly assembled and short lived line-up comprimising Sneaky Pete, Gerg Harris, Jim Goodall & David Vaught (playing as the Flying Burrito Brothers late 1986) played a few gigs around California.

Burrito Vaught

Sneaky Pete, Jim Goodall, Greg Harris & David Vaught

Again changes. Larry Gadler came in on bass (he played with "The Burrito Brothers" 1982) and Gary Kubal (from Bobby Bare's band) on drums.

Burrito Cadd Kubal Gadler

Brian Cadd, Larry Gadler, Gib Guilbeau
Sneaky Pete, John Beland & Larry Kubal

Spring/summer 1994 the "Eye Of A Hurricane" line-up toured Europe!

Gib & Sneaky teamed up with singer-songwriter Phil Lee on vocals. Also in this line-up ex-Burritos Bobby Cochran, Charlie Harwood (playing with "The Burrito Brothers" 1981) and Charlie Hargrove & Lou Yurosevic.
There were also plans to include Skip Battin but this didn't happen.

Burrito Phil Lee

Sneaky Pete, Phil Lee & Gib Guilbeau
Skip Battin didn't join the group!

Some demos were recorded, but are still unreleased.

THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Criterion Music Corp. Demos
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Criterion Music Corp. Demos

Band: Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Phil Lee, Bobby Cochran, Charlie Harwood, Charlie Hargrove (keyboards) Lou Yurosevic (drums)

Tracks: Blueprint For Disaster / Nobody But You / Good For Me / I'm Gonna Quit (While I'm Behind)

FBB Cadd

Gib Guilbeau, John Beland, Sneaky Pete
Larry Gaddler, Gary Kubal & Brian Cadd

Another short tour of Europe took place in June/July 1995.

In February 1996 the Burrito were booked for a tour in Spain. Chris Ethridge was supposed to go on this tour but before leaving he was not able to go. Ronnie Guilbeau (a member of the Burritos earlier) went with the Burritos and played the bass.
Wayne Bridge was on steel (he played with the "Burrito Brothers" on the "Back To The Sweethearts Of The Rodeo" album).


On tour in Spain 1996

After that tour Brian Cadd moved back to Australia.

FBB California

Larry Patton & John Beland
Gib Guilbeau & Gary Kubal

FBB California

Sneaky Pete

The album "CALIFORNIA JUKEBOX" was recorded with many guests like ex-Burrito Al Perkins, Buck Owens, Waylon Jennings, Charlie Louvin, Jo-El Sonnier, Sonny Landreth ... . (Released July 1997).

Sneaky Pete & Gib Guilbeau leave the band, both for medical reasons!

Earl P. Ball joined on keyboards. He played with "The Byrds" on the "Sweethearts Of The Rodeo" album.

FBB Hawaii

Larry Patton, John Beland & Earl P. Ball

The Burritos tour Norway.

Chris Golden, (son of William Lee Golden from "The Oak Ridge Boys") joined on piano.

Chris Golden

Larry Patton, John Beland, Gary Kubal
Chris Golden & Wayne Bridge

FBB 2000

Larry Patton & Wayne Bridge
John Beland & Gary Kubal

Sons of the Golden

John Beland & Larry Patton
Wayne Bridge & Gary Kubal

The last album under the name "The Flying Burrito Brothers" was recorded, "SONS OF THE GOLDEN WEST" with Earl P. Ball (he also played live with the Burritos), Merle Haggard, Alison Krauss, Ricky Skaggs, Sam Bush, Delbert McClinton, The Oak Ridge Boys ... (Released May 1999).

Sons of the golden west THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Sons Of The Golden West

Produced by John Beland
Band: John Beland, Larry Patton, Gary Kubal & Wayne Bridges
Guests: Earl P. Ball, Merle Haggard, Alison Krauss, Ricky Skaggs, Sam Bush, The Oak Ridge Boys
Delbert McClinton, Jamie Whiting, Charlie Cushman, Dave Roe, Roddy & Milla Love
John Fittipoldi & Billy Thomas.

Sons Of The Golden West / Honky Tonkin' / Area 51 / Mama's Hungry Eyes / Pioneer Zephyr Train / When I Was A Cowboy
Down At The Palomino / Genuine Healer / Pull This / Anyone Else But You / Honky Tonk Blues / Up On Sycamore
Locked Away / Ode To Gram

FBB Hawaii

Wayne Bridge & Larry Patton
Earl P. Ball & Larry Patton

FBB Hawaii

John Beland, Gary Kubal
& Larry Patton

FBB Hawaii

Earl Ball & Beland
Bridge & Patton

The Burritos did a six week Australia & Hawaii tour.

The name THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS came to an end!

But that's not quite the end of the story because as we have already seen nothing is ever simple with the Burrito story.

Carlton Moody, (two-time Grammy nominated musician),
Tommy Spurlock, (multi-instrumentalist, engineer, producer ... playing steel on the "Country Gazette" album "All This And Money, Too!", and
Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gib Guilbeau & Rick Lonow from former Burrito line-ups, formed a new band.
They were not allowed to use "The Flying Burrito Brothers", that's why they called themselves "Burrito Deluxe"!

Burrito Deluxe with Gib

Sneaky Pete, Tommy Spurlock
Carlton Moody & Gib Guilbeau

"Burrito DeLuxe" started to record a new album.
Gib Guilbeau was originally part of the band, he sang lead & harmony vocals and played fiddle during the recording sessions, but due to his health he wasn't able to tour at the time.

Willie Watson became the new member.

Burrito Deluxe

Sneaky Pete, Tommy Spurlock
Carlton Moody & Willie Watson

The album "GEORGIA PEACH" was finisehd, dedicated to "The Flying Burrito Brothers" and Gram Parsons. Guests include ex-long-time-Burrito Gib Guilbeau & ex-Burrito David Vaught - (Released December 2002).

Georgia Peach BURRITO DELUXE - Georgia Peach
- BURRITO DELUXE: Georgia Peach

Produced by Tommy Spurlock
Band: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Tommy Spurlock, Carlton Moody & Willie Watson
Guests: Gib Guilbeau, Rick Lonow, David Vaught, Jim Brown, Glen Duncan, Anthony Crawford

Garth Hudson, Gillian Welch, Dave Rawlings, Ketch Secor, Denise Draper, Critter Fuqua, Ketch Secor
John Gardner, Glenn Worf & Randy Hardison.

Wheels / Secret Of Life / Cash On The Barrelhead / Hickory Wind / Bluest Brown Eyes / She's Still The Queen / The Streets Of Baltimore
Call It Love / Christine's Tune (Devil in Disguise) / Memories / She Once Lived Here / Louisiana / Feels Like A Heartache / G.P.

New member on keyboards Garth Hudson (he had played on one of the album tracks and was a member of "The Band")

Burrito Deluxe 2

Sneaky Pete, Rick Lonow, Carlton Moody
Tommy Spurlock & Garth Hudson

Tommy Spurlock & Willie Watson left the band.

New on guitar was ex-Burrito Bobby Cochran and on bass David Rowe.

Burrito Deluxe 2

Bobby Cochran, Sneaky Pete, Rick Lonow
Carlton Moody, David Rowe & Garth Hudson

Following the album release the band played several shows to promote the album.

David Rowe left the band.

Jeff "Stick" Davis (ex-"Amazing Rhythm Aces") is the new bassist.

Burrito Deluxe Stick

Carlton Moody, Sneaky Pete, Bobby Cochran
Jeff "Stick" Davis, Rick Lonow
(Garth Hudson not in the picture)

Bobby Cochran left 2003 to resume a solo career.

DeLuxe Stick

Carlton Moody, Rick Lonow, Jeff "Stick" Davis
Garth Hudson & Sneaky Pete Kleinow

Deluxe Stick Davis

Jeff "Stick" Davis, Sneaky Pete, Carlton Moody
Garth Hudson & Rick Lonow

The album "THE WHOLE ENCHILADA" was recorded - (Released August 2004).

The Whole Enchilada BURRITO DELUXE - The Whole Enchilada
- BURRITO DELUXE: The Whole Enchilada

Produced by Garth Hudson, Carlton Moody & Burrito DeLuxe
Band: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Rick Lonow, Garth Hudson, Carlton Moody & Jeff "Stick"Davis

You Got Gold / The Letter / Woman Like You / Sister / Ezekiel's Wheel / Zydeco Ball / Everywhere I Go / All I Had Left (Left With You)
Memphis Money / Way Back In The Mountains / Baton Rouge / Last Letter Home / Rex Bob Lowenstein / Goodnight.

In spring 2005 Garth Hudson left "Burrito Deluxe".

Richard Bell was the new keyboard player.

DeLuxe Kleinow

Jeff Davis, Sneaky Pete & Carlton Moody

Sneaky Pete Kleinow


Sneaky Pete retires from music and Rick Lonow left the band, but both are listed as "guests" on the next album.

New members are Walter Egan, best known for his gold status single "Magnet & Steel", and writing "Hearts On Fire" which was recorded by Gram Parsons.
New on drums was Brian Owings.

Burrito Deluxe Bell

Jeff "Stick" Davis, Walter Egan, Carlton Moody
Brian Owings & Richard Bell

A new album "DISCIPLES OF THE TRUTH" was recorded with Sneaky Pete & Rick Lonow as guests. Also ex-Burrito Al Perkins played as a guest - (Released March 2007).

Disciples of the truth BURRITO DELUXE - Disciples Of the Truth
- BURRITO DELUXE: Disciples Of The Truth

Produced by Greg Archilla
Band: Carlton Moody, Walter Egan, Jeff "Stick"Davis
Richard Bell & Bryan Owings
Guests: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Al Perkins, Rick Lonow, Mike Daly
Cindy Cashdollar, Barry "Byrd" Burton, Craig Krampf
Daniel Dugmore, Richard Ferreira, Joy Lynn White
Rick Schell, Blue Miller.

Disciples Of The Truth / Out Of The Wilderness / Front Row Seats To Heaven
Wichita / On A Roll / Down On You / When The Summer's Over / Encino
Wrong Side Of Town / Sun Will Rise / Midnight At The Red Light
Who's Gonna Love You.

Again changes on bass and keyboards.

New on bass Michael Supe Granda, he is co-founder of "The Ozark Mountain Daredevils" and
Marty Grebb on keyboards, who toured with Leon Russell, Bonnie Raitt and played on albums of Roger McGuinn, Leon Russell ... .

DeLuxe Disneyland Grebb

Walter Egan, Carlton Moody
& Supe Granda

Deluxe Disneyland Supe

Brian Owings, Carlon Moody &
Supe Granda (hidden)

Sneaky Pete Kleinow passed away on January 6th 2007 from Alzheimer disease at the age of 72! The Kleinow family and "Gramfest" curator, Jon McKinney, organized a public memorial service/musical tribute for Sneaky on January 27th in Joshua Tree, CA.

Back on drums Rick Lonow.
Burrito Deluxe Supe

Supe Granda, Rick Lonow
Cartlon Moody & Walter Egan

Deluxe Lonow Egan

Carlton Moody, Supe Granda
Rick Lonow & Walter Egan

Spring/summer 2009 the band recorded a mini CD with special guest ex-Burrito Al Perkins. This CD was only sold on a European tour. The mini CD simply titled "BURRITO DELUXE".

unreleased mini CD BURRITO DELUXE - (mini CD)

Band: Carlton Moody, Walter Egan, Rick Lanow
& Supe Granda
Guest: Al Perkins on pedal steel guitar and slide guitar

Birmingham / Here today gone tomorrow / Midnight blue
City of Angels / Happy home / Georgia time

Carlton Moody's son Jackson Moody joins on mandolin.

Burrito Deluxe Jackson

Walter Egan, Carlton Moody, Jackson Moody
Supe Granda & Rick Lonow on drums

This line-up plays a festival in Switzerland.

2010 "Burrito Deluxe" folded up shop!

Chris P James, who played behind "The Burrito Brothers" (Gib Guilbeau & John Beland) 1986 at the first "Gram Parsons Tribute" in Nashville with his brother Fred James, secured a record deal and was asked to rebuild the Burritos.

Chris P James also leads a loose aggregation called "The Gram Band". Musicians include Bob Hatter, Billy Block, Mike Webb, Peter Young, Sherrie Kay, ex-Burrito Al Perkins, Tony Paoletta, Gib's son Ronnie Guilbeau, Rick Schell ... .
An album was recorded with Chris P James, ORIGINAL FLYING BURRITO BROTHER from the first incarnation 1967 Barry Tashian, Roland White, Al Perkins, Walter Egan ... ! This album is still unreleased.

Tashian and James

Barry Tashian & Chris James

Around 2000 John Beland hat the legal rights to the name "The Flying Burrito Brothers", 2012 Chris Hillman acquired the rights to the name, and Chris P James tried to get the rights of "The Burrito Brothers" without "Flying". So in the meantime they were just "The Burritos".

Burrito Brothers Supe

Chris James, Walter Egan
Rick Lonow & Supe Granda

This line-up recorded a few demos, but soon Supe Granda left.

Michael Curtis (was in "Crazy Horse", in Gene Clark's "Firebyrds" 1988 and wrote "Southern Cross" for "Crosby, Stills & Nash") came in on bass.

Burrito Brothers Curtis

Chris James, Michael Curtis, Rick Lonow & Walter Egan

After a few weeks in the group Michael Curtis left.

Fred James joined the Burritos. He's Chris' brother.

Burrito Brothers Fred

Rick Lonow, Chris James
Walter Egan & Fred James

The band recorded the album "SOUND AS EVER" - (Released July 2011). They also record "Hearts On Fire", written by Walter Egan, which was recorded by Gram Parsons.

Sound as ever THE BURRITOS - Sound As Ever
- THE BURRITOS: Sound As Ever

Produced by Fred James & The Burritos.
Recorded at Bluesland Studio, Nashville (February & March 2011)
Band: Walter Egan, Chris James, Fred James & Rick Lonow

For The Sake Of Love / Beggar's Banquet / Out Of Left Field / Midnight Blue / I Ain't No Angel
Call It Love / Deep Dark Secrets / Carolina Calypso / City Of Angels / Build A Fire / Angeline
A Hundred Year Flood / How Can You Lose (What You Never Had) / Hearts On Fire / Song And Dance Man.
Bonus track available on iTunes is an alternate mix of Call It Love.

Chris P James acquired trademark rights to the name "THE BURRITO BROTHERS" 2012!

Rusty Russell joined on bass.

Burrito Brothers Fred Egan

Chris James, Fred James, Rusty Russell, Rick Lonow & Walter Egan

The band played gigs in the US, including the "Billy Block Show", The "Waycross Annual Guitar Pull" and Will James' "Gram Parsons InterNational Fest", (and since 2008 as "The Gram Band" "Burrito Deluxe","The Burrito Brothers" and "Mr. Hyde").

Walter Egan left the band, Fred James moved from the pedal steel to guitar & vocals.

Tony Paoletta came in on steel.

Burrito Brothers Rusty Russell

Rusty Russell, Tony Paoletta, Chris James, Rick Lonow & Walter James

Ronnie Guilbeau occasionally joined a Burrito gig.

Rick Lonow left the band to join "Poco", also Rusty Russell left.

September 2014 Gib Guilbeau celebrated his 77th birthday with his friends & family. He shared the stage with son Ronnie Guilbeau, Ray Tapia, Darrell Cotton, Carmine Sardo, Troy Hope, Kelly Moore on steel ... .
Gib Guilbeau passed away April 12th 2016.

Session drummer Peter Young came in on drums and Jody Maphis on bass. Jody was a member of the "Earl Scruggs Revue" in the 70's on drums. His father Joe Maphis wrote "Dim Lights, Thick Smoke ...", a song the Burritos recorded and played live in many line-ups.

Burrito Brothers Jody Maphis

Jody Maphis, Fred James, Chris James
Tony Paoletta & Peter Young

Fred James, Jody Maphis & Peter Young left the band.

New members John Sturdivant, Jr., his grandmother was Kitty Wells.
Larry Mars on bass, (he played with everyone and was in Marty Stuart's band),
Bob Hatter on guitar, (he played with Chris P James and Boomer Castleman in "Mr. Hyde".)

Burrito Brothers Sturdivant

Bob Hatter, Chris James, Tony Paoletta
Larry Mars & John Sturdivant, Jr.

The new album "STILL GOING STRONG" was recorded - (Released May 2018).- (Released May 2018).

Still going strong THE BURRITO BROTHERS - Still going strong
- THE BURRITO BROTHERS: Still going strong

Produced by John Sturdivan, Jr..
Band: Chris P James, Tony Paoletta, John Sturdivan, Jr., Bob Hatter & Larry Marrs.
Additional background vocals by Coley Hinson.

Between your hands and mine / Juanita / Float away / Bound for glory / Just when I needed you
Blood red wine / Fate / Beats the devil / I'll give it to you / Cas Walker's super market
All blue / Burrito Lament #9 / It comes to you.

Larry Mars and John Sturdivant, Jr. left the band.

Peter Young is back on drums.

Burrito Brothers Sturdivant

Peter Young, Chris James
Bob Hatter & Tony Paoletta

"The Burrito Brothers" recorded an album "THE NOTORIOUS BURRITO BROTHERS" released world wide February 2020.
Ronnie Guilbeau is a guest musician on this album and also plays sometimes live with the band.

The Notorious Burrito Brothers THE BURRITO BROTHERS - The Notorious Burrito Brothers
- THE BURRITO BROTHERS: The Notorious Burrito Brothers

Produced by the Burrito Brothers.

Band: Chris P James, Tony Paoletta, Bob Hatter & Peter Young.
Guest Ronnie Guilbeau.

Bring it / Sometimes you just can't win / Love is a river / Dark end of the street / Do right man
Acrostic / Gravity / Hearts desire / Wheels of fire.

Bob Hatter died August 31st 2021!

Steve Allen joins the band on guitar, bass & vocals!

Burrito Brothers Steve Allen

Steve Allen, Chris James
Tony Paoletta & Peter Young

"The Burrito Brothers" recorded an album "TOGETHER" released world wide August 2023.
Guest on string bender is Ronnie Guilbeau & Ronnie Rael.

Together THE BURRITO BROTHERS - Together
- THE BURRITO BROTHERS: Together (SFM Records - SFMCD568)

Produced by Chris P James.

Band: Chris P James, Tony Paoletta, Bob Hatter, Peter Young & Steve Allen.
Guests: Ronnie Guilbeau & Ronnie Rael.

Ms. Misery / Mr. Customs man / Together / I find love / Blood on his hands
Boiling point / Streets of Santa Rosa / I live for loving you / History suite.

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