Solo & Sessions

1985 Greg started to record demos with David Vaught, Jim Goodall and guests Byron Berline and Sneaky Pete Kleinow including :

There she goes/Star of the show/Mt. of aggravation/Hemet

All of which ended up with a little extra overdubbing on Greg's next album "Things Change" along with some newer recordings and the two earlier songs from the Oak label single.

Three further songs from these sessions didn't make it to the album:

  • A new version of "Tomb of the unknown love" (previously recorded a year earlier)
  • The old country standard "Tennessee Waltz" and
  • "Come on Joe" a different version to the one included as a bonus track on the CD reissue of "Things Change".

    "Things Change" - Greg's third solo album - was again released by Italian label Appaloosa in 1988.
    This album was produced by Greg Harris and David Vaught and included Jim Goodall, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Tommy Spurlock, Skip Edwards, Al Perkins and Garth Hudson.

    Things Change GREG HARRIS: Things change
    - GREG HARRIS: Things change (Appaloosa AP 047-1 and AP 047-2)
    Produced by Greg Harris & David Vaught
    with Greg Harris, David Vaught, Jim Goodall, Doug Atwell, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Tommy Spurlock, Skip Edwards, Al Perkins & Garth Hudson.

    Side A: Things change/Hard to take/Blue eyes/Come a little closer/Nt. of aggravation/Star of the show
    Side B: McCraken's hornpipe/Kent Logan's credit cards/There she goes/Hemet/Total recall/Back pages
    Bonus tracks on CD release: Come on Joe/Roseanna

    Flying Burrito Brothers  1987

    Greg - Sneaky - Jim - David

    Note: The later CD re-issue of the album on Appaloosa added two previously unreleased bonus tracks "Come on Joe" & "Roseanna":

    with Gene Clark

    Sneaky/Chaplin/Roberts/Harris/M. Clarke
    G. Clark/Danco/York (hidden)/Goodall

    March 1986 John York did a performance at "Oscar's" in Santa Barbara with Gene Clark, Greg Harris and Nicky Hopkins.

    Another performance with Gene Clark was with Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Blondie Chaplin, Rick Roberts, Greg Harris, Michael Clarke, Gene Clark, Rick Danco, John York and Jim Goodall (see picture left).

    The Flying Burrito Brothers continued touring in the States for the remainder of 1985 and into 1986 and still occasionally joined Gene Clark's Byrds Tribute show.
    However, the initial momentum of 1984/85 was now gone and with the band performing fewer and fewer shows.
    Skip Battin left towards the end of 1986 and was replaced on bass by David Vaught (picture right) but soon afterwards Greg, Sneaky Pete and Jim called it a day and the band just go into limbo without actually breaking up.

    Mercury Records released the "Everly Brothers" album "Some Hearts ..." in 1988 with Greg Harris playing guitar on one song "Angel of the darkness".
    This song was recorded at Criterion Studios in Los Angeles with Albert Lee, Greg Harris, Larrie Londin and John Hobbs.

    THE EVERLY BROTHERS: Some hearts ... Everly Brothers
    - THE EVERLY BROTHERS: Some hearts ... (Mercury 832 520-1)
    Produced by The Everly Brothers
    with Don & Phil Everly, Larrie Londin, Albert Lee, Pete Wingfield, Philip Crnham, Hank DeVito
    Greg Harris & John Hobbs.

    Side A: Some hearts/Don't worry baby/Ride the wind/Be my love again/Can't get over it
    Side B: Angel of darkness/Brown eyes/Three bands of steel/Julianne/Any single solitary heart

    1989 Greg Harris recorded songs at Camp David Studios which were released by Shiloh records in 1990. Title of the album was "Acoustic 2" with 6 new songs recorded at Camp David, 5 songs from his first "Acoustic" album and 1 song from the "Things change" album. New songs were "Waiting for the sun to shine", "Fall creek" a song Byron Berline wrote, "Windy and warm", "Suite 16", "Darkness darkness" and "Wildwood flower":

    Acoustic II GREG HARRIS: Acoustic II
    - GREG HARRIS: Acoustic II (Shiloh SCD4095)
    Produced by Greg Harris & David Vaught
    with Greg Harris, David Vaught,Doug Atwell, Jim Goodall, Chet McCracken, Larry McNeely
    Al Perkins & Peter Wasner.

    Tracks: Norwegian wood/Waiting for the sun to shine/Fall creek/Windy & warm/Finger nail moon/
    Suite 16/Devils dream/Minor swing/Hemet/Darkness darkness/New banjo/Wildwood flower

    In 1990 banjoist Larry McNeely released a solo bluegrass album on the Sheffield Lab label (10030) titled "After Midnight" on which Greg plays acoustic guitar.

    LARRY McNEELY: After midnight Larry McNeely
    - LARRY McNEELY: After midnight (Mercury 832 520-1)
    Produced by Doug Sax
    with Larry McNeely, Sam Bush, Greg Harris, Jack Skinner, Wayne Goodwin, Dennis Karmazyn
    Geoff Levin, Charlie Collins, Gary Walters, John King.

    Tracks: Cajun secret/Foggy Mountain breakdown/After midnight/Spanish lace/
    Sittin' in the morning sun/Sailor had a dream/Leaf in the wind/Runaway train/
    Blue-eyed shiny lady/Pyrannees suite/Like gin/Doc Harris hornpipe/
    Coal black nights/Pinnacle Mountain breakdown

    1994 Greg played together with Sneaky Pete Kleinow, David Vaught and Jim Goodall again as "The Flying Burrito Brothers" a show at the "Redwood Mountain fair" - Highland Park, Ben Lemond above Santa Cruz, CA. New in the set list was a song Michael Smotherman wrote "Can you fool".

    Set list:

    Streets of Baltimore/Cash on the barrelhead/Come a little closer/You ain't going nowhere/Christine's tune (Devil in disguise)/Willin'/Take a city bride/Uncle Pen/Can you fool/Wheels/How mountain girls can love/Rollin' my sweet baby's arms/Buglar/Mystery train/My back pages/Orange Blossom Special

    From Dec. 1995 to March 1996 Greg recorded a new solo album which was released again by Appaloosa records in 1996 as "Electro-Acoustics".
    That album was produced by Greg Harris and The Great. Musicians were again Jim Goodall and David Vaught but also Greg's son Jesse Harris. The album was released 1997 in the US on the Country -Town label titled "Greg Harris". The US version sometimes called "The Great Bandini" has a different track running order.

    Electro-Acoustic GREG HARRIS: Electro-Acoustics Country-Town
    - GREG HARRIS: Electro-Acoustics (Appaloosa AP125-2 and Country Town 1008)
    Produced by Greg Harris and The Great Bandini
    with Greg Harris,Jim Goodall, David Vaught, Jesse Jay Harris & Beth Thompson.

    Tracks: Into the night/Determined to fly/Dewey's reel/Slips right through your fingers/12 string love/Doug tune/Somethin's got a hold of my heart/Valley way/Line in the water/Total recall

    Note: The recording of "Total Recall" is a different version to the one on the "Things Change" album.

    Note: Greg's son Jesse Harris is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and plays pedal steel guitar and banjo on around 7 of those CD's "Pickin on ..." and the two steel guitar tribute CD's to Garth Brooks & ZZ Top. He's also a member of the California bluegrass band Cliff Wagner & Old No 7 who are currently readying their own CD for release.

    Greg Harris

    Greg Harris

    David, Jim and Greg

    David Vaught, Jim Goodall & Harris


    Goodall & Harris

    The "Schankman Twins" (now named Shankman Twins) released their "Duality" CD 1996. The Schankman Twins at the age of 16 are two artists that certainly hold the future of bluegrass in their hands. Both are recognized as accomplished musicians, Dana on banjo and her twin sister Lauren on fiddle have won numerous contests. Their vocals are clear and powerful no matter what they are singing. Their style cannot be described as harmony but more like synchronized singing as they trade the lead back and forth or sing together in the same voice. They are joined on this project by Greg Harris rhythm guitar, Kenny Blackwell on mandolin and guitar and Bill Bryson on bass and this trio provides solid accompaniment.

    SCHANKMAN TWINS: Duality Schankman Twins
    - SCHANKMAN TWINS: Duality (CWR 4816)
    with Dana Schankman, Lauren Schankman, Greg Harris, Kenny Blackwell, Bill Bryson & Michael Alden.

    Tracks: Montana cowboy/Apple Jack/Shuck in the corn/Waterbound/Blue Kentucky girl/Thibodaux/
    When the roses bloom in Dixieland/Sally Ann/Shenandoah/Lauren goes to town/Livin on love/
    Back to Dixie/Grandpa get your guitar/Ashoken farwell/How mountain girls can love

    1997 Shiloh Records released a CD with the title "A treasury of American railroad songs, ballads and folklore". This various artists CD has two songs produced and recorded by Greg Harris, "John Santa Fe" and "Orange Blossom Special". Other songs on this 20 track CD were performed by Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau, Larry Robinson, Rick Cunha, Marty Cooper, Mike Masters and Jamie Olsen. Music directors on that album were Gib Guilbeau and Wayne Moore.

    Produced by Gib Guilbeau, Greg Harris, Dale Davis, Wayne Moore, Larry Robinson & Marty Cooper
    with Greg Harris, Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Maxine Anderson, Pamela Berry, Marty Cooper, Rick Cunha, Shawn Davis, Bence Higman, John Jarvis, Bill Kernodle, Roy Langston, Greg Leisz, Rick Littlefield, Mike Masters, Jamie Olsen, Wille Ornelis, Dennis Parker, Larry Robinson, Art Rodriguez & Jerry Swallow.

    Greg Harris tracks: John Santa Fe/Orange Blossom Special
    other tracks are: Frisco's Tommy Tucker/Burlington Zypher/The canonball/Navisky/Old horny toad/City of New Orleans/Greenlight on the southern/Cajun train/Pan American boogie/Old train/Wabash canonball/North coast daylight/The night they drove old Dixie down/Lordsburg ladies/Greenville trestle/Ballad of the Frisco/Verde valley line/Hobos lullaby

    Shortly after that first "Railroad album" Wayne Moore recorded 1998/99 a second railroad album which was released again by Shiloh Records 2001. Wayne Moore is doing all lead vocals but Greg Harris played guitar, mandolin and banjo on that album. Other musicians were Gib Guilbeau and Greg Leisz. Title of that album was "A treasury of American railroad songs & ballads - Volume 2".

    Produced by Dale Davis, Wayne Moore & Gib Guilbeau
    with Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau, Greg Harris, Greg Leisz, Frank Scaltrito, Darrell Cotton & Pamela Berry.

    Tracks: Put me on a freight train/Ben Dewberry/Hobo's last ride/Eingine engine # 9/The wreck of the sportsman/Little stream of Whiskey/Last Cannonball/Starlight on the rails/Paradise/Wreck of the C&O # 5/Rock island line/Wreck of old 97/King of the road/Pan American/Hummingbird/Mystery train/Wreck of the 1256/One more ride/Number 9, number 9/Life's railway to heaven

    On 6th April 2002 Greg Harris performed at the "ERIC WHITE Benefit show". Other artists were Gib Guilbeau, The Grateful Dudes (with Bill Byrson, Leroy Mack), Cliff Wagner & Old No. 7 (with Jesse Harris), Jim Olesh with Eric White on bass. Gib joined also the stage when Greg Harris performed with his son Jesse Harris, Bill Bryson & Ross Landry. Greg played a fantastic acoustic Bluegrass set of old and new songs: "Footprints in the snow", "Louise", Salt creek", "Solid ground" (a song Greg Harris wrote), "Dark hollow" and "Get together".

    In October 2002 Gib Guilbeau celebrated his 65th birthday in Pahrump, Nevada. This two day party at "Our Bar", a neighborhood bar owned by Gib's friends, had about 45 musicians and a couple of hundred party goers. Greg Harris and son Jesse Harris were part of it and also Darrell Cotton, Wayne Moore and his son Troy Hope, Bruce Oakes, Jack Reeves, Carmine Sardo, Ray Tapia and many, many others ... .

    Gib's birthday party

    Gib Guilbeau's Birthday Party 2002
    Gib Guilbeau / Alec Palao / Jack Reeves / Wayne Moore / Greg Harris

    Greg continues to play with the Bandini Brothers and he also performs with his two sons Jesse and Graham. They are currently working on a new acoustic album. They hope to record this spring and hopefully plan a trip to Europe some time in the future.

    Greg Harris

    Greg Harris

         Jesse Harris

         Jesse Harris

         Sneaky Pete

         Greg Harris

    2004 a new Greg Harris compilation CD (compilation of three CDs previously released on "Appaloosa Records") with the title "Drivin Wheel" was released. It includes the best cuts from all three CDs.

    Drivin wheel GREG HARRIS: Drivin wheel
    - GREG HARRIS: Drivin Wheel (HarrisMusic)
    Produced by Greg Harris & David Vaught
    with Greg Harris, Garth Hudson, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Byron Berline, Al Perkins
    Jim Goodall, Skip Edwards, Doug Atwell & Beth Thompson.

    Tracks: Roll on brother / Star of the show / Blue eyes / Cash on the barrelhead / Into the night
    Things change / How mountain girls can love / Drivin wheel / Hemet / Determind to fly

    Fall 2005 Greg's sons Jesse & Graham released a fantastic CD with their group Rancho Deluxe. Rancho Deluxe is Mark Adams on acoustic guitar and vocals, Jesse Harris on acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin and harmony vocals and Graham Harris on bass.
    Father Greg plays wooden banjo on the CD and co-wrote the instrumental tune "On The Fence" with son Jesse.
    Jesse says: "I wrote it with my dad, actually he showed me the turnaround lick, and then I wrote the tune around that lick. So we didn't actually write it "together" but I felt he deserved credit for showing me the lick."

    RANCHO DELUXE Rancho Deluxe
    - RANCHO DELUXE: Rancho Deluxe
    Produced by Jesse Jay Harris
    with Jesse Jay Harris, Mark Adams & Graham Harris
    Additional musicians: Greg Harris, Don Heffinton, JayDee Maness, Megan Lynch, Michael Witcher and David Vaught.

    Tracks: Rock Bottom / Fall From Grace / Follow Your Heart / Hometown Blues / On The Fence / Steepin' Off The Line
    Lonesome Home Security / I Bought A Bottle / Hey You / Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You / Small Town Gossip

    2008 Rancho Deluxe (Greg's sons Jesse Jay & Graham) released a second CD with father Greg as additional musician:

    RANCHO DELUXE: True Freedom Rancho Deluxe
    - RANCHO DELUXE: True Freedom
    Produced by Jesse Jay Harris
    with Jesse Jay Harris, Mark Adams & Graham Harris
    Additional musicians: Greg Harris, Don Heffinton, JayDee Maness, Skip Edwards, Megan Lynch & Michael Witcher.

    Tracks: Too Late / Maintenance Man / Hard Times / Valley Of The Bears / Sleep When You're 80 / Ghost Town
    Semi-Cool Cube / Bone Rock Breakdown / Mercy Me / True Freedom / Pine Street Saloon / Best Of The Fray
    Templeton Gap / Whisky & Saturday Nights

    2008: Greg Harris' new solo CD with the title "The Record" is finished and out now.
    Greg wrote all the songs except one which is co written with Rick Danko.
    Greg and David Vaught played all the instruments except for some very hot Telecaster from Greg's son Jesse Jay Harris and drums on one song by old friend Don Heffington.

    The Record GREG HARRIS: The record
    - GREG HARRIS: The Record (HarrisMusic)
    Produced by David Vaught
    with Greg Harris, David Vaught, Jesse Jay Harris & Don Heffington

    Tracks: The Gilded Palace Of Sin / Long Lonesome Feelin' / Wills Point / The Long Road To Nowhere
    The Sunday News / Murriettas Gold / Don't Do That / Evergreen Blueshoes / Mary Celeste / Dales Tune



    Listen to sound samples and order CD from CDBaby.


    The Palomino Riders

    April 2009 - new song available as mp3 download at CDBaby "Bernie made off with the cash" written by Greg.
    Greg played everything except some bass and rhythm mandolin track played by his son Jesse.
    You can watch that video on YouTube.

    Greg has almost finished a new project with original songs except for a cover of "Do right woman" to be released soon digitally only on CDBaby. Featuring Greg's old friend Skip Edwards (piano and steel guitar for Dwight Yoakam) and with Greg in the 80'.

    Greg is also involved in a band project "The Palomino Riders", right now recording at Greg's house in Malibu.
    Members are Greg Harris, Jesse Jay Harris (Greg's son), David Vaught, Skip Edwards, JayDee Maness and Don Heffington.

    Jesse Jay Harris 2010 Rancho Deluxe (Greg's son Jesse Jay Harris' band) released a new CD again with father Greg as additional musician who plays banjo, mandolin, fiddle and is singing harmony vocals.:

    RANCHO DELUXE: Brand New Weekend Rancho Deluxe
    - RANCHO DELUXE: Brand New Weekend
    Produced by Jesse Jay Harris
    with Jesse Jay Harris & Mark Adams, Jim Doyle, Gary Steinmann, Danny Naccarato
    Greg Harris & Gary Brandin.

    Tracks: Taking you out tonight / Natural disaster / Don Ritual / Maryanne / Brand new weekend / It gets too rough
    Villa creek / Goodbye Santa Cruz / Strangers / Laptop Radio FM / Over the moon / The riptide

    Greg's son Jesse Jay Harris is currently focused on writing and producing his own brand of telecaster driven country rock and released his first solo CD with the title "Solid Ground".
    Jesse wrote all songs, except the song "Solid Ground" which was written by Jesse Jay and his father Greg Harris and "The best part" and "A fine line" which was written by Jesse Jay and Arash Mobayen.
    You can order this CD from CDBaby

    Solid Ground JESSE JAY HARRIS: Solid Ground
    - JESSE JAY HARRIS: Solid Ground (Jesse Jay Harris)
    Produced by Jesse Jay Harris
    with Jesse Jay Harris, Jim Doyle, Dan Fredman, Megan Lynch and Dave Zirbel.

    Tracks: Solid Ground / Last Train Home / Long Way To Run / The Best Part / A Fine Line
    Nashville Snow / Election Day / Thanks Danny / What Should Be Do / Elan

    Jesse has his own web-page!

    On June 12th 2011, father and son sharing the stage together. Greg Harris and Jesse Harris doing The Flying Burrito Brothers "Sin City" on the back porch of "The Grand Ole Echo" feat. Cliff Wagner.

    2011 - New Jesse Jay Harris CD "Home" available from CDBaby, iTunes and elsewhere!

    JESSE JAY HARRIS: Home Jesse Jay Harris
    Produced by Jesse Jay Harris
    with Jesse Jay Harris & Jim Doyle

    Tracks: When the good times come back again / You say a lot / The walls come down / Gonna get gone tonight
    Heavy air / Straight and narrow / Sad to say / Home / FDRs dream

    On September 18, 2011 "The Palomino Riders" (Greg Harris, Jesse Harris, Cliff Wagner, Don Heffington, Mike Baker & John McClung) performed at the "Gram Parsons Tribute" at the "Grand Ole Echo" in Los Angeles.
    Watch here "Streets of Baltimore" and find more clips on YouTube searching for "The Palomino Riders".

    !!! 2012 - New GREG HARRIS CD out now !!!

    New Greg Harris CD "The Last Of The Great Old Country Rockers" out now!
    The CD features seven originals and tow covers!

    The last of the great old country rockers GREG HARRIS: The Last Of The Great Old Country Rockers
    - GREG HARRIS: The Last Of The Great Old Country Rockers (Greg Harris)
    Produced by David Vaught & Greg Harris
    with Greg Harris, David Vaught, Skip Edwards & Don Heffington.

    Tracks: The last of the great old country rockers / Where's your cowboy hat / Heartache / Brother Lee Love
    Can you fool / Model T / My record on the pig / Do right woman / G Whizz

    This CD is only available as mp3 download from CDBaby!

    Now Greg is living just outside Austin Texas with access to some great players and some great places to play.
    Visit Greg's new official web-page at:

    Greg Harris

    at "Cypress Creek Cafe" (Wimberley Texas)

    Greg and Jesse Harris

    Greg & Jesse Harris

    2015 MRM Records (a branch of Appalossa Records) released a CD with Greg's best songs from the last few years.
    All instruments and vocals by Greg Harris except two songs with Greg's son Jesse Jay Harris on tele, Dan Heffington drums and Skip Edwards on steel guitar and keyboards.
    All songs written by Greg Harris except "Mexico " written by Greg and Rick Danko, "Can you fool" written by Michael Smotherman and "Do right woman" written by Chips Moman and Dan Pen.

    GREG HARRS HARRIS: Long Lonesome Feelin Long Lonesome Feelin
    - GREG HARRIS: Long Lonesome Feelin (MRM Records 005-2 - 2015)
    Produced by David Vaught
    with Jesse Jay Harris, Don Heffington & Skip Edwards

    Tracks: Long lonesome feelin / The last ofd the great old country rockers / Wills point / The gilded palace of sin / Where's your cowboy hat
    Can you fool / Brother Lee love / Dales tune / I couldn't stand the heartache / Long road to nowhere / Do right woman / My record on the pig / Mexico

    Here is a little clip about Greg's career and music from his new CD:

    Tribute to the Flying Burrito Brothers

    50th Anniversary Tribute

    March/April 2015 Greg was on tour in Europe (Italy & Switzerland) with Italian musician Marco Zanzi!

    50th Anniversary Tribute To The Flying Burrito Bros

    2019, the "50th Anniversary All-Star Tribute to THE FLYING BURRITO BROS.", has finalized its line-up of legacy musicians, culled from The Who's Who of Country Rock and Americana music genres.

    Greg Harris a member of the Flying Burrito Brothers 1978/79 and 1984-1987 on guitar and fiddle, leads the band. Jeff Pevar, playing with David Crosby and Phil Lesh, plays guitar and steel guitar, David Jackson, playing with Jackson Browne and Dillard & Clark, is on bass and Don Heffington, playing with Bob Dylan and Emmylou Harris, is on drums.

    U.S. dates this Fall ... European dates next Winter are set!

    Check back for more info on the the 50th Anniversary Tribute To The Flying Burrito Brothers!

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