1991 - 1995

Band Members

Gib Guilbeau, John Beland, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Chris Ethridge, Brian Cadd, Larry Gadler
Greg Harris, David Vaught, Jim Goodall, Bobby Cochran, Phil Lee, Charlie Harwood & Gary Kubal

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Gib Guilbeau, John Beland, Sneaky Pete Kleinow
Larry Gadler, Gary Kubal & Brian Cadd

John Beland, still residing in Nashville, renewed an old friendship with Australian born country - rocker & songwriter Brian Cadd who had an extensive recording career both in his native country and the States where he had recorded a number of albums on which John Beland and Sneaky Pete had both played.
The Burritos were pretty much lying dormant again in the early 1990's but John recruited Brian into the band as singer -songwriter and to play keyboards ,and the pair start writing songs together and recording some demos and planning the next era of the band.

In Spring 1993 they contacted former members to discuss reuniting for a new recording project and after much persuasion Gib, Sneaky Pete & Chris Ethridge joined John and Brian in Tennessee and without a full time drummer Ronnie Tutt, one time Elvis Presley band member, "guests" at the sessions.
The sessions, at The Salad Bowl in Franklin, Tennessee during the very hot Summer of 1993 proceed smoothly with John & Brian doing the production chores but most of all avoiding the conflicts that had plagued the band in the past.
The resultant album "Eye Of A Hurricane" was initially released later in the year in the UK by the Sundown label although it did gain subsequent release in the US on One Way Records.
It was only to be expected that the bulk of the material would come from the Beland & Cadd partnership both from a songwriting and vocal standpoint although Gib is well served with five songwriting credits including a couple with John & Brian. It is also important to note that Chris Ethridge was allowed to sing one of his own songs albeit the weak, "Smile" demonstrating the efforts made to keep everyone happy.
Overall a strong well produced album justifying the decision to reunite but both Sneaky Pete & Chris Ethridge returned to their own projects after the recording was completed leaving most of the promotion work to John & Brian although Gib did join them for a short tour in Europe, Switzerland & Italy, with Larry Gadler filling the bass position again.

Eye of a hurricane THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Eye Of A Hurricane
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Eye Of A Hurricane (SUNDOWN CDSD 075 (UK) / ONE WAY OW 30330 (US) 1993)

Produced by John Beland and Brian Cadd
Band: John Beland, Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Brian Cadd, Chris Ethridge
Guest: Ronnie Tutt

Wheels Of Love / Like A Thief In The Night / Bayou Blues / Angry Words / Rosetta Knows / Heart Highway / I Sent Your Saddle Home
Jukebox Saturday Night / Arizona Moon / Wild Wild West / Eye Of The Hurricane / Sunset Boulevard / Smile

Apart from this short tour promotion of the album was mainly concentrated on radio and TV including an appearance on Music City Tonight in May 1994 where they performed the lead track from the record "Wheel Of Love" and the much older "Dark End Of The Street".

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Sneaky Pete, Phil Lee & Gib Guilbeau

In early summer 1994 a hurriedly assembled and short lived line-up comprising Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Greg Harris, Jim Goodall and David Vaught on bass, played a few local gigs around California including the Redwood Fair at Highland Park in June 1994 which circulates on tape. Greg, Jim & David had been playing locally as "The Great Bandini", David also owned the Camp David studios which Greg used to record much of his later solo work.

Very little was heard about the band for the next year except in 1995 when Sneaky Pete, Gib Guilbeau, Bobby Cochran, Charlie Harwood along with singer songwriter Phil Lee recorded four publishing demos at Criterion Studios The songs, all written and sung by Phil, were circulated on a cassette by Criterion Music in an unsuccessful attempt to stimulate new interest in the band. The songs :

"Blueprint For Disaster", "Nobody But You", "I'm Gonna Quit While I'm Ahead", "Good For You"

Phil Lee later signed a solo deal with the Shanachie label and re - recorded the first two songs for his first solo album released in 1999.

Also during 1995 John Beland and Brian Cadd along with ex - Burrito, Al Perkins, and other Nashville based musicians recorded an album "The Nashville Country Classical Orchestra" for the German Fresh label, playing music written by Mozart, Beethoven etc...
This album was produced by a German duo, Carry & Ron, and later the same year the Beland / Cadd produced a Country album on the duo titled "Legend In The Making" also contributing a number of songs to the album , again for the Fresh label.


1996 - 2000

Band Members

John Beland, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gib Guilbeau, Brian Cadd, Ronnie Guilbeau
Larry Patton, Gary Kubal, Wayne Bridge & Earl Ball

In February 1996 The Flying Burrito Brothers were booked for a tour in Spain.
The dates were: February 3th Pamplona, 7th Barcelona, 8 th Madrid, 9th San Sebastián & 10th Getxo.
The line-up was: Gib Guilbeau, John Beland, Brian Cadd, Wayne Bridge on steel, Gary Kubal on drums & Ronnie Guilbeau on bass.
They also did a live performance for a Spanish TV channel!
Chris Ethridge was supposed to go on this tour but the day before leaving he was not able to go on this tour.

After this tour John and Brian went their separate ways with Brian Cadd returning to his native Australia and as John decided to get the Burrito's up and flying again. Both Sneaky Pete & Gib still out in California had suffered heart problems which limited their involvement to the new recordings at studios in Nashville & Henderson, Tennessee.
John, in addition to bringing back Larry Patton along with Gary Kubal on drums, got the likes of Waylon Jennings, Buck Owens, Charlie Louvin & Joel Sonnier to make guest appearances. To cover for Sneaky's limited availability , ex Burrito Al Perkins and Sonny Landreth shared the steel and slide guitar duties with Sneaky.

The resultant album "California Jukebox" was picked up by the American Harvest label and released in 1997, by which time John had relocated back to Yountville, California.
Another well produced album with a generous fifteen tracks and a varied mixture of material.
Gib, who was recovering from a heart bypass operation, had only a couple of vocal outings revisiting his "Sweet Susanna" and an adequate cover of Neil Young's cajun flavoured "Dance, Dance, Dance".
In addition to the title track John has another three songs, "San Fernando Road", "World Without Love" and a song left over from his days writing with Brain Cadd "Take A Walk On the Edge". Waylon shares lead vocals on Rodney Crowell's "Ain't Living Long Like This" with a similar arrangement to Waylon's own version many years before. Charlie Louvin sings on "My Baby's Gone" and Buck Owens adds acoustic guitar to "Buckaroo". The recent upsurge of "alternative country" provided the source for a couple of songs - The Jayhawks "Two Hearts" & Jay Farrar's "Windfall".

California jukebox THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - California Jukebox

Produced by John Beland
Band: John Beland, Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Larry Patton & Gary Kubal
Guests: Dennis Belfield, Al Perkins, Tony Harrell, Jo-El Sonnier, Sonny Landreth, Billy Thomas
Buck Owens, Waylon Jennings & Charlie Louvin.

San Fernando Road / Sweet Susanna / Back To Bayou Teche / Cailfornia Jukebox / Buckaroo / Tomorrow We'll Do It Again
World Without You / Dance, Dance, Dance Willin' / Two Hearts / Ain't Living Long Like This / Take A Walk On The Edge
My Baby's Gone / CJB Revisited


Sneaky Pete & Gib Guilbeau leave the band in late 1997 both for medical reasons and unhappy with the direction the band is going.

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Larry Patton, John Beland
Gary Kubal & Wayne Bridges

John Beland becomes the legal owner of the FBB name and with the addition of Wayne Bridge and Earl Ball make a short tour of Norway with one of the shows recorded and broadcast by NRK radio. Tapes from this tour testify the band played as a really tight unit and sounding as good as any previous incarnations in a live setting.

Grateful Dead / Arista records signed the band to a new record deal and during the Spring of 1999 recording commenced at John's studio in Yountville, Ca. Following the trend of California Jukebox several special guests , Merle Haggard, Ricky Skaggs, The Oak Ridge Boys, Delbert McClinton & Alison Krauss contributed their vocal and instrumental talents to the project.

The album "Sons Of the Golden West" released in the summer of 1999 is without doubt the strongest one produced by the band for many years with John's softer vocals matched against Larry Patton's "honky tonk" approach. The decision again to use outside material as well as from within the band no doubt had a beneficial effect on the fourteen song album.
John had six songs including the title track and the instrumental "Pull This" also wrote, "Area 51", "Pioneer Zephyr Train", "Up On Sycamore" & "Down At The Palomino" with the lyrics of the latter two reminiscing about his early days on the California music scene. John also revisited the days he spent with Rick Nelson by including the Baker Knight song "Never Anyone Else But You" which charted for Rick in the late 50's.

Larry Patton added a couple of songs "Genuine Healer" and a somewhat jokey tribute "Ode To Gram". Merle Haggard added his vocals to his own "Mama's Hungry Eyes", and on the version of Hank Williams "Honky Tonk Blues", Delbert McClinton was featured on harmonica and vocals, Wayne Bridge shows he was a more than capable replacement for Sneaky Pete.

Sons of the golden west THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Sons Of The Golden West

Produced by John Beland
Band: John Beland, Larry Patton, Gary Kubal & Wayne Bridges
Guests: Earl P. Ball, Merle Haggard, Alison Krauss, Ricky Skaggs, Sam Bush, The Oak Ridge Boys
Delbert McClinton, Jamie Whiting, Charlie Cushman, Dave Roe, Roddy & Milla Love
John Fittiipoldi & Billy Thomas.

Sons Of The Golden West / Honky Tonkin' / Area 51 / Mama's Hungry Eyes / Pioneer Zephyr Train / When I Was A Cowboy
Down At The Palomino / Genuine Healer / Pull This / Anyone Else But You / Honky Tonk Blues / Up On Sycamore
Locked Away / Ode To Gram

The album was very well received and is probably the most successful for many years and was prominent in the "Americana" charts for many weeks.

ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU (1 track promo) (GRATEFUL DEAD GDPCD-3716 - 1999)

No sooner had the new millennium come then the band set off in January for a fairly lengthy tour of Australia also including shows in Hawaii. The shows proved very popular and the album was released on the Stallion label (owned by John's old cohort Brian Cadd) to tie in with the visit under a new title "Honky Tonkin" with some minor track changes.

Returning to the US after the tour, John had planned for the next release to be a "Best Of" compilation but adding a number of new recordings, again with guests, to complete the album.
However this plan was dropped later in the year when John unexpectedly announced the end of the band, which was initially contested by Sneaky Pete & Gib Guilbeau but as John had the sole legal rights to the name there was nothing more they could do. John felt the band had gone as far as it could and has since returned to a solo career performing in L.A.and recording a solo release "Bare Bones".

In 2002 John released a compilation album "Burrito Works" containing previously released material from the band's 1990 albums and concentrated largely on John's contributions to the band.

Various compilation albums and re-releases from that period:

- HONKY TONKIN' (STALLION SW 99018 (AUSTRALIA) 1999 / ONE WAY OW 35186 (US) 2002)
Australian release of "Sons Of The Golden West" with "Mama's Hungry Eyes" replaced by "Wheel Of Love" from the "Eye Of the Hurricane" album.
In 2002 this album was released in the US by the One Way label featuring the same 14 songs
but with the added bonus of 2 songs recorded live by the band during their 1999 tour of Norway.

- BURRITO WORKS (GOLDEN WEST 07244-9 (US ) 2001)
(Mail order only release from John Beland))
A compilation taken from the three 1990's albums

A compilation of FBB and John Beland solo tracks

(Mail order only release from John Beland))
A compilation of John Beland FBB tracks

So after 23 long years and around 60 members (at the last count) the story ends.

MAYBE !!!!!!!!!!

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