2002 - 2010

Burrito DeLuxe

Sneaky Pete, T. Spurlock, c. Moody & W. Watson

Band Members

Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Carlton Moody, Tommy Spurlock
Rick Lonow, Willie Watson, Garth Hudson, Bobby Cochran, Jeff "Stick" Davis
Walter Egan, Richard Bell & Brian Owings

But that's not quite the end of the story because as we have already seen nothing is ever simple with the Burrito story.
In Nashville Tommy Spurlock and Carlton Moody had co-opted Sneaky Pete into a new recording project dedicated to the Flying Burrito Brothers & Gram Parsons.
However because of John Beland's ownership of the "Flying Burrito Brothers" name, the band called themselves "Burrito DeLuxe" featuring Sneaky Pete and with two other ex Burrito members in Cochran & Lanow the band's activities are included here.

The sessions were recorded at Tommy Spurlock's Nashville Studio and "Camp David" owned by David Vaught in Thousand Oaks, California, himself a brief member of the Burrito's in the 1990's, and who also participated on some tracks playing Bass.
The basic band for the recordings were Kleinow, Spurlock, Lonow, Watson & Moody with the latter two handling most of the vocals although Gib Guilbeau did contribute lead vocals to a couple of songs. This unit was augmented by various Nashville studio musicians such as Glen Duncan, Anthony Crawford, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings.
The resulting album "Georgia Peach" was released by Lamon Records in 2002 and contains a mixture of new material and songs associated with the Burritos & Gram Parsons.

Georgia Peach BURRITO DELUXE - Georgia Peach
- BURRITO DELUXE: Georgia Peach (LAMON RECORDS LR-10299-2 (US) 2002)
An album dedicated to the Flying Burrito Brothers & Gram Parsons with contributions from former band members
Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gib Guilbeau & Rick Lonow.

Produced by Tommy Spurlock
Band: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Tommy Spurlock, Carlton Moody & Willie Watson
Guests: Gib Guilbeau, Rick Lonow, David Vaught, Jim Brown, Glen Duncan, Anthony Crawford

Garth Hudson, Gillian Welch, Dave Rawlings, Ketch Secor, Denise Draper, Critter Fuqua, Ketch Secor
John Gardner, Glenn Worf & Randy Hardison.

Wheels / Secret Of Life / Cash On The Barrelhead / Hickory Wind / Bluest Brown Eyes / She's Still The Queen / The Streets Of Baltimore
Call It Love / Christine's Tune (Devil in Disguise) / Memories / She Once Lived Here / Louisiana / Feels Like A Heartache / G.P.

Following the album release the band played several shows to promote the album including a short tour of France & Holland. However, Tommy Spurlock & Willie Watson did not perfom any of these live dates so ex "Band" member Garth Hudson who had played on one of the album tracks joined along with bassist David Rowe (later replaced by Jeff "Stick" Davis (ex-Amazing Rhythm Aces) and another ex Burrito, Bobby Cochran.

Burrito DeLuxe

Sneaky Pete, R. Lonow, G. Hudson, C. Moody & J. Davis

Burrito Deluxe

B. Cochran, Sneaky Pete, R. Lonow, C. Moody, D. Rowe, G. Hudson

This line-up continued throughout 2003 until Bobby Cochran left to resume a solo career leaving a stable lineup of Moody, Kleinow, Hudson, Lonow, Davis who in early 2004 recorded a second album "The Whole Enchilada" released in Europe in July on the Corazong label to coincide with a band tour of the UK & Ireland, the US release on Luna Chica followed in August although one song "Goodnight" from the Corazong album was not included on this US album.

The Whole Enchilada BURRITO DELUXE - The Whole Enchilada
- BURRITO DELUXE: The Whole Enchilada (LUNA CHICA 001 (US) / CORAZONG 255078 (EUROPE)) 2004)
The European release contains an extra track 'Goodnight' not on the US release..

Produced by Garth Hudson, Carlton Moody & Burrito DeLuxe
Band: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Rick Lonow, Garth Hudson, Carlton Moody & Jeff "Stick"Davis

You Got Gold / The Letter / Woman Like You / Sister / Ezekiel's Wheel / Zydeco Ball / Everywhere I Go / All I Had Left (Left With You)
Memphis Money / Way Back In The Mountains / Baton Rouge / Last Letter Home / Rex Bob Lowenstein / Goodnight.

Following the UK & Irish tour Burrito Deluxe continued to play gigs in the US including a live video webcast on the "Woodsongs - Old Time Radio Show".

Burrito DeLuxe

J. Davis, W. Egan, C. Moody. B. Owings & R. Bell

In the spring of 2005 it was announced that Garth Hudson had left the band to resume a solo career and his replacement was Richard Bell on keyboards. Later in the year Sneaky Pete retires from music and Rick Lonow also leaves the band, their replacements are former solo artist and Brooklyn Cowboys member Walter Egan on vocals & guitar and drummer Brian Owings. In early 2006 this new line-up record a new album in Nashville "Disciples Of The Truth".


Disciples of the truth BURRITO DELUXE - Disciples Of the Truth
- BURRITO DELUXE: Disciples Of The Truth (Luna Chica)

Produced by Greg Archilla
Band: Carlton Moody, Walter Egan, Jeff "Stick"Davis
Richard Bell & Bryan Owings
Guests: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Al Perkins, Rick Lonow, Mike Daly
Cindy Cashdollar, Barry "Byrd" Burton, Craig Krampf
Daniel Dugmore, Richard Ferreira, Joy Lynn White
Rick Schell, Blue Miller.

Disciples Of The Truth / Out Of The Wilderness /Front Row Seats To Heaven
Wichita / On A Roll / Down On You / When The Summer's Over / Encino
Wrong Side Of Town / Sun Will Rise / Midnight At The Red Light
Who's Gonna Love You.

Note: A "preview sampler" for the album includes the song "Something to remember you by" which is not included on the album.

Note:  In 2009 the album was repackaged as a 2 Disc set with the addition of the live concert DVD featuring the band members listed above with guests Barry "Byrd" Burton (Guitars), Vicky Carrico & Mike Black (Backing vocals). The setlist is:
Cash On The Barrellhead / Out Of The Wilderness / Witchita / Disciples Of The Truth / On A Roll / The Wrong Side Of Town When It Comes Down To You / Encino / Front Row Seat To Heaven / Bluest Blue Eyes / Sun Will Rise / Midnight At The Redlight / Zydeco Ball
The DVD also contains bonus features including interview material, a band history, biograhies of Carlton Moody & Walter Egan, photo album, some live footage and tributes to both Sneaky Pete Kleinow & Richard Bell.

The band toured the UK and Ireland in the summer of 2006 to promote the new album titled "Disciples Of the Truth". The album was released in March 2007.

When not working with Burrito Deluxe the band's lead vocalist, Carlton Moody, lives in France and is a resident performer at Disneyland - Paris and was recently honoured with dual awards from Disney and the CMA France for his efforts in bringing live country music to Europe with the presentation taking place at Planet Hollywood, Disneyland - Paris on November 29th 2006. After the presentation, Burrito Deluxe hit the stage at Billy Bob's in Disney's village and played a one hour concert for a capacity audience that served as the European launch for "Disciples Of The Truth" when the band played the entire album and a few extra songs.
The band line-up for this show was Carlton Moody (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin), Walter Egan (Electric Guitar, Vocals), Brian Owings (Drums), Supe Granda (Bass), Marty Grebb (Keyboards).

Sneaky Pete Kleinow passed away on January 6th 2007 from Alzheier's desease at the age of 72!
The Kleinow family and Gramfest curator, Jon McKinney, organized a public memorial service/musical tribute for Sneaky on Saturday, January 27th in Joshua Tree, CA.
Musicians who celebrated the life of this man who influenced so many were: Gib Guilbeau, Bernie Leadon, Albert Lee, Spencer Davis, Chris Etheridge, John Mueller, Michael Vosse (producer), Rick Lonow, Tommy Spurlock, Carlton Moody, Hyland Church and John York.

On June 15 2007 Richard Bell (Burrito DeLuxe keyboarder) died after a long battle with multiple myeloma cancer in Toronto, Canada.

Spring/Summer 2009 Burrito Deluxe recorded a mini CD (with special guest Al Perkins) to be sold at their European tour. It wasn't released because of "Luna Chica" didn't renew the contract.

unreleased mini CD BURRITO DELUXE - (mini CD)

Band: Carlton Moody, Walter Egan, Rick Lanow
& Supe Granda
Guest: Al Perkins on pedal steel guitar and slide guitar

Birmingham / Here today gone tomorrow / Midnight blue
City of Angels / Happy home / Georgia time


The Burritos

Fred James, Rick Lonow, Walter Egan & Chris James


2010 - 2013

Band Members

Chris James, Walter Egan, Rick Lonow, Fred James
Jody Maphis, Peter Young, Tony Paoletta, Rusty Russell

Following the break up of Burrito Deluxe in 2010 a new line up known simply as THE BURRITOS form and sign a deal with the German label "SPV Records" and the band now comprises Walter Egan, Rick Lonow and brothers Fred & Chris James.

Around this time Chris James along with Barry Tashian, Roland White, Al Perkins,Walter Egan & others record a still unreleased album titled "THE GRAM BAND".
The album contains a dozen songs associated with Gram Parsons including both Parsons compositions and songs he performed live during his time with the Flying Burrito Brothers.

Gram Band THE GRAM BAND - The Gram Band
- THE GRAM BAND: The Gram Band (BBR Records 2021)

Produced by Chris P James & Randy Coleman
Recorded at The Colemine, Nashville, TN
Band: Chris P James, Kenne Cramer, Chip Abernathy, Brina Bepo & Sherrie Kay
guests: Al Perkins, Barry Tashian, Roland White, Walter Egan & Mike Webb

Blue Eyes / November Nights / More And More / Everybody Loves A Winner / Ain't No Beatle, Ain't No Rolling Stone
Don't Let Her Know / Just Can't Take It Anymore / Out Of Control / Wheel Of Fortune / One Day Week / Widow Maker / Apple Tree

In 2011 German label SPV / Yello released a new album titled "Sound As Ever" simply credited to "The Burritos" with the band now comprising Walter Egan, Rick Lonow and brothers Fred & Chris James.
The album contains mostly new material written by band members but there are a couple of reminders of Burrito history, firstly with the inclusion of the song "Hearts On Fire" and secondly by "Carolina Calypso" (written by Walter Egan & Gram Parsons) however earlier recordings of both songs can be found on the debut album "Doin' Time On Planet Earth" released in 2000 by one of Walter's previous bands "The Brooklyn Cowboys".


Sound as ever THE BURRITOS - Sound As Ever
- THE BURRITOS: Sound As Ever (SPV / Yellow 309462CD)

Produced by Fred James & The Burritos.
Recorded at Bluesland Studio, Nashville (February & March 2011)
Band: Walter Egan, Chris James, Fred James & Rick Lonow

For The Sake Of Love / Beggar's Banquet / Out Of Left Field / Midnight Blue / I Ain't No Angel
Call It Love / Deep Dark Secrets / Carolina Calypso / City Of Angels / Build A Fire / Angeline
A Hundred Year Flood / How Can You Lose (What You Never Had) / Hearts On Fire / Song And Dance Man.
Bonus track available on iTunes is an alternate mix of Call It Love.


The Flying Burrito Brothers

Rusty Russell - Tony Paoletta - Chris James - Rick Lonow - Fred James


2014 - 2018

The following year Chris James acquires the trademark rights to "The Burritos Brothers" name in 2012 and in the same year Chris Hillman gains the rights to "The Flying Burrito Brothers".

The Burrito Brothers

Peter Young, Fred James, Tony Paoletta, Chris James & Jody Maphis

Following the release of the "Sound As Ever" album the band continued to play live on a somewhat irregular basis until 2013 when Walter Egan left to concentrate on his solo career.

In 2013 Walter Egan leaves so Fred James moves to guitar & vocals and is replaced on pedal steel by Tony Paoletta.

During the next couple of years there are further line-up changes with Ronnie Guilbeau joining the band on occasions and Rick Lonow leaving to join Poco being replaced by Peter Young on drums, Jody Maphis (member of the Earl Scruggs Revue in the 70s. His father Joe Maphis wrote "Dim lights, thick smoke & loud, loud music&quto;) takes over from Rusty Russell on bass.
In 2015 the band with the current line up of Chris & Fred James, Tony Paoletta, Peter Young & Jody Maphis sign with "Lowe Rider Entertainment" and a new album tentatively titled "Still Going Strong" is planned for a 2016 release with a live album also planned.

2018 the new ablum from "The Burrito Brothers" album "Still going strong" saw the light of day!
The album bridges from past to future, paying homage to the roots while taking an explorational musical journey. Certainly, it brings to the listener an audible vacation to a new place while having a sense of home for those familiar with the group.

The opening track, "Between Your Hands and Mine" (penned by Gram Parsons (lyrics) and Chris James (music)), is a testament to the bridge and the group's longevity. Songwriter Mike Ward had been given a notebook full of poetry, song ideas, lyrics and to-do-lists of Gram Parsons' by John Nuese. Chris composed music to Gram's lyric.
Two songs were co-written by Gib Guilbeau's (a member of the Burritos for nearly 25 years!!!) son Ronnie Guilbeau!
Good idea to use the cabin on the cover of "Gilded Palace Of Sin" for the look of this cover!


The Burrito Brothers 2019

Bob Hatter, Tony Paoletta, Chris James & Peter Young

Still going strong THE BURRITO BROTHERS - Still going strong
- THE BURRITO BROTHERS: Still going strong (Junction Records JR3313)

Produced by John Sturdivan, Jr..
Band: Chris P James, Tony Paoletta, John Sturdivan, Jr., Bob Hatter & Larry Marrs.
Additional background vocals by Coley Hinson.

Between your hands and mine / Juanita / Float away / Bound for glory / Just when I neede you
Blood red wine / Fate / Beats the devil / I'll give it to you / Cas Walker's super market
All blue / Burrito Lament #9 / It comes to you.



"The Burrito Brothers" (Chris James, Tony Paoletta, Bob Hatter & Peter Young) are working on a new CD!

Visit their official web-page: The Burrito Brothers


Gilded Palace of Sin Tribute

Gilded Palace of Sin @50 Fest, Gram Parsons InterNational XII

What a show - 9th November 2019 at "The Local" in Nashville:
The Burrito Brothers®
Ronnie Guilbeau Band (FBB and son of Gib Guileau FBB)
Larry Patton (FBB)
Kai T. Clark (son of Gene Clark, original Byrds)
The Ned Hill Band
Walter Egan and the Walternative Band (Magnet & Steel, Gram Parsons, Hearts on Fire, Burrito Deluxe) w/ Donna Frost
The So Lows.

The Burrito Brothers® (playing the entire Gilded Palace of Sin album).
Seven high-energy cosmic country bands in six hours!

The 12th annual Gram Parsons InterNational Nashville Fest celebrates the 50-year anniversary
of the groundbreaking album "Gilded Palace of Sin" ... and of course all else Gram Parsons, Flying Burrito Brothers, and Cosmic American Music.

A live CD from the Burrito Brothers performance was relesed 2021!

Live 2019 THE BURRITO BROTHERS - Live 2019
- THE BURRITO BROTHERS: Live 2019 (BBR Records)

Produced by Chris P James.

Band: Chris P James, Tony Paoletta, Peter Young, Michael Curtis.
Ronnie Guilbeau, Walter Egan, Noah Bellamy, Larry Patton
Ronnie Rael, Troy Krusz, Pamela Des Barres & Will James.

Christine's tune (Devil in disguise) / Sin city / Do right woman / Dark end of the street / My uncle
Wheels / Juanita / Hot Burrito #1 / Hot Burrito #2 / Do you know how ti feels? / Hippie boy

Former Burrito member Greg Harris did a "50th Anniversary Tribute" to the Flying Burrito Brothers in the fall of 2019 and spring 2020 in Europe and US.

FBB Tribute

50th Anniversary Tribute To The Flying Burrito Bros

The "50th Anniversary All-Star Tribute to THE FLYING BURRITO BROS.", has finalized its line-up of legacy musicians,
culled from The Who's Who of Country Rock and Americana music genres.

Greg Harris a member of the Flying Burrito Brothers 1978/79 and 1984-1987 on guitar and fiddle, leads the band.
Jeff Pevar, playing with David Crosby and Phil Lesh, plays guitar and steel guitar.
David Jackson, playing with Jackson Browne and Dillard & Clark, is on bass.
Don Heffington, playing with Bob Dylan and Emmylou Harris, is on drums.

U.S. dates this Fall ... European dates next Winter are set!


The Burrito Brothers

Peter Young, Chris P James, Bob Hatter & Tony Paoletta



The Burrito Brothers released a new CD worldwide!

The Notorious Burrito Brothers THE BURRITO BROTHERS - The Notorious Burrito Brothers
- THE BURRITO BROTHERS: The Notorious Burrito Brothers (SFM Records)

Produced by the Burrito Brothers.

Band: Chris P James, Tony Paoletta, Bob Hatter & Peter Young.
Guest Ronnie Guilbeau.

Bring it / Sometimes you just can't win / Love is a river / Dark end of the street / Do right man
Acrostic / Gravity / Hearts desire / Wheels of fire.

2020 Chris James released the first "Sidelines" CD. This is an anthology of non-album Burrito tracks. Recordings that for various reasons weren't a part of any of "The Burrito Brothers" albums.
These tracks were recorded in between the making of the regular albums or as singles and one-offs. Some also were recorded before the poeple involved were in the Burrito Brothers. They became "Burrito" recordings when it was realized that the musicians who did the sessions became "Burrito Brothers" band members later.


Sidelines BURRITO DELUXE - Sidelines
- BURRITO DELUXE: Sidelines (BB Recordings 2020

Produced by Chris P James.

Musicians: Chris P James, Bob Hatter, Fred Jaems, Boomer Castleman, Jimmy Olander
Todd Rubenstein, Jack Howell, Tony Paoletta, Joe Webber, Jody Maphis, Michael Curtis
Peter Young, Rick Lonow, John Sturdivant, Gary Kubal, Dave lemonds, David James.

She's so Mary / Standin' on a corner / Peace / John Riley / Drops of rain / Love is a river
Oh lonesome me / Raining on me / Tragedy / I don't want to talk about it.


A second volume of Burrito Brothers related recordings that weren't included in any of the regular albums was released 2021.
It includes gems through the years that feature familiar "Burrito" names.

Sidelines BURRITO DELUXE - Sidelines II
- BURRITO DELUXE: Sidelines II (BBR Records 2021

Produced by Chris P James.

Musicians: Chris P James, Wlater Egan, Bob Hatter, Rick Lonos, Michael Webb, Boomer Castleman
Al Perkins, Ronnie Guilbeau, Gary Kubal, John Beland, Steve Bryant, Mark Holzinger, Jack Howell
Dave Lemonds, Jeff Lewis, Scott Baggett, Tony Paoletta, Ed Klancnick, Gaylord Klancnick
Rusty Russell & Wayne Killius

The virgin / Boy from the country / The reason why / Mr. McAlister / Wildfire / Confusion
Broken angel / Lenny, Nick & Joe / Not for me / Dangerous hours / Love don't live here any more.

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