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About this page

This is a non profit Clarence White fan page!
There are a few Clarence White web-pages on the internet but there is no complete bio- and discography out there.
Also no Clarence White book was ever written. That's the reason why I did this web-page.
Of course I had to use other sources like album and CD liner notes, magazine articles, book articles etc...,
and I also used pictures from records, magazines and some I found on the internet.
If someone has the copyright to a picture etc... and wants it removed, please send an e-mail and I will remove it from my web-page.
I also want to make promotion for Clarence White releases like:
the great releases from John Delgatto on Sierra Records,
the "Bakersfield International" releases compiled by Alec Palao on Big Beat,
The Byrds re-releases on Sony with musical consultant Roger McGuinn etc...

If someone has new information for this web-page, pictures, stories ...
don't hesitate and send an e-mail to me at

And now enjoy the Clarence White bio- & discopraphy!