Swampwater: Swampwater (1st LP)

Swampwater (1st LP)

This is the first SWAMPWATER LP on King Records
Liner notes by Gene Parsons, Clarence White & Linda Ronstadt

Produced by John Wagner

Gib Guilbeau: fiddle, guitar
John Beland: guitar, dobro, piano
Stan Pratt: drums
Thad Maxwell: bass

Side one:
Louisiana woman (Gib Guilbeau)
Workin' on a tugboat (Gib Guilbeau)
Desperations back again (Gib Guilbeau)
It's your game Mary Jane (Gib Guilbeau)
River people (Gib Guilbeau)
Man from New Orleans (John Beland)

Side two:
Take a city bride (Gib Guilbeau)
Kathleen (John Beland)
Nashville lady (John Beland)
Look out your window (Gib Guilbeau)
Big bayou (Gib Guilbeau)

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