Gib Guilbeau: Songs I Like

Songs I Like front

This is the US "Beau Town" release!

Songs I Like 2

This is the European and Canadian "Carazong" release!

This is the Gib Guilbeau: Songs I Like CD.

Produced by Gib Guilbeau.

Gib Guilbeau: fiddle, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, organ, vocals
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: steel guitar
Eric White: acoustic bass
Wayne Moore: electric bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Ronnie Guilbeau: guitars, mandolin
Darrell Cotton: vocals
Hans Ram: drums, percussions
Alec Palao: bass
Stan Pratt: drums
Mark Winkle: drums, percussions, congas
Del Gray: drums
Tim Moore: piano
Ray Tapia: bass
Carmine Sardo: electric guitar
Troy Hope: guitars, vocals
Dennis "Boomer" Morse: bass
Leo Davis: mandolin


1. No Matter Where You Go (Gib Guilbeau)
2. That's How People Are (Gib Guilbeau/Ronnie Guilbeau)
3. My Robin (Gib Guilbeau)
4. In The Bahamas (Gib Guilbeau/Frank Dycus)
5. Red Mountain Wine (Gib Guilbeau/Thad Maxwell)
6. It's Your Game Mary Jane (Gib Guilbeau)
7. Sweet Rosie (Gib Guilbeau)
8. Gentle Way Of Loving Me (Gib Guilbeau)
9. Walk On The Water (Gib Guilbeau/Joel Scott Hill)
10. Moma Had No Place To Go (Gib Guilbeau)
11. In The Morning (Gib Guilbeau)
12. River People (Gib Guilbeau)
13. Nickels And Dimes (Gib Guilbeau/Ronnie Guilbeau/Troy Hope)
14. Jump Frog (Gib Guilbeau)
15. A Woman's Disgrace - duet with Wayne Moore (Gib Guilbeau/Wayne Moore)
16. Long Gone World Of Mine (Gib Guilbeau)
17. A Quarter Till Two (Gib Guilbeau)
18. Caroline Gives (Gib Guilbeau)
19. You'll Just Have To Trust Me (Gib Guilbeau)
20. You're Mine (Gib Guilbeau)
21. If I Were You - duet with Troy Hope (Gib Guilbeau/Ronnie Guilbeau/Troy Hope)
22. I'll Live Today (Gib Guilbeau)
23. I Can't Believe It's Me - duet with Darrell Cotton (Gib Guilbeau)
24. Miles And Cities (Gib Guilbeau)

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