Burrito Deluxe: Georgia Peach

Burrito Deluxe

This is the Burrito Deluxe: Georgia Peach album

Produced by Tommy Spurlock

Burrito Deluxe are:
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: steel guitar
Tommy Spurlock: electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, mandolin, steel guitar, dobro, lap steel
Carlton Moody: acoustic guitar, vocals
Willie Watson: vocals

Guest artists:
Gib Guilbeau: vocals, fiddle
Rick Lanow: drums
David Vaught: bass
Jim Brown: keyboards
Glen Duncan: fiddle
Barry Bales: bass
John Gardner: drums
Don Rigsby: vocals
Garth Hudson: keyboards
Gillian Welch: vocals
Dave Rawlings: vocals
Ketch Secor: fiddle
Denise Draper: vocals
Glenn Worf: bass
Randy Hardison: drums
Anthony Crawford: vocals

Track list:
Wheels (Ch. Hillman/G. Parsons)
Secret of life (T. Spurlock/L. Powers/E.B. Lee)
Cash on the barrel head (I. & Ch. Louvin)
Hickory wind (G. Parsons/B. Buchanan)
Bluest brown eyes (C. Moody/E.B. Lee)
She's still the Queen (T. Spurlock/M. Cowart)
Streets of Baltimore (H. Howard/T. Glaser)
Call it love (R. Lanow/R. Guilbeau/B. Crain)
Christine's tune (G. Parsons/Ch. Hillman) - Gib Guilbeau lead vocal & fiddle
Old memories (C. Moody/J. Powell/P.D. Ruff)
She once lived here (A. Inman)
Louisiana (G. Guilbeau/John Beland) - Gib Guilbeau lead vocal
Feels like a heartache to me (G. Guilbeau/R. Guilbeau)
G.P. (L. Powers/T. Spurlock)

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