Various Artists: The other side

The other side

This is the Various Artists: The other side album with Gib Guilbeau

Produced by Dawn Hopkins
Half of the songs co-produced, engineered by Gib Guilbeau and recorded in Gib's studio.

Dawn Hopkins
Gib Guilbeau
Albert Lee
Jerry McWorter
Line Kjorsvik
Mike Massey
Carmine Sardo
Lou Sardo
Buddy Sardo
Paul Marshall
Theresa James
J.D. Bender
Brent Harding
Matt Faust
Dylan Sardo
David Jackson

Track list:
A little in love - Dawn Hopkins
Marlene - Jerry McWorter
9 ball down - Line Kjorsvik
I hope my trip to heaven - Mike Massey
Til I gain control again (written by Rodney Crowell) - Carmine Sardo
Life's too short to belong - Lou Sardo
For your love - Dawn Hopkins
Pickin and grinnin - Mike Massey
Clayton Delaney - Carmine Sardo
Road hog - Dawn Hopkins
Pouring rain - Buddy Sardo
Two hundred miles - Jerry McWorter
Stronger than you know - Dawn Hopkins
Hometown hobo - Mike Massey
Make me love you - Line Kjorsvik
Pool song - Dawn Hopkins
Last train - Jerry McWorter
Coming home - Dawn Hopkins
Only for me - Jerry McWorter
Please don't write a sad song - Mike Massey
I'm not home - Carmine Sardo

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