Bruce E. Oakes: Picking with friends

Picking with friends

This is the Bruce Oakes: Picking with friends CD.

Produced by Gib Guilbeau and Bruce Oakes.

Bruce Oakes
Gib Guilbeau
Wayne Moore
Ray Tapia
Carmine Sardo
Dillon Sardo
Doug Livingston
J.D. Maness

On Bruce Oakes bonus tracks:
Bruce E. Oakes
Gib Guilbeau
Gene Parsons
Clarence White
Wayne Moore
Vern Gosdin
Rex Gosdin

Musicians on "My Robin" by Gib Guilbeau:
Dave Kirby: bass
Billy Sanford: lead guitar and dobro
Reggie Young: lead guitar
Pete Drake: steel guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins: piano
Henry Strzelcki: bass
Ralph Gallant: drums
Ray Edenton: rhythm guitar
Glen Kenner: rhythm guitar
Johnny Gimble: fiddle and mandolin
The Jordanaires: background vocals


Don't you be here - duet with Gib Guilbeau (Gib Guilbeau/Thad Maxwell)
Cindy of New Orleans (Waylon Jennings)
I picked a bad day (Gib Guilbeau/Ron Guilbeau/Troy Hope)
A million times before (Gib Guilbeau/Ron Guilbeau/Shannon O'Neill)
Tonight Carmen (Marty Robbins)
I know the blues (Gib Guilbeau/Ron Guilbeau)
In the Bahamas (Gib Guilbeau/Frank Dycus)
Same old moon (Gib Guilbeau/Ron Guilbeau)
Go for it baby (Bruce Oakes/Darlene Oakes)
Nickels and dimes (Gib Guilbeau/Ron Guilbeau/Troy Hope)
It feels like a heartache (Gib Guilbeau/Ron Guilbeau)
Sweet Rosie (Gib Guilbeau)
Fiddle playing cajun man (Gib Guilbeau)

Bonus tracks:

I don't play love (Floyd "Gib" Guilbeau)
I'll live today (Gib Guilbeau)
Gib Guilbeau: My Robin (Gib Guilbeau)
On pins and needles (Bruce E. Oakes)
The lineman song (Bruce E. Oakes)

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