The New Millenium

2001 Beau Town Records has released a Gib Guilbeau CD "Classic Guilbeau (1968-1986)" with 3 songs containing all members of "Nashville West" (Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Clarence White & Gene Parsons). Those songs are:

  • Home of the blues
  • Lodi
  • Baby lock the door

    Also 2001 Wayne Moore has released the second Railroad album:

    Railroad II A Treasury Of American Railroad Songs & Ballads - Volume II
    - WAYNE MOORE: Treasury of railroad songs & ballads - Volume II (Shiloh SCD 4098)
    Musicians: Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau, Greg Harris, Darrell Cotton,
       Greg Leise, Frank Scaltrito, Pamela Berry
    Producers: Dale Davis, Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau
    Concept & executive producer: Dale Davis
    Music directors: Gib Guilbeau & Wayne Moore
    Research: Gene A. Humphrey & David Mitchell
    Recorded at Wayne Moore Studios, Rio Rancho/NM and The Rainbow Garage, Van Nuys/CA.

    Track list:

  • Put me on a freight train (Max D. Barnes)
  • Ben Dewberry (Andrew Jenkins)
  • Hobo's last ride (Tom Creighton)
  • Engine engine #9 (Roger Miller)
  • The wreck of the sportsman (Bernice Coleman)
  • Little stream of Whiskey (John Burke)
  • Last cannonball (Mary McCarlin)
  • Starlight on the rails (Louise Scruggs)
  • Paradise (John Prine)
  • Wreck of the C&O #5 (Carson J. Robison)
  • Rock island line (Traditional)
  • Wreck of old 97 (Vernon Dalbart)
  • King of the road (Roger Miller)
  • Pan American (Hank Williams)
  • Hummingbird (Unknown)
  • Mystery train (Sam Phillips/Hermann Parker, Jr.)
  • Wreck of the 1256 (Carson J. Robison)
  • One more ride (Bob Nolan)
  • Number 9, number 9 (Unknown)
  • Life's railway to heaven (Kirk Maver/Michael Blakeley)
  • Wayne Moore

    From July to September 2001 Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau, Darrell Cotton & Ernie Williams recorded again together. During the early 60's those four were in several bands like " The Four Young Men", "The Young Men Four" and "The Castaways".
    They recorded some old classic songs like "That'll be the day", "It's only make believe", "Only the lonely", "Danny boy", "Peggy Sue" and many, many more.
    They also re-recorded three songs which were released by the "Four Young Men" and "The Castaways" in the early 60's.

    The Brothers album The Brothers
    - THE BROTHERS: Children of the fifties (Beau Town Records BEA 225003)
    The Brothers are: Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau, Darrell Cotton & Ernie Williams.
    Guests: Albert Lee, Ray Tapia.
    Produced by Gib Guilbeau & Darrell Cotton.
    Arranged by Wayne, Gib, Darrell & Ernie

    Track list:

  • We shall rise above it all (Guilbeau/Beland)
  • Poor boy's dream (Guilbeau/Moore/Cotton/Williams)
  • That'll be the day (Holly/Allison/Petty)
  • It's only make believe (Twitty/Nance)
  • Blue blue day (Gibson)
  • Teen angel (Surrey)
  • You've been torturing me (Guilbeau/Moore/Cotton/Williams)
  • You're the reason (Edwards/Henley/Imes/Fell)
  • Only the lonely (Orbison/Melson)
  • Singing the blues (Ensley)
  • Ashes of love (Anglin/Anglin/Wright)
  • Donna (Valens)
  • Just before dawn (Miller/Aldridge)
  • Young love (Joyner/Cartney)
  • Danny boy (public domain)
  • Peggy Sue (Holly/Allison/Petty)
  • Indian love call (Friml/Hammerstein II/Harbach)
       Bonus Track:
  • Hinkley Valley Boys - Live radio broadcast 1957
       featuring Darrell, Gib and Ernie

  • The Brothres

    THE BROTHERS: Gib Guilbeau, Ernie Williams
    Darrell Cotton & Wayne Moore

    Wayne is singing lead vocals on "That'll be the day", "You've been torturing me", "Ashes of love" and "Peggy Sue".

    Brothers live

    More pictures HERE !!!

    New Year Eve 2001/2002 "The Brothers" played live in Rancho Cordova/California at the "Rancho Cordova Moose Lodge".
    with Gary Paxton

    Gary S. Paxton, Vicky Sue & Wayne

    They had a ball singing the old songs and some cajun stuff. The gig was about 5 hours and they only had two breaks. On drums was a local drummer - John Ciccarelli.
    More pictures from that night click HERE!

    Summer 2002 Wayne visited Gary Paxton, his wife Vicky, and son little Gary in Branson/Missouri (see picture on the right).

    Big Beat label released the "Cajun Gib & Gene" album from the 60's with a lot of bonus tracks, singles etc .... and also unreleased tracks. Title of the CD is "Louisiana Rain". Wayne is playing on a few songs and it also contains his single with Gib Guilbeau "World of dreams".

    In October 2002 Gib Guilbeau celebrated his 65th birthday in Pahrump, Nevada. This two day party at "Our Bar", a neighborhood bar owned by Gib's friends, had about 45 musicians and a couple of hundred party goers...
    Wayne Moore, Darrell Cotton, Bruce Oakes, Greg Harris and his two boys, Jack Reeves and many, many others.
    Pictures from Gib's birthday party with Wayne click here.
    The picture where Wayne is playing with Gib, Alec & Troy - who is playing the mandolin - is Wayne's son. He has two sons that play music Troy and Wayne Joseph and two grandsons Rory and Danny (ages 10 and 8 ) that play music too. Also a granddaughter Rachel who sings.


    Wayne 2002

    Gib Guilbeau has released a new solo CD at his Beau Town Records label with Wayne Moore playing bass and guitar. Wayne is also singing a duet with Gib on "Woman's Disgrace" which Wayne wrote together with Gib and was recorded by the "Gosdin Brothers".

    - GIB GUILBEAU: Songs I Like (Beau Town Records BEA 225005)
    with Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Darrell Cotton, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Eric White
    Ronnie Guilbeau, Del Gray, Ray Tapia, Stan Pratt, Alec Palao, Troy Hope, Carmine Sardo
    Tim Moore, Hans Ram, Mark Winkle, Leo Davis, & Dennis "Moomer", Morse.

    Big Beat label released 2003 a Clarence White CD with the title Tuff & Stringy - Sessions 1966-68 with Wayne Moore playing on a lot of tracks and also singing lead vocals on three songs (1 songs "Guitar pickin' man" is unreleased). More info on the Wayne Moore Nasvhille West page. (Also a picture of the cover).

    Wayne Moore solo CD WAYNE MOORE
    - WAYNE MOORE: Walk And Talk With Jesus (GMM-0001-2)
    Musicians: Wayne Moore
    with Gib Guilbeau, Troy Hope, Eric White, Chuck Moore & Duke Weddington

    Tracks: I Want To Live My Life For Jesus / The Little Church / Yesterdays Dream /
    If You Think He Don't Love You / I'll Meet You In Heaven / His Love /
    Written On The Stone / Jesus Is My Lord / Out Of The Blue / Walk And Talk With Jesus /
    Train Of Life / Grace Mountain (Instrumental)

    !!! ORDER NEW CD HERE !!!

    In June 2003 I visited Wayne Moore and his wife Yvonne. We had a great time!

    Wayne and me

    Wayne Moore and me

    The Peasall Sisters and Wayne

    Wayne & The Peasall Sisters

    Oktober 2003 Big Beat released the legendary "Gosdin Brothers" album " Sounds Of Goodbye" with "The Reasons" aka "Nashville West" (Wayne Moore, Clarence White, Gene Parsons and Gib Guilbeau). This compilation collects the complete album with unreleased material and also the legendary Edict single produced by Chris Hillman with Michael Clarke and Clarence White.

    Summer 2003 Wayne had a visit from a group in Nashville, they're called The Peasall Sisters. They sang in the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" with actors George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson & John Goodman. On the left is a picture when they visited Wayne.

    Wayne's son Troy Hope & Gib Guilbeau's son Ronnie Guilbeau recorded an album with the title "Ronnie & Troy". Most songs were recorded at Gib's studio "Studio 47" and Shannon O'Neill's studio, but also at Ronnie's studio in Nashville and Troy's studio in Palmdale. Wayne appears on a few songs.

    Ronnie Guilbeau & Troy Hope album with Wayne Moore
    - RONNIE GUILBEAU & TROY HOPE: Ronnie & Troy (CDR only)
    with Ronnie Guilbeau, Troy Hope, Gib Guilbeau, Wayne Moore, Mike Huffard, Bessel Dujion

    Gib Guilbeau has produced the new Bruce Oakes' CD with special guests Wayne Moore, JayDee Maness etc ... . Most songs on this CD were penned by Gib and his son Ronnie. Bonus tracks are the great early Bruce Oakes singles from 1967 and 1968 with Wayne Moore, Clarence White, Gene Parsons, Gib Guilbeau and the Gosdin Brothers!

    BRUCE OAKES CD with Wayne Moore
    - BRUCE OAKES: Picking with friends (Boomer Records 102640-1-CD)
    with Wayne Moore, Gib Guilbeau, Ray Tapia, Carmine Sardo, Dillon Sardo, Doug Livingston, J.D. Maness
    and on the bonus tracks Clarence White, Gene Parsons and Vern & Rex Gosdin

    Nite Rider

    NITE RIDER 2004
    Bill / Wayne / Edna / Richard

    Big Beats successful reissue programme drawing from the vaults of Gary S Paxton's Bakersfield International Productions continues with an exciting various artists volume featuring more rare mid-late 1960s country and country rock gems, with many released for the first time.
    The new "Bakersfield CD" will be released end of June 2004 as "Bakersfield Rebels - Late 1960s gems featuring Clarence White, The Nashville West Band and others". More info on the Wayne Moore Nasvhille West page.

    Visit the web-page of Wayne's good friend John Cody Carter. John Cody Carter performed with Willie Nelson and Freddy Powers in the 1997 movie "Tales Out Of Luck", opened shows for Merle Haggard, recorded duets with Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, wrote songs for HAG etc ... .

    Nite Rider = Wayne, Bill Kelley, Edna & Richard Martin got together summer 2004.

    Wayne's CD "Walk and talk with Jesus" is on the reference list of eligible recorded product of the International Bluegrass Music Association!

    Check out mp3tunes.com! Wayne's CD "Walk And Talk With Jesus" has been #1 on the bluegrass charts for five days in a row and two singles, "Walk And Talk With Jesus" is #2, and "I Want To Live My Life For Jesus" is #1 on the singles charts.

    !!! Brand new WAYNE MOORE CD 2008 !!!

    Available soon!! The long awaited third Railroad album feat. Wayne Moore, Jeff Scroggins (provides the incredible hard-driving banjo work on this album. Jeff took up banjo as a young Oklahoma teenager under the guidance of legendary banjo player Alan Munde (from legendary Bluegrass Group "Country Gazette"). He continued to hone his craft and ultimately became the national banjo champion at the famous Winfield, Kansas bluegrass championships.) and Clayton Burrows (Clayton was home-schooled from first grade. He got his first guitar at age seven, and his first mandolin on his 13th birthday. He recently competed at the Arizona Bluegrass Association State Championships, in Wickenburg, Arizona, and became the 2005-2006 Arizona State Mandolin Champion.):

    Railroad III A Treasury Of American Railroad Songs & Ballads - Volume III
    - WAYNE MOORE: Treasury of railroad songs & ballads - Volume III (Shiloh SCD 4099)
    Musicians: Wayne Moore, Jeff Scroggins & Clayton Burrows
    Concept & executive producer: Dale Davis & Wayne Moore
    Recorded at Grace Mountain, Rio Rancho, NM
    Nashville West, Hollywood, CA &
    Shiloh Records, Huntington Beach, CA.

    Track list:

  • Freedom Train (Irving Berlin)
  • Those Forgotten Trains (Unknown)
  • Train Carrying Jimmy Rodgeres Home (Greg Brown)
  • Pine Knot Cannonball (George Edgin)
  • Midnight Train To Georgia (Jim Weatherly)
  • Steel Rail Blues (Gordon Lightfoot)
  • Hellbound Train (Unknown)
  • Train Of Life (Wayne Moore)
  • Waiting For A Train (Jimmie Rodgers)
  • Midnight Flyer (Paul Craft)
  • Gila-Monster Route (Traditional)
  • Last Train From Poor Valley (Norman Blake)
  • City Of New Orleans (Steve Goodman)
  • Steel Rails (Louisa Brownscomb)
  • Pie In The Sky (Traditional)
  • Lincoln's Funeral Train (Norman Blake)
  • I'll Just Catch A Train And Ride (Ralph Stanley II)
  • Long Black Train (Conway Twitty)
  • Marakesh Express (Graham Nash)
  • Fireball Mail (Floyd Jenkins)
  • Wayne Moore
    Kentucky Colonel


    Wayne is looking forward to begin another gospel album.

    Also John Cody Carter from Nashville will release a gospel album of Wayne's songs.

    Late 2009 Wayne recorded in his studio Richard Martin (Nite Rider band with Wayne, Bill Kelley, Richard and Edna Martin), he did cowboy type music.

    2010 Wayne was honored a "Kentucky Colonel". "Kentucky Colonel" is an honorarry title bestowed upon individuals by approval of the governor of Kentucky. The mission of this organization is to raise money to support needy charities, educational efforts and other works that will help all citizens of Kentucky.

    Wayne Moore: "I'm very proud to be a part of my birth state, Kentucky's highest honor!".

    Some of the recipients include: Muhammad Ali, Fred Astaire, Johnny Depp, Dale Evans, Jeff Foxworthy, Glenn Frey (Eagles), Clark Gable, Bob Hope, Dwight Yoakam ... .


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