Larry Murray: Sweet country suite

Country suite

This is the Larry Murray: Sweet country suite album.

Produced by Larry Murray & Ken Mansfield.

Larry Murray: guitar, vocals
Gib Guilbeau: fiddle, vocals
John Beland: guitar, vocals
Buddy Emmons: pedal steel guitar
Thad Maxwell: vocals
Stan Pratt: vocals
Stephens Lafever: bass
Larry Brown: drums, piano
John David Souther: drums, guitar
Paul Parrish: guitar, piano
Dick Rosmini: guitar
Jimmy Fadden: harmonica
John McEuen: mandolin
Bud Shank: flute
Eugene Cipriano: English horn
Bill Hinshaw: French horn
Clydie King: vocals
Venetta Fields: vocals
Sherlie Matthews: vocals

Side one:

Headed For The Country (Larry Murray)
Big Bayou (Gib Guilbeau)
Country Comfort (Larry Murray)
Back To The Good Earth (Larry Murray)
Sweet Country Suite (Larry Murray)
Dakota (Larry Murray)

Side two:

Buglar (Larry Murray)
When I See Jamie (Jaynie) (Larry Murray)
Out To Sea (John David Souther)
Nora's Boy (Larry Murray)
All I Need Is A Friend (Larry Murray)

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