Larry Groce: Crescentville

Larry Groce

This is the Larry Groce: Crescentville album.

Larry Groce
Gib Guilbeau
John Beland
Dean Webb
Sneaky Pete Kleinow
Doug Dillard
Billy Ray Lathum
Wilder Brothers
Berke McKelvey
John Maggi
Mark Bickerton
The Sounds Of Sunshine
Allen Breneman
George Wilder
Ron Krisel
Nancy Krisel
Devon Groce
Bruce Larson

Side one:

The bumper sticker song
If I can't be with you
Mr. Hill (after Attica Riot)
Where are the wide open spaces?
Muddy boggy banjo man

Side two:

The rabbit song
Like the trout dart about
Everytime I say I'm sorry
Just another American dream

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