John David Souther: John David Souther

J.D. Souther

This is the John David Souther: John David Souther album.

Produced by Fred Catero & J.D. Souther.

J.D. Souther: bass, huitar, piano, vocals
Gib Guilbeau: fiddle, violin
John Barbata: drums
Michael Bowden: bass
Fred Catero: guitar
Ned Doheny: guitar
Glenn Frey: guitar
Bryan Garofalo: bass
  David Jackson: bass, keyboards, piano
Gary Malaber: drums, keyboards
Gary Mallaber: drums
Mickey McGee: drums
Wayne Perkins: bottleneck guitar, guitar
Joel Tepp: bass, harp

Side one:

The Fast One (J.D. Souther)
Run Like A Thief J.D. Souther)
Jesus In 3/4 time (J.D. Souther)
Kite Woman (J.D. Souther)
Some People Call It Music (J.D. Souther)

Side two:

White Wing (J.D. Souther)
It's The Same (J.D. Souther)
How Long (J.D. Souther)
Out To Sea (J.D. Souther)
Lullaby (J.D. Souther)

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