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Floyd Gib signed with the Alshire label and cut many tracks in Nashville with the top sessionmen 2 albums and several singles. But Gib mentioned in an interview 1976 that those songs were only demo-recordings and were never recorded to be released on record.

Gib said about this time:

"By this time I'd been to Nashville, and I got to admit I liked Los Angeles a lot better. It was more comfortable for me in Los Angeles, but I did have a lot of friends in Nashville and I was writing songs and wanted to break out of there. So I went every chance I got, met all the people I possibly could and hung out with my friends, but I didn't want to move to Nashville. In the meantime I was also doing some recording of my own. Some of the stuff has been released in different countries, and some of it is still in the cans. That, and writing a lot, lasted three or four years. Then I just got tired of doing a lot of studio work and tired of being on the road, being a sideman, so finally I hung it up for a while. Said, "Well, I'm gonna only do studio work, maybe even record an album".

Gib Guilbeau albums
- GIB GUILBEAU: Gib Guilbeau sings (Alshire S5287 and A/S 209)
with: Gib Guilbeau, Dave Kirby, Billy Sanford, Reggie Young, Peter Drake, Hargus Robbins, Henry Strzelcki, Ralph Grallant, Ray Edenton, Glen Kenner, Johnny Gimble, The Jordanaires

- GIB GUILBEAU: Gib Guilbeau (Alshire S5355)
with: Gib Guilbeau, Dave Kirby, Billy Sanford, Reggie Young, Peter Drake, Hargus Robbins, Henry Strzelcki, Ralph Grallant, Ray Edenton, Glen Kenner, Johnny Gimble, The Jordanaires.
Musicians on "Baby lock the door" and "Red water" were: Clarence White, Gene Parsons, Wayne Moore, Thad Maxwell & Red Rhodes.
These two songs were cut in L.A. and added to the Alshire album from Nashville.

Gib " Gene

Gib & Gene

Note: The Gib Guilbeau: Gib Guilbeau album was also released on a tape in Denmark only (?) with the title "Gib Guilbeau: Country Life" (Queen Records).


Gib Guilbeau singles
- GIB GUILBEAU: What kind of flower / Bon soir' blues (Alshire AS 4544)
- GIB GUILBEAU: Dixie her and I / Robin (Alshire AS 4542)
- GIB GUILBEAU: Cry, cry, darling / Red water (Alshire AS 4540)
- GIB GUILBEAU: Baby lock the door / Don't ask me why (Alshire AS 4539)
- GIB GUILBEAU: Red mountain wine / Cloudy water (Alshire AS 4533)

Note: Musicians on "Baby lock the door" and "Red water" were Gib Guilbeau, Clarence White, Gene Parsons, Wayne Moore, Thad Maxwell and Red Rhodes.
Note: "Cry, cry, darling" and "Don't ask me why" are non album tracks.
Note: "Baby lock the door" is also available on the Gib Guilbeau CD "Classic Guilbeau 1968-1986" released 2001.

Late summer-early fall 1973 GIB, Gene Parsons, Eric White and Chuck Morgan went on a brief tour to promote Gene's solo LP "Kindling".



- Arlo Guthrie: Last of the Brooklyn cowboys (Gib on fiddle)
- Back Pocket: Buzzard bait (Gib on fiddle)
- James Lee Stanley: James Lee Stanley (Gib on fiddle)

September 1973 - May 1974

Gib Gib occasionally sat in with a new band formed by Sneaky Pete Kleinow called COLD STEEL who played at the "Ash Grove" club the night before it burned down. Gib remembered about Cold Steel:

"Pete called and said, "Look, let's start a group". I said, "Why not"? So he and I put together this group called "Cold Steel". We rehearsed, in fact, that's all we did. We rehearsed and we did one album. It wasn't happening as we were having incredible bad management problems. It was during the time in America of the oil and vinyl shortage, and no record company wanted new acts. They were keeping their vinyl for their big acts. Well, it never got off the ground, so I was the first to leave".

This album was eventually only released in Holland in 1974.

Cold Steel album
- COLD STEEL: Cold Steel (Ariola 87736)
with: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gib Guilbeau (on 3 tracks only - lead vocals & fiddle)
Greg Attaway, Mike Bowden, Richard Bowden, David Lovelace

Note: The song "Mississippi Memory" with Gib on fiddle and lead vocals was released 2010 on CD by Sierra Records on the CD Silver Meteor.

This band changed their name to LONE STAR for a short period before Gib & Sneaky joined up with another band called THE DOCKER HILL BOYS (whose members included Gene Parsons, Chris Ethridge & Joel Scott Hill) to reform the FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS in late 1974. Incidentally, THE DOCKER HILL BOYS only lasted from Feb. 1974 to Sept. 1974 but the band did demo recordings in Comptche, California for an album which was never released.


Sneaky Pete, Joel Scott, Chris, Gib & Gene

FBB Note: Vern Gosdin was approached to join the Burritos. However, as he had already been accepted by "Elektra Records" as a solo country artist he decided to decline from joining the Burritos.

New Burritos Gib said in an interview about reforming the Flying Burrito Brothers:

"I was writing for a publishing company, doing a lot of recording. Then one day Eddie Tickner calls me up and says, "Look, there's a lot of work out there for "The Burritos", and you guys have been with and around these guys all of this time. Why don't you guys put it back together and go out there and work? Do a few tours". By that time I was ready to go back on the road again. I'd been at home for a time, so I said, "Sure, I'm willing to do a little road work with somebody really good. ". I called Sneaky and Gene Parsons, said, "Eddie wants to send out "The Burritos", and he wants us to put together a Burrito band, so we might as well get as close to the original group as we can. Sneaky and Chris Ethridge got involved, Gene and I, then we got Joel Scott Hill, and we started rehearsing. Two days after we couldn't rehearse because record company people were just pouring throught the doors. We said, "Wait a minute". This attorney comes by, he says, "Man, you guys could get a lot of money if you want to reform this group and keep it reformed". The music was really good, we were having a good time rehearsing, we said, "OK". First off we played "The Palomino", just to rehearse. We booked a night there figuring we'd get a hundred people, or so, in there and have a good time. We only had about ten numbers we all knew and could play with harmonies and stuff on. The night we played the place sold out for two shows! We thought, "Wow, this is incredible". Then we got serious, thought, "Let's do this right" Started touring and toured all the time. Then we signed to CBS and did an album".

Flying Burrito Brothers The Flying Burrito Brothers recorded demos in Los Angeles for an album maybe entitled: "The hottest Burrito's of them all". Columbia Records bought those demos (and still own them) but didn't like them and made the group recut most of the songs. This album is unreleased.

Recorded tracks for the unreleased LP included:

  • Why baby why
  • Bon soir blues
  • Toe tappin' music (all three songs later re-recorded for the released Columbia LP's)
  • Ride me down easy (an unreleased Gib Guilbeau song)
  • and maybe the earlier alt. take of "Wind & rain" with Gene Parsons on lead vocals on Parsons "Kindling Collection" was also from these sessions.


    - Linda Ronstadt: Don't cry now (Gib on fiddle & harmony vocals)
    - Linda Ronstadt: Box set (1999) contains one unreleased song with Gib from the "Don't cry now" sessions.
    - Rita Coolidge: Fall into spring (Gib on fiddle)

    Late 1974 - 1976

    Member of the FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS for 2 albums and 3 singles for Columbia and a few live albums (Shiloh / Relix / Beau Town) released after the band had broken up.

    Members from 1974 to 1975 were Gib, Sneaky Pete, Gene Parsons, Chris Ethridge and Joel Scott Hill. When Chris Ethridge left the band early 1976 Skip Battin came in.

    Flying again     Group     Airborne

    Flying Burrito Brothers albums
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Flying again (Columbia 33817 - US and CBS 69184 - UK)
    and re-released on CD on the German label Coline Records (CLCD 9.009310)
    with: Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Joel Scott Hill, Chris Ethridge.

    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Airborne (Columbia 34222 - US and CBS 81433 - UK)
    with: Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Joel Scott Hill, Skip Battin.
    Special guests: Stevie Wonder, Vambo, Jimmi Seiter, Luis Cabaza, Jamie Faunt, Warren Pemberto.

    Note: Stevie Wonder played on the "Airborne" album because he was in the next studio. Stevie asked if he can play on that album and if he can write a song for the Burritos. Next day he has finished the song.

    NOTE: The Gene Parsons CD release "Kindling Collection" on Sierra (OXCD007) contains some of these Columbia tracks including an earlier alternate version of "Wind & rain" with Gene on lead vocals rather than Joel Scott Hill as on the "Flying again" version.


    Gib - Skip - Joel Scott

    FBB live

    Sneaky Pete - Gib - Skip - Gene - Joel Scott

    Poster 1975 Flying Burrito Brothers live albums
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: From another time (Shiloh SCD4084 - US and Sundown SD072 - UK)
    recorded live in 1976 - released in 1989
    with: Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Joel Scott Hill, Chris Ethridge

    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: The red album (Beau Town Records BEA225004 - US & Corazong 255 257 - EU & Canada)
    recorded live in 1976 - released 2002
    with: Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Joel Scott Hill, Chris Ethridge

    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Sin city (Relix RRCD2052 - US)
    recorded live in 1976 - released in 1991
    with: Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Joel Scott Hill, Skip Battin.

    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: The bicentennial (Relix RRCD2098)
    recorded live in 1976 - released in 1999
    with: Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Joel Scott Hill, Skip Battin.


    Gib Guilbeau
    Denmark 2nd Oct. 1976

    Sneaky and Gib

    Sneaky Pete and Gib
    Denmark 29th April 1975


    Gib Guilbeau
    Denmark 29th April 1975

    Here is a biography from Columbia Records when they released the "Flying Again" album:

    The Burrito Brothers are flying again.
    The Burritos' name has been in limbo for the past three years but is being resurrected by two of the original members, Chris Ethridge and Sneaky Pete Kleinow (bass and pedal steel) along Gene Parsons (drums), Joell Scott Hill (guitar and vocals) and Gib Guilbeau (fiddle).

    Gib 1975 Hill, Parsons and Ethridge have been living in Mendocino County north of San Francisco and had been playing, as Hill put it, "For the old folks, for picnics , for beneftis. For a while we went by the name of the "Comptche Firehouse Benefit Blues Band". We were doing benefits for everything." Parsons. "We were at loose ends and wanted to do something substantial. And we decided that we were the only ones who could do it, who would have the right to put the Burritos back together again."

    The back-together-again band started rehearsing around the beginning of the year, played some U.S. dates and then went to Europe, where they have always been very popular, particularly in Holland and England.

    "We did one gig at the Palomino in Los Angeles", says Ethridge, "and we thought there'd be about 50 people, we'd been out of circulation for so long. Turned out there were 2500 people lined up around the block to hear us." This motivated the band to get together and go on the road.

    "So here we are now" said Ethridge, "cutting our first album for Columbia. And I'm so proud. This band is the finest of all the Burrito bands that have been together and has the most positive attitude. We cut a hit on our third day, a song called "Building Fires". This is the most positive, best feeling song we've ever cut.",

    Parsons agrees on the prospects of this new band with the old name. "The old name can do us nothing but good. The people who are Burritos freaks are going to see what they want to see, plus some. We can play the old stuff and give it the same sound, plus we can turn them on to a lot of other things. Because we have two of the three guys who were responsible for the original sound of the Burritos."

    Gib 1975 The first band had only one lead instrument. this one has three. Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham are working with them again and they were responsible for "Dark end of the street" and "Do right woman" on the first Burritos LP, which many people consider the best of their albums. Norbert Putnam and Glenn Spreen from Nashville are producing.

    The name of the Burrito Brothers is, as Ethridge puts it, "synonymous with the origins of country rock," and like another such band there at the beginning, the Byrds, they have a history that twists incestuously in and out of the Los Angeles country band and studio scene.

    The first Burritos band was founded by Chris Hillman and Gram Parsons (no relation to Gene Parsons), both of whom broke away from the Byrds. That band included Ethridge and Kleinow, plus John Corneal. Hillman has since gone on to greater fame with Steve Stills' "Manassas" and now with the "Souther-Hillman-Furay Band".

    Over the course of four years the band went through various personnel changes and included at times Bernie Leadon, now with the Eagles; Rick Roberts, who is now playing with Steve Stills; and Al Perkins and Byron Berline, who travelled with a lattter-day assemblage of the band to Europe.

    The new band is an organic outgrowth of the desires and energies of five men who have known each other closely for a long time and who have worked together often in the past. We have not yet seen the last of the red hot Burritos.

    Gib & Ed Ponder 1976 Chris Ethridge was born in Meridian, Mississippi in 1947 and played in rock and country bands in the South. When he was 17 he went to California, where he played with Joel Scott Hill, The International Submarine Band with Gram Parsons, and the first Burritos band. Family life decided him to leave the Burritos, so for five years he did sessions, playing with some of the biggest names in recording: Judy Collins, Johnny Winter, Ry Cooder, Leon Russell, Randy Newman, Linda Ronstadt, The Byrds and Jackson Browne. Several years ago he did, with Hill and Johnny Barbata, an excellent but little-known album called "L.A. Getaway" and afterward moved up to Mendocino County.

    Pete Kleinow, who was born in South Bend, Indiana, started playing steel a little over 20 years ago "from listening to country music on the radio." The lap steel was the first instrument Pete tried, because he started playing before pedals were in use. After moving to California, Pete got his frist professional gig working with the "Smokey Rogers Western Swing Band" in San Diego. Then he moved to L.A., played bars for three of four years and worked with the Byrds on some concerts. He also worked with the Palomino house band which is where he met Chris and Gram Parsons. More recently he has worked with Linda Ronstadt, has done sessions with Stevie Wonder and Minnie Riperton; produced the Spencer Davis LP "Mousetrap" for United Artists, and has been on the road with Pat Boone.

    Gene Parsons is a multitalented musician who plays banjo, steel, harmonica, guitar, bass, and piano, but whose main job is drumming, which he did for four years with the Byrds. HIs first pro gig was at age 18 with a band named ",The Castaways" that included Gib Guilbeau and played the Nevada circuit. The Castaways faltered and Gene was out of a gig for a year and a half. Then Gib called him to say he had a job in a bar and could record for Bakersfield International Records. He didn't know that Gib wanted him to play drums, which he had never done before. They worked that bar for three years, then formed "Nashville West" with Clarence White until Clarence joined the Byrds. Parsons then spent 45 month touring the world and recording as a Byrd. Eventually came the move to Mendocino and the benefits with Ethridge and Hill, gigs with Gib Guilbeau and the "Docker Hill Boys" before reuniting with Sneaky Pete in the new Burritos.

    Gib Guilbeau's musical history coincides with Gene Parsons' through the Castaways and Nashville West bands. After Parsons and Clarence White went with the Byrds, Gib went with Linda Ronstadt, sessions and touring for three years. He also worked behind Rita Coolidge and Crazy Horse and with Arlo Guthrie for three years. Gib was born in the Cajun country of Opelousas, Louisiana, where he began playing the fiddle as a kid. He wound up in California because of the service. Going to Nashville to work at songwriting had always been Gib's ambitions, he never made it to Nashville, but made it at songwriting. The single off the newest Kris Kristofferson-Rita Coolidge LP was "Sweet Susanna" a Guilbeau song, and Gib's song ",Big Bayou" is the single from Ron Wood's new LP, "Now Look".

    Joel Scott Hill, vocalist-guitarist, was born in East Texas. He did R&B work with the high school bands; had an instrumental hit called "The Caterpillar Crawl" with a band named the Strangers in 1959; produced singles in the early '60's; played L.A. country bars with Chris Ethridge; assembled his own band, the Joel Scott-Hill Band, in the mid-60's which included Johnny Barbata, Lee Michaels and Bob Mosely; and cut the original demos with Mosely and Moby Grape. Later he did the "L.A. Getaway" album with Barbata and Ethridge and played with "Canned Heat". Hill stayed with them almost three years and did one record and three tours before moving to Mendocino where he met Gene and played nights with Parsons and Ethridge in the nucleus of what would become the new Burritos.


    Gib Guilbeau
    Denmark 1976

    Gene Parsons

    Gene Parsons
    Denmark 1975


    Gib Guilbeau
    Denmark 1975


    Gib Guilbeau
    Denmark 1975

    Flying Burrito Brothers singles
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Building fires / Hot burrito No. 3 (Columbia 10220 - US and CBS3724 UK)
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Bon soir blues / Hot burrito No. 3 (Columbia 10287)
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Waiting for love to begin / Big bayou (Columbia 10389)


    Gib Guilbeau
    Copenhagen - 2nd Oct. '76

    Sneaky and Gib

    Sneaky Pete, Gib & Skip
    Oslo 1976

    live 1976

    FBB 1976 - Sneaky, Gib, Skip & Joel Scott

    Flying Burrito Brothers radio album
    - Country Cookin' with Lee Arnold: Guests the Flying Burrito Brothers (Army Reserve/Prog. 292)
    Interviews with Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow and Skip Battin.
    Music from the "Airborne" album.
    Aired week of 12/19/76.

    Flying Burrito Brothers

    Gene, Gib, Sneaky, Skip & Joel Scott

    1976 Ed Ponder substituted Gene Parsons on drums because Gene had a hand injury.
    After the European fall tour 1976 Joel Scott Hill left the band. The new member was Bobby Cochran - most recently a member of the increasingly embarrassing Steppenwolf, years past their prime.
    After a short time Skip Battin and Ed Ponder were replaced by Mickey McGee and Thad Maxwell.
    This line-up toured continuously as the Flying Burrito Brothers until late 1977 when they changed the name to Sierra to support the new album.

    Sessions 1975:

    - Rusty Wier: Stoned, slow, rugged (Gib on fiddle)
    - Susan Webb: Bye, bye pretty baby (with Gib, Herb Pedersen, Albert Lee)
    - Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Kate & Anna McGarrigle (Gib on fiddle)

    Sessions 1976:

    - Rusty Wier: Black hat saloon (Gib on fiddle)
    - Teddy Nelson: Diggy Liggy (Gib on fiddle)


    Members of the Flying Burrito Brothers early 1977 were Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Bobby Cochran, Thad Maxwell (ex Swampwater) and Mickey McGee.

    FBB with Bobby Cochran

    Bobby Cochran, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Gib Guilbeau
    Thad Maxwell & Mickey McGee


    Thad Maxwell, Gib Guilbeau, Mickey McGee
    Sneaky Pete Kleinow & Bobby Cochran

    Sierra The Flying Burrito Brothers, Gib, Sneaky Pete, Bobby Cochran, Thad Maxwell and Mickey McGee changed their name to SIERRA. To their credit, the band wrote their own material, collaborating on one song with ex-Cream writer Felix Pappalardi and his girlfriend Gail Collins. Sierra released an album and single for Mercury Records. They signed the record deal on June 17th of 1977, recorded the album during July 1977. The first record announcement was in October 1977 and they toured as Sierra through December of 1977,

    On a magazine promo add is written:

    The people that members of Sierra have played with read like a Who's Who of rock. Judy Collins, John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, The Bee Gees, Neil Sedaka, The Byrds, Olivia Newton-John, Ringo Starr, Arlo Guthrie, Jackson Browne, Mac Davis and others. It's from these varied background that Sierra draws its strength. They've managed to blend different musical experiences into something quite special. Quite unique. Quite an experience.

    Sierra album
    - SIERRA: Sierra (Mercury SRM1179)
    with guests: Tower of Power Brass Section, Felix Pappalardi, Lenny Pickett

    Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete


    Gib Guilbeau - Bobby Cochran - Thad Maxwell


    Gib Guilbeau

    Note: On February 22nd 1977 the Burritos performed at Toronto's "New Yorker" Theatre.

    FBB / Sierra


    Sierra singles
    - SIERRA: Gina / Strange here in the night (Mercury 73966)
    - SIERRA: If I could only get to you / Gina (Mercury SFL-2253)


    - Lee Conway: Love still makes the world go round

    Burrito's 1978

    Sneaky Pete, Gib, Skip
    Robb Strandlund &
    Bob Warford in the back

    1978 - early 1979

    Dec. 1977 and first months in 1978 the Flying Burrito Brothers were Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Skip Battin, Mickey McGee and Robb Strandlund. Christmas eve 1977 they played at the "Palomino". The picture right of the Burrito's with Robb Strandlund was at the "Golden Bear", that night Bob Warford was sitting in! They also played at the "Whiskey River" in Dallas.

    Note: Visit Robb Strandlund's fantastic web-page with tons of songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s!

    The Burritos broke up once again and formed a short lived merger with the "New Riders Of The Purple Sage" in April 1978. Members: John Dawson, David Nelson, Patrick Shanahan, Skip Battin, Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow. Here is some info from the official New Riders Of The Purple Sage web-page:

    "Many more changes would engulf the New Riders personnel from this point. Buddy Cage and Stephen Love departed in 1978 to join the short-lived San Francisco All Stars with John Cippolina. Skip Battin and his Burrito Brother pals Gib Guilbeau and Sneaky Pete Kleinow were then brought in for what would seem like a dynamic mix. But after a brief tour of the Northeast, they had exited as quickly as they entered. Bobby Black from Commander Cody's Lost Planet Airmen took over on pedal steel and another Rick Nelson alum, Allen Kemp, took over on bass."

    Burritos 1978

    FBB 1978
    Guilbeau / Warford / Battin / Strandlund

    Burritos 1978

    Burritos at the "Whiskey River"
    Kleinow / Guilbeau / Battin / McGee

    Thanks: To Robb Strandlund for the Burrito pics. The pics above were taken by Robb's wife Mary!

    Gib A solo Gib Guilbeau album consisting of the Strawberry label single, some King Swampwater tracks and newly recorded material was released:

    Gib Guilbeau album
    - GIB GUILBEAU: Toe tappin' music (Shiloh SLP 4085)
    with: Gib Guilbeau, Clarence White,Thad Maxwell, Eric White, Stan Pratt, Deenis Conway, Red Rhodes, Gene Parsons, John Beland, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Thumbs Charlille)

    Three songs from this album were later (1988) released on the Shiloh CD:

    Three Gib songs also released on CD
    - Various Artists: The best of Shiloh and more, Vol.1 (Shiloh SCD 4093)

    Japan Poster

    Japan Poster '79

    The title song of this album was released as a promo single for radio stations:

    Gib Guilbeau promo single
    - GIB GUILBEAU: Toe tappin' music / Toe tappin' music (Shiloh S-100)

    Also during this year 2 albums credited to the FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS but containing mainly older solo material by GIB were released:

    Gib Guilbeau & Flying Burrito Brothers albums
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Burrito country (GIB GUILBEAU solo) (Brian 1979)
    Musicians: Gib Guilbeau, Clarence White, Gene Parsons, Wayne Moore, James Burton, Thad Maxwell, Stan Pratt, John Beland, Jerry Scheff and others.

    Note: On three songs "Ridin' high","Shangaloo" & "Just want to love you" Gib is not the singer, it's Chuck Morgan.

    FBB in Japan

    FBB in Japan
    back: Greg, Gib & Ed
    front: Skip & Sneaky

    Guitarist Bob Warford played a few shows with the Burritos after Robb Strandlund left.
    Six month before a Japan tour Greg Harris joined the Burritos. The Flying Burrito Brothers' were announced on posters and in newspapers with Gene Parsons and Jimmy Ibbotson (member of the "Nitty Gritty Dirt Band" and member of Skip Battin's "Evergreen Blueshoes"). There were also pictures with Gene Parsons and Jimmy Ibbotson!!! Jimmy Ibbotson was invited by Skip Battin but Jimmy wasn't interested in the Japan tour. A live album from this tour was issued in Japan in 1979. Members were: Gib Guilbeau, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Skip Battin, Greg Harris and Ed Ponder:

    The Flying Burrito Brothers album
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Close encounters to the West Coast (Nippon Columbia YX 7218)
    later it was released in the US with the title:
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: "Live from Tokyo" (Regency 79001)

    Note: For pictures of the Flying Burrito Brothers in Japan (from original Japanese album release) click here.


    Wrong announcement with Gene Parsons & Jimmy Ibbotson

    A single was also issued and the FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS had their first country chart entry with Merle Haggard's "White line fever":


    Flying Burrito Brothers single
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: White line fever / Big bayou (Regency 45001)
    Billboard country charts peak pos. 95

    The album was later re-released a few times:

    Album also released as ...
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Close encounters to the West Coast (Relix RRCD2044)
    and in the UK:
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Live from Tokyo (Sundown SDLP025)

    this album is also released on:
    - FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: The live collection (CRNC 3087) compilation with FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS "Live from Europe" - recorded 1985 not with Gib.
    Tracks from "Live from Tokyo" and the "Sin city" album also appeared on

    NOTE: The album "The best of Shiloh and more, Vol. 1" (SCD4093) includes tracks from "Live from Tokyo" and "From another time".


    Greg, Skip, Sneaky, Gib & Ed

    Trying to sign with Elektra/Asylum Records the FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS recorded demos at Conway studio in Hollywood. Again Gene Parsons was a member of the Burritos.

    Conway studio demos:
    with: Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Sneaky Pete, Greg Harris, Skip Battin.

  • Makin' it right (Greg vocals)
  • Ooh-Wee California (Gib vocals)
  • Please notify someone (Gene & Greg vocals)
  • Rider in the rain (Gene vocals)

    Note: "Notify someone" was written by John Beland & Larry Murray!

    But Elektra seems that the material was not commercial enough. Gene Parsons leaves the band for the final time and Mickey McGee returns for a few weeks. Ed Ponder returns on drums and the Burritos did again some demos for Elektra:

    Elektra demos:

  • Ease on by you (Greg vocals)
  • Ooh-Wee California (Gib vocals)
  • Cajun fiddle man (Gib vocals)
  • Here comes love (Skip vocals)

    But Elektra didn't like the recordings and so they were never released.


    Sneaky, Skip, Gib, Greg & Ed
    front: Mark Holland


    Ponder, Kleinow, Guilbeau, Battin (& Harris)
    At the "Lone Star Cafe" NYC

    Note: Mark Holland (in the left picture above) is a huge Gram Parsons fan, started the "Gram Parsons Foundation" in the 80s. He has a bed and breakfast in Tampa/Florida known as "Gram's Place".


    - Sneaky Pete Kleinow: Sneaky Pete (with Gib Guilbeau, Gene Parsons, Greg Harris)


    Gib After the 1979 Burrito tour Gib and John Beland were both signed to Criterion Music in LA. They had free studio time to do whatever they wanted to do, so the first thing they did was to call Thad Maxwell and they wanted to hear how Swampwater sounded after eight years. And then they had the idea of getting back together again, they recorded a number of tracks, all new compositions, except a couple of covers. As they recorded they started bringing in people like Sneaky Pete.
    This album remained unreleased until 1987 when it was put out by the Italian label Appaloosa:

    Swampwater reunion album
    - SWAMPWATER: Reunion (Appaloosa AP046 & AK 281)
    with: Gib Guilbeau, John Beland, Thad Maxwell, Mickey McGee
    guests: Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Charlie Harwood

    Songs from those sessions not on the Reunion album:

  • Birmingham
  • Somewhere tonight
  • Tell me it ain't so
  • True love never runs dry
  • Cheatin' kind of love (only on the CD re-release)
  • You (only on the CD re-release)

    Brubaker Note: With the exception of "Birmingham" all other songs were released on the "Flying Burrito Brothers: Hollywood nights 1979 - 82" CD. Also the song "There'll never be no getting over you" from the "Reuninon" album is released on the "Hollywood nights" CD but only as "You".

    Note: 2004 Akarma Records released the "Reunion" album with two bonus tracks on CD. The bonus tracks are "You" (but that's the same song as "There'll never be no getting over you" which is already on the "Reunion" album - same version) and the second bonus track is "Cheatin' kind of love" which is released on the "Hollywood nights" CD.

    Gib also performed the song "All for the love of sunshine" (written by Schifrin/Curb/Hatcher) for the movie "Brubaker" with actor Robert Redford - the song was released on CD 2003 by the Intrada label! (Intrada is a label producing quality movie and television soundtracks on CD since 1985.)
    Musicians on the soundtrack are John Beland on B-Bender, Sneaky Pete Kleinow on steel guitar, James Burton on guitar, Herb Pedersen on banjo, Byron Berline on mandolin and others. Its a great film with a great bunch of L.A. super pickers playing on the soundtrack.

    Gib Guilbeau on Brubaker soundtrack
    - GIB GUILBEAU: All for the love of sunshine Intrada Special Collection Volume 10
    with Gib Guilbeau, John Beland, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Byron Berline, James Burton, Herb Pedersen etc ...

    Note: You can listen to the song approx. 20 minutes after starting the movie.

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