Ronnie Guilbeau & Troy Hope: Ronnie & Troy

Ronnie & Troy

This is the Ronnie Guilbeau & Troy Hope: Ronnie & Troy album with Gib Guilbeau.

Recorded at Gib Guilbeau's studio, Shannon O'Neill's studio and Ronnie Guilbeau's studio in Nashville

All songs were written by Ronnie Guilbeau, Troy Hope & Gib Guilbeau!

Ronnie Guilbeau: lead guitar
Troy Hope: guitar, bass
Gib Guilbeau
Mike Huffard: steel guitar
Bessel Dujion: accordion

Picked a bad day
It feels like a heartache
A million times before
Cry cry cry
Love goes on
No letter today
It's just like love
Women do me that way
I will
Little girls cry
Old friend
Mexican angel
Look at her now
I can't believe it's me
True love eyes

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