December 1971 - March 1972

Band Members

Rick Roberts, Kenny Wertz, Byron Berline, Alan Munde, Roger Bush, Eric Dalton, Don Beck

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Rick Roberts, Eric Dalton, Alan Munde, Don Beck
Byron Berline, Roger Bush, Kenny Wertz

In February 1972 the live album "The Last Of The Red Hot Burritos" taken from the recordings of late 1971 was released by A & M. The album contained a mix of Burrito originals and several older, R & B and country songs such as "Ain't That A Lot Of Love", "The Losing Game", "Don't Fight It" with strong vocals from Chris Hillman and excellent lead guitar work from Al Perkins. The bluegrass influence, with Hillman on mandolin, was in evidence with the inclusion of a few songs. The liner notes for the gatefold album sleeve were of interest with a part of a previously unpublished interview with Gram Parsons included. Several more live recordings from the 1971 shows were later released on the various compilations that surfaced in 1974.

Following the departure of Chris & Al the band still had commitments to fulfill, especially a tour of Holland and Scandinavia where they had become huge favourites confirming the band had always been more popular in Europe than in the USA. Rick recruited another former Dillard & Clark member, Don Beck for the pedal steel duties and Eric Dalton took over on drums and after hurried rehearsals flew to Holland for the tour in February and March 1972.

By this time the typical Burrito show, now known as "The Hot Burrito Revue", consisted of Rick performing the best known songs from the band's history adding a few new additions to the setlist including one song written by Rick "I Already Know" which remains unrecorded by Rick as a studio version, and the remainder of the show was given over to the bluegrass musicians, already recording under the name of "Country Gazette", playing mostly familiar instrumental tunes by the likes of Flatt & Scuggs etc.

The major show in Holland was at the "Concertgebouw" in Amsterdam on March and unknown to Rick at the time the whole show had been recorded which soon emerged as a bootleg LP titled "Sin City".
Later under pressure from the Dutch based record label Rick agreed that the show could be released officially, but in Holland only, and in 1973 Ariola released a double LP set "Live In Amsterdam" containing most of the show.

Live In Amsterdam THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - Live In Amsterdam
ARIOLA 86439 (HOLLAND) 1972 / BUMBLE GEXD 301 (UK) 1973 / PHILLIPS 6641-144 (UK/ HOLLAND) 1973

Band: Rick Roberts, Byron Berline, Kenny Wertz, Alan Munde, Roger Bush, Don Beck & Eric Dalton

Six Days On The Road / The Image Of Me / Four Days Of Rain / My Uncle / Bugle Call Rag / Shenandoah Valley Breakdown
Sing Me Back Home / I Already Know / White Line Fever / Why Are You Crying / Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms / Salty Dog Blues
Wild Horses / She Thinks I Still Care / The Wild Side Of Life / Rueben's Train / Foggy Mountain Breakdown / Dixie Breakdown
Colorado / She Makes Me Lose My Blues / Sin City / Devil In Disguise / Roll Over Beethoven / Six Days On The Road

In 1974 the double album titled was reissued as two single albums "In Concert" & "Bluegrass Special" was put out by Ariola under the Burrito name with the secong LP containing the complete "Country Gazette" segment with several songs not on the original 2 LP set.
Rick was never happy about the quality of the live recording and is convinced that the bootleg was actually a record company ploy to get an official recording released, certainly the albums were easy to come by outside of Holland.

Bluegrass Special THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS - reissues In Concert
- THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS: Bluegrass Special (Live In Amsterdam) (ARIOLA 86501 (HOLLAND) 1972)
The complete "Country Gazette" set from the Amsterdam Concertgebuow show
including some songs not on the 2 LP "Live In Amsterdam" set.

Orange Blossom Special / Bugle Call Rag / Shenandoah Valley Breakdown / Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Oklahoma Breakdown / Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms / Salty Dog Blues / Listen To The Mockingbird
Rueben's Train / Foggy Mountain Breakdown / Dixie Breakdown

Part of the Burrito set from the Amsterdam show- all included on "Live In Amsterdam"

The Flying Burrito Brothers

Wertz, Berline, Roberts, Munde, Dalton
Sneaky Pete Kleinow & Roger Bush

On returning to the USA in March 1972 the band breaks up and the individual members moved on to other projects, Rick Roberts started recording a solo LP for A & M, "Country Gazette" toured and recorded as a band in their own right with Don Beck & Eric Dalton returning to session work.


February 1973 - March 1973

Band Members

Rick Roberts, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Byron Berline, Kenny Wertz
Roger Bush, Alan Munde, Eric Dalton

In Holland even though the band were now no more the Flying Burrito Brothers had almost legendary status and following an offer for one final tour Rick resurrected the band using the same musicians as 1972 except that Sneaky Pete returned on Steel replacing Don Beck.

Playing similar shows to the 1972 tour although the bluegrass influence was even greater because of the continuation of "Country Gazette" and lack of rehearsal for the Burrito material, the tour was a success with a couple of shows recorded and broadcast on various Dutch radio stations.

The tour over, individual projects and careers were resumed but considering how popular the band were in Holland it is fitting that the first era of the Flying Burrito Brothers should end there.

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Byron Berline book

A Fiddler's Diary

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