B.W. Stevenson: Lead free

B.W. Stevenson

This is the B.W. Stevenson: Lead free album.

Produced by David M. Kershenbaum.

B.W. Stevenson: acoustic guitar
Gib Guilbeau: fiddle, background vocals
Jimmy Gordon: drums
Dennis St. John: drums
Larry Carlton: acoustic guitar
Dean parks: acoustic guitar
Mickey Raphael: harmonica
Emory Gordy, Jr.: bass
Red Rhodes: steel guitar
Larry Muhoberac: piano
Larry Murray: background vocals
Thad Maxwell: background vocals
Linda Dillard: background vocals

Side one:

Like what you do (Stevenson)
Early morning Memphis (Stevenson)
My feet are so weary (Stevenson)
Waitin' for spring (Stevenson)
Gypsies (Stevenson)
Don't go to Mexico (McCrimmon)

Side two:

August evening lady (Stevenson)
Peaceful easy feeling (Templin)
Touch of Pennsylvania (Loggins)
Minuet for my lady (Stevenson)
Maybe Mexico (Walker)
Jackson (Stevenson)

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