Swampwater: Reunion

Reunion Front

This is the SWAMPWATER: Reunion album

Gib Guilbeau: fiddle, vocals
John Beland: guitar, vocals, banjo, organ
Thad Maxwell: bass, steel guitar, vocals

Guest artists:
Mickey McGee: drums, vocals
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: steel guitar
Charlie Harwood: keyboards

Side one:
Middle of midnight (G. Guilbeau/T. Maxwell/M. McGee)
Stranded (G. Guilbeau/T. Maxwell/M. McGee)
Let her dance (B. Fuller)
Spreading yourself too thin (J. Beland)
Return of the lonesome fugitive (G. Guilbeau/J. Beland)
Moma's boy (J. Beland)

Side two:
She's only dancin' (G. Guilbeau/J. Beland)
There'll never be no getting over you (G. Guilbeau/J. Beland)
We knew the bride (G. Guilbeau/J. Beland)
Poor poor love (G. Guilbeau/J. Beland)
Lovin' on the fault line (G. Guilbeau)
Away from love (J. Beland/C. Harwood)

Bonus tracks on the CD re-release:

You (G. Guilbeau/J. Beland)
Cheatin' kind of love (G. Guilbeau/J. Beland)

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