Burrito Brothers: Sunset sundown

Sunset sundown front

This is the Burrito Brothers: Sunset sundown album

Produced by Michael Lloyd

Arrangements by Gib Guilbeau & John Beland

Gib Guilbeau: fiddle and vocals
John Beland: guitar, dobro and vocals

Guest artists:
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: steel guitar
Ron Krasinski: drums
Dennis Belfield: bass
John Hobbs: keyboards
Larry McNeely: banjo
Tom Scott: saxophone
Alan Estes: percussions
Billy Thomas: harmony vocals
Lynn Nilles: harmony vocals on "Louisiana"
Chad Stuart: strings arranged & conducted

Side one:
If something should come between us (Let it be love) (Beland/Guilbeau)
Louisiana (Beland/Guilbeau)
I'm drinkin' Canada Dry (Johnny Cymbal/Austin Roberts)
When you're giving yourself to a stranger (Beland/Guilbeau)
What's one more time (Richard Leigh)

Side two:
Run to the night (Beland/Guilbeau)
How'd we ever get this way (Beland/Guilbeau)
Coast to coast (John Beland)
Closer to you (Beland/Guilbeau)
Save the wild life (Curly Putman/Dave Kirby)

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