Sierra: Sierra

Sierra front

This is the Sierra album

Produced by Felix Pappalardi

Sneaky Pete Kleinow: steel guitar
Gib Guilbeau: rhythm guitar and vocals
Bobby Cochran: rhythm and lead guitar, hammond B-3 organ and vocals
Thad Maxwell: bass and vocals
Mickey McGee: drums and vocals

Guest artists:
Tower of Power Brass Section: horns
Felix Pappalardi: piano and vocals

Side one:
Gina (P. Kleinow)
Farmer's daughter (G. Guilbeau/T. Maxwell/M. McGee)
Honey dew (G. Guilbeau/T. Maxwell/M.McGee/F. Pappalardi/G. Collins)
I found love (D. Preston)
Strange here in the night (B. Cochran/T. Maxwell/G. Collins)

Side two:
I'd rather be with you (B. Cochran)
If I could only get to you (P. Kleinow/G. Collins)
She's the tall one (G. Guilbeau/T. Maxwell/M. McGee/G. Collins)
Don't plant roses (G. Guilbeau/T. Maxwell/M. McGee/G. Collins)
You give me lovin' (B. Cochran)
Let me live (B. Cochran/H. Garfield)

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