Various artists: The best of Shiloh and more, Vol. 1

Best of Shiloh

This is The best of Shiloh and more, Vol. 1 album

Gib Guilbeau
Gene Parsons
Gram Parsons
Clarence White
Ed Ponder
Red Rhodes
David Vaught
Peter Washer
Eric White
Doug Atwell
Earl Ball
Skip Battin
Bob Buchanan
Thumbs Carilile
Dennis Conway
Jon Corneal
Chris Ethredige
Jamie Faunt
Greg Harris
Joel Scott Hill
Charlie Harwood
Sneaky Pete Kleinow
J.D. Maness
Mickey McGee
Larry McNeely
Chet McCracken
Thatd Maxwell
John Nuese

Track list:
The Flying Burrito Brothers: Live in Tokyo Japan, 1978:
Rollin in my sweet baby's arms
White line fever
Greg Harris: from the Shiloh LP "Acoustic":
Norwegian wood
New banjo
Devils dream
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: from the Shiloh LP "Sneaky Pete":
Love of the common people
Cannonball rag
Trains in the staion
Gram Parsons' International Submarine Band: from the Shiloh Copact Disc SCD 4088:
Blue eyes
Luxury liner
GIB GUILBEAU: from the Shiloh LP "Toe tappin' music":
Toe tappin' music
Home of the blues
The Flying Burrito Brothers: Live on tour 1976
Christines' tune
Sin city

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