Douglas Flint Dillard: You don't need a reason to sing

You don't need a reason

This is Douglas Flint Dillard: You don't need a reason to sing album

Produced by Rodney Dillard

Doug Dillard: banjo, lead vocals

Guest artists:
Rodney Dillard: guitar, dobro, vocals
Andy Belling: keyboard
Colin Cameron: bass
Vassar Clements: fiddle
Buddy Emmons: stell guitar
John Hartford: fiddle
Dave Jackson: electric bass
Billy Ray Lathum: guitar
Joe Osborne: bass
Herb Pedersen: guitar, vocals
John Raines: drums
Dick Rosmini: guitar
Rick Ruskin: electric lead guitar
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: steel guitar
Ron Starr: tenor sax
Dean Webb: mandolin
Paul York: drums
Mark Dawson: harmonica
Linda Dillard: vocals
Donn Washburn: vocals
Pepper Watkins: vocals

Side one:
Fiddle 'n' banjo (Millie Clements)
You don't need a reason (Alex Harvey)
Try, try to fall in love (Norman Des Rosiers)
Something to believe in (Eddie Reeves)
Music country U.S.A. (Ed Hubbard/Doug Gilmore/Shane Keister)

Side two:
Sittin' in limbo (Guilly Bright/Jimmy Cliff)
Ninety miles (G.T. Nicholson)
Country rain (Sherman Hayes)
Join the old refrain (Daniel Moore)
Spend my money (J. Henry Burnett)
It only takes a minute (Millie Clements)

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