The Dillards: Live...Almost


Front cover of the CD release 2001 ("Back Porch Bluegrass" & "Live...Almost" on 1 CD):

2 albums on 1 CD

This is The Dillards: Live...Almost album

Produced by Jim Dickson

Doug Dillard: banjo, vocals
Rodney Dillard: guitar, dobro, vocals
Dean Webb: mandolin, vocals
Mitch Jayne: bass, vocals

Side one:
Black-eyed Susie (Traditional)
Never see my home again (Rodney Dillard/Mitch Jayne)
There is a time (Rodney Dillard/Mitch Jayne)
Old blue (Traditional)
Sinkin' creek (Doug Dillard)
The whole world round (J. Stuart/Mitch Jayne)
Liberty! (Traditional)

Side two:
Dixie Breakdown (D. Reno)
Walkin' down the line (Bob Dylan)
Jody's tune (Rodney Dillard/Dean Webb)
Pretty Polly (Traditional)
Taters in Sandy Land/Gimme chaw t'baccer (H. Dillard)
Buckin' mule (Traditional)

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