Jim Ringer: Endangered species

Endangered species

This is the Jim Ringer: Endangered species album

Produced by Larry Murray

Three songs from that album are also available on the CD:

Jim Ringer: The band of Jesse James - The best of Jim Ringer:

Endangered species

Jim Ringer: guitar, vocals

Good friends and neighbors:

The Burrito Brothers:
Gib Guilbeau: fiddle, vocals
John Beland: guitars, vocals
Skip Battin: bass
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: pedal steel

The Dillards:
Rodney Dillard: guitars, vocals
Dean Webb: mandolin: vocals
Joe Villegas: bass, vocals
Eddie Ponder: drums
Pete Grand: steel guitar

The Hot Band:
Glen D. Hardin: keyboard
Emory Gordy, Jr.: bass
Billy Thomas: drums

Other musicians:
Bob Bigelow: mandolin
Linda Dillard: vocals
Herb Pedersen: vocals
Mickey McGee: drums
Mogan Stoddard: keyboard, accordion

Side one:
Roseville fair (Bill Staines)
Bugler (Larry Murray)
Wild horses...wild women (Larry Murray/John Crowley)
Dusty desert wind (Jim Ringer)
Still got that look (Jim Ringer)

Side two:
Family tree (Max. D. Barnes/Frank Dycus)
Brand new jole blon (Jim Ringer)
Linda's out there on her own (Jim Ringer/Larry Murray)
Bayou blues (Jim Ringer)
Whiskey and cocaine (Jim Ringer)

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