Douglas Dillard: Heaven


This is Douglas Dillard: Heaven album

Produced by Rodney Dillard

Doug Dillard: banjo, guitar, vocals

Guest artists:
Byron Berline: fiddle, mandolin
Doug Bounsall: guitar
Billy Constable: guitar
Dan Crary: guitar
Linda Dillard: vocals
Rodney Dillard: guitar, dobro, vocals
Jeff Gilkinson: bass, cello, harmonica, vocals
John Hartford; fiddle
John Hobbs: keyboards
David Jackson: bass
Herb Pedersen: guitar, vocals
John Raines: drums
Mark Sorger: banjo
Donna Washburn: vocals
Paul York: drums

Side one:
Stars in my corwn (David Hanni)
The lord's last supper (Don Reno)
Heaven (B. McSpadden, H. McSpadden)
Cast your bread upon the water (Daniel Moore)
Let the light shine down on me (Dot Swan)

Side two:
Daniel prayed (Ralph Stanley)
Turn your radio on (Alber E. Brumley)
God's record book of life (Reno/Smiley/Harvey)
St. Peter (St. Peter's gonna put me up) (Bob Segerini/Randy Bishop)
Singin' all day and dinner on the ground (J. Allison/M. Estes/J. Davis)

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