Burrito Brothers: Hearts on the line

Hearts on the line front

This is the Burrito Brothers: Hearts on the line album

Produced by Michael Lloyd

Gib Guilbeau: vocals
John Beland: guitar and vocals
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: steel guitar
Skip Battin: bass

Guest artists:
Mickey McGee: drums and vocals
Ron Krasinski: drums
John Hobbs: keyboards
David Wheatley: keyboards
Tom Hensley: keyboards
Alan Estes: percussions
Mark Hudson: background vocals
Dolly Parton: background vocals
Kim Carnes: background vocals

Side one:
That's when you know it's over (Beland/Guilbeau)
She's a friend of a friend (Beland/Guilbeau)
Isn't that just like love (R. Leigh)
She belongs to everyone but me (Beland/Guilbeau)
Why must the ending always be so sad (John Beland)

Side two:
Family tree (F. Dycus/M. D. Barnes)
Damned if I'll be lonely tonight (Beland/Guilbeau/McGee)
Does she wish she was single again (R. Leigh/M. Blackford)
Too much honky tonkin' (Beland/Guilbeau)
Oh, lonesome me (D. Gibson)

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