Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Kate and Anna McGarrigle


This is the Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Kate and Anna McGarrigle album.

Produced by Joe Boyd and Greg Prestopino.

Anna McGarrigle: accordion, keyboards, vocals
Kate McGarrigle: banjo, guitar, piano, vocals
Gib Guilbeau: fiddle, violin
Tony Rice: guitar
John Cale: keyboards
Plas Johnson: clarinet, sax (alto)
Amos Garrett: guitar
Lowell George: acoustic & electric guitar
Andrew Gold: guitar
George Bohannon: horn
Red Callender: bass
Nick DeCaro: accordion
Dimmy Dimbuster: percussion
Jane McGarrigle Forsland: organ, vocals
Steve Gadd: drums
David Grisman: mandolin
Bobby Keys: saxophone
Russ Kunkel: drums
Densil Lang: percussion
Scot Lang: guitar
Dane Lanken: backgound vocals
Trevor Lawrence: guitar, horn arrangements
Tony Levin: bass
Hugh McCracken: guitar
Greg Prestopino: guitar, piano, keyboards, backgournd vocals
Michael Small: background vocals
David Spinoza: guita
Chaim Tannenbaum: guitar, harmonica, background vocals
Joel Tepp: clarinet, harmonica
Jay Ungar: fiddle, violin
Peter Weldon: banjo, harmonica, background vocals
Ian Whiteman: keyboards

Side one:

Kiss And Say Goodbye
My Town
Blues In D
Heart Like A Wheel
Foolish You
Talk To Me Of Mendocino

Side two:

Complainte Pour Ste Catherine
Tell My Sister
Swimming Song
Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life
Go Leave
Travellin' On For Jesus

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